Finding the Forgotten By Ellen A

Lellie co.

Zurich International School

Cast of Characters : : : : : : Case Roberts/Girl William Constance/Bartender/Boy Momma Roberts Papa Roberts Police Officer Jenkins Agent Ternell/Voice

FINDING THE FORGOTTEN SCENE: WHEAT FIELD IN SOUTHERN KANSAS EARLY IN THE MORNING SOUND: BIRDS CHIRPING MUSIC: I WON’T GIVE UP BY JASON MRAZ NARRATOR: a young boy and girl are sitting in the field pulling at the wheat around them BOY: you know I love you GIRL: you don’t know what love is William BOY: I told you to call me Billy, Case GIRL: Billy, William, Goob, either way your a blond, skinny 10 year old BOY: I know what love is. GIRL: how would you know? You never see your momma and your papa. BOY: I don’t need to have seen it from my parents to know what love is. GIRL: Billy, tell me what love is? BOY: I think love is what gave you your sea blue eyes and I think love is what made us best friends SOUND: WILLIAM SNEEZES GIRL: but Billy, that’s God’s job. BOY: it will come to you one day, don’t worry SOUND: SILENCE FOR A FEW SECONDS (CONTINUED)



BILLY: you wouldn’t ever forget me would you Case? CASE: (she jokes)forget your little face? Impossible. NARRATOR: the kids got up and walked together to Billy’s house. SCENE: 15 years later in the city of Chicago NARRATOR: It is 15 years into the future and Case is a journalist living out in the dangerous city of Chicago. CASE: go ahead and fire me! For the past 5 years I have been your top journalist.I am a 25 year old, world recognized journalist and author, I don’t need this. Do you know how many jobs I could get in just Chicago? SOUND: SOMEONE IS YELLING FROM THE PHONE SOUND: END CALL SOUND FROM IPHONE NARRATOR: Case stops in her track in front of a missing persons poster on a pole CASE: what is this? SOUND: SHE DIALS IN A NUMBER CASE: Mom, do I know a William Constance? Just came across this missing persons and he looks awfully like someone I think I know form a few years ago. MOMMA ROBERTS: do you remember him Case? Do you remember what happened? CASE: (dazed) I think it’s time I get out of the city.


SCENE: 4 DAYS LATER IN A HWEAT FIELD IN SOUTHERN KANSAS NARRATOR: Case slowly walks out into the field from when she was young. She stumbles to a halt and sits down. SOUND: SOFT WINDS CASE:(THINKING OUT LOUD) How could I have forgotten him? William disappeared that day. He told me he loved me and asked me to never forget him right in this spot. What kind of person pushes away the memories of their first love. PAPA ROBERTS: don’t think like that Casey. Me and your momma let you forget. CASE: why would you? PAPA ROBERTS: Case, he was like our son. We all loved him and letting you forget was easier for us all. He spent most of his childhood growing up with you, and although he was here every hour of the day, we never understood really why. We should have realized it wasn’t safe for him at home alone. CASE: you should have done more! He has been missing for 15 years! This is all your fault. SOUND: CASE YELPS PAPA ROBERTS: what did you do? CASE: I hit something.. SOUND: DIGGING AROUND IN DIRT UNTIL HITS METAL PAPA ROBERTS: what is that? CASE: I don’t know, it feels like there is something in there. SOUND: CASE SHAKES THE BOX AND THINGS MOVES AROUND INSIDE




NARRATOR: case pulls the box open and finds a bunch of scrambled papers CASE: there are a bunch of missing persons pictures and a few little messy notes.. nothing special PAPA ROBERTS: do you know why they might be buried out here? SOUND: RUFFLING OF PAPERS CASE: here, this paper says assignment on it. VOICE: READS PAPER ALOUD CASE: task: complete project about world issues by Monday the 15th of May, 1997. NARRATOR: Case puts the paper down into the box and closes it CASE: this sounds like an old assignment, and here scribbled on the side it says missing persons. I wonder if this was Williams? SOUND: MOVING PAPERS AROUND CASE: look at this! it looks like an even younger image of Goob on this missing persons paper! This could be it! This could be why he vanished! (QUIETLY) I have to find him.. SCENE: NEXT DAY POLICE STATION NARRATOR: Case is with an officer and has brought all the papers she found to the station SOUND: POLICE SIRENS AND SHUFFLING OF PAPERS AND TYPING POLICE OFFICER JENKINS: what can I do for you ma’am? CASE: well this is kind of complicated. Is there anywhere we can sit down officer?




