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INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES, LTD, MUSCLES OF THE SHOULDER, ELBOW, WRIST Muscles Rhomboid minor Serratus anterior subscapularis subscapularis Supinato Supraspinatus Teres minor Extensor carpi ulnaris ‘Abductor pollicis lo Actions ievation, retraction and downward rotation of scapula Depression, upward rotation prottaction of scapula Supinatior Abduction Extensionyhorizontal abuctiorvadduction Extensiorvhorizontal aodhuction ariductios extemal rotator Retraction/elevati depression/ypward rotation of scapula Elbow extension Extension Wrist extensioniradiat deviation \Wwrist extension Wiis ewension Wrist radial deviati thumb radial abduction hurib extension! retroposition Nerve Supply Darsal scapula Long thoracic subscapular Subscapular Rodial (posterior interes Suprascapulae Axillary ial Posterior interosseus (radial Spinal Segment iC, C5, C6, 5, C6 (posterior cord) 5, C6 (posterior cord) 5,€6 brachial plexus trunk 5, C6 (posterior cor) 5,6 (brachial plenus tun ranial nenve Xt ,C cc o7,c8 FP exensccdigtorun fommnis Extensor indicis Extensor digiti minim © Flexor digitorum profundus Flexor digitorum supericils tumbricals Dorsal interossei Flexor digit minim Palmar interossei Abductor digit minimi Abductor pollicis longus Abductor pollicis brevis, Flexor pollicis brevis Flexor pollicis longus | Opponens pollicis Adductor pollicis Opponens digit minimi | EXAM REVIEW MATERIAL Actions. Wrist radial deviation thumb radial abduction cextension/etroposition Finger extension Index finger extension 5" finger extension Finger flexion Finger flexior Finger flexion Finger flexionfabeluction 5° finger flexion Finger flexionvadduction Thumb radial abxtuction palmar abduction’ Thumb flexiorvopposition Thumb palmar and radial abduction 5* finger opposition —— MUSCLES OF THE SHOULDER, ELBOW, WRIST (Continued) Nerve Supply I Segment q CB Posterior imerosseus (radial) C7, C8 Posterior interosseus (radial) C7, CB Posterior interosseus (radial) C7, C8 ior interosseus (median) C8, TT Median ' aT Ulnar ca, Ulnar at Ulnar Tt Ulnar cant Posterior interosseus 7,8 (radial Median car Superficial head (median) C8, TT Deep head (ulnar Anterior interosseus a, (nedian 7 Median 8,7 Ulnar 8,71 Ulnar cath INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES, LTD. MOVEMENTS AND RANGE OF MOTION OF THE SHOULDER, ELBOW, FOREARM, AND WRIST foint Prime Movers _ Motion Anterior deltoid, coracobrachialis ER EB SIE shoulder Extension Latisimus dorsi, po 45 5 shoulde Adduction toralis majo, latissimu Shoulder Abductic Middle deltoid, supraspinatus 0-180" Shoulder Intemal rotation Latissinus dorsi, pectoralis major 0-9 Shoulder External rotation nraspinatus, teres minor 0- 80: Scapular Hlevation Trapezius, levator scapulae Scape Retraction homboid major, hhomboid minor NEARER DADE OS Elbo Brachial bi 0-14 How Extension Ticepsbrachi c : Prati Pronato teres ronator quadrats 90 Forearm Supination Biceps brachii, supinator x wis tex Flexor carpi atl, lexor capi ln D0 wri Extension tensor carp aialislongusbrevs D- 70 wis Abcuctic Extensor carp dials longus 0 Mist Feces ars extencor can ua 4 | } [3 112 E