POLICE OFFICER JENKINS: follow me ma’am SOUND: CHAIRS SCARTCHES AS IT IS DRAGGED OUT CASE: okay so, 15 years ago a boy called William Constance was kidnapped. I was in this field that me and him used to play with just thinking, when I found this box. NARRATOR: she places the box on the table and opens up lid CASE: I slightly remember when we were doing this project and he was very fascinated with his subject, missing person’s cases. But anyways I found this paper that has a picture of him from a very young age on one of the missing persons papers, and wondered if this could have to do with why he vanished. POLICE OFFICER JENKINS: well it is obviously not the same name on these two papers, but let me look in the database. SOUND: TYPING POLICE OFFICER JENKINS: this is very strange, I have found a missing person’s report from 22 years ago. I’m sorry but I think I am going to have to call my boss about this one, this is definitely an amount of evidence that might open up this case again. Thank you for bringing this to us and we will keep you informed if we come up with any more evidence. NARRATOR: they both stand up and shake hands, then case is brought to the exit SOUND: SIRENS AND DOORS OPENING CASE: that was really weird. PAPA ROBERTS: what did they say? CASE: they might open up the (INTERRUPTED) SOUND: GUNFIRE AND SCREAMS


SCENE: LOCATION UNKNOWN NARRATOR: Case is wrapped up and sitting in the middle of a dark room CASE: where am I? SOUND: SHIVERS VOICE: you are in the governments secret bureau that focuses on relocating and protecting lives that have been targeted by the diamondgang, and you were just shot at by the diamondgang. CASE: are you going to relocate me? Who are the diamondgangs? NARRATOR: a large man steps out of the shadows VOICE: it’s not you need the life that has CASE: why have I been targeted? I don’t understand. AGENT TERNELL: when you were young you witnessed the murder of the Constance parents, however you do not remember because in order for you not to retell the story, they dosed you with drugs so you would forget. His parents had deep connections with the gang but were wanted by them because they had stolen a large sum of money. Williams parents were murdered and we had to collect William and hide him away so that they would never find him. CASE: why was I targeted today? AGENT TERNELL: the gang had set up a base many years ago with a picture of Billy when he was very little, in hope of finding the family again. And when Billy found it they were alerted and when you found it they were alerted as well. safe for you anymore. I am agent Ternell and to understand that you can not go on living you live because you know too much information made you the target to a violent gang.




CASE: those men all looked about my age? How could they possibly have known who I was? AGENT TERNELL: Case, this gang is very dangerous and is connected to tons of high people in governments around the world. The leader of this gang is cruel, violent and was the man who drugged you and killed Williams parents. You are the only person in the world who is not one of the inner 5 of the gang, and has seen El Diablo himself. Although you don’t remember, they think you do, and now you are in danger. CASE: so you are taking me from my life and throwing me into a new one where I will know no one and never see my parents again? AGENT TERNELL: we are sorry Case, but this is how it has to be. SOUND: THICK FILE LANDS ON THE TABLE AGENT TERNELL: this is your new life, in the islands of the Caribbean, and to my knowledge, you will be living the luxurious life of a free lance writer for the Caribbean360. Enjoy! SOUND: COMMERCIAL ADVERTISEMENT: New Dark Brown Dye kit by BareHair. Be a force of Beauty. MUSIC: "BE THE FORCE, BE YOU" SCENE: 1 MONTH LATER IN THE ISLANDS OF THE CARIBBEAN NARRATOR: Case is beginning her new life a month later by trying ot indtroduce herself at a local bar SOUND: DOOR SWINGS OPEN AND PEOPLE ARE TALKING CASE: (THINKING TO HERSELF) People will see.. They will see that this dark brown is just a cover for my blond. They will know by my accent that I’m not from California. I just have to stay calm. I must stay calm. (CONTINUED)



SOUND: PULLS OUT CHAIR BARTENDER: anything to drink Ms? CASE: uhm.. surprise me! BARTENDER: sure thing.. SOUND: PUTS GLASS ON COUNTER, ICE, DRINK POURED BARTENDER: so you must be new around here? CASE: hm.. ya second day. Just trying to find myself. See I’m trying to get away from all this crazy back home. My momma and papa BARTENDER: (INTERRUPTS) seriously? you still call them momma and papa? CASE: isn’t that a little rude don’t you think? BARTENDER: your 25 years old and you don’t call them by their first names! CASE: how would you know how old I am? BARTENDER: because Case, they told me you were coming and god almighty am I glad they sent you here cause I don’t think you ever would have survived trying to pretend you have brown hair and come from California. CASE: Goob?! BILLY: in the flesh. THE END

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