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A- Hi, Im Mike. Whats your name? B- Diana. A- Sorry? B- Diana! A- Sorry Diana. This is Craig. B- Hello. Nice to meet you. C- Nice to meet to. A- How are you Diana? B- Im fine, thanks. And you? A- Very well, thank you. B- Where are you from? A- Im Brazilian. Good morning 12.00 Good afternoon 12.00 6.00 p.m Good evening 6.00 p.m


verb be + Full form Contraction I am your teacher. Im your teacher. You are in room 13. Youre in room 13. He is James. Hes James. She is Marta. Shes Marta. It is a school. Its a school. We are students. Were students. You are in Class 2. Youre in Class 2. They are teachers. Theyre teachers. verb be Full form Contraction Italian. I am not Im not Spanish. You are not You arent British. He/She/It is not He/She/It isnt We are not We arent You are not You arent They are not They arent verb be ?
Am I Are you Is he/she/it Are we Are you Are they German? Yes, I am you are he/she/it is we are you are they are No, Im not you arent he/she/it isnt we arent you arent they arent

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DAYS OF THE WEEK Monday Segunda Tuesday Tera Wednesday Quarta Thursday Quinta Friday Sexta Saturday Sbado Sunday Domingo

VOCABULARY COUNTRIES AND NATIONALITIES. COUNTRY NATIONALITY -ish England English Ireland Irish Poland Polish Scotland Scottish Spain Spanish -an Gemany German the United States (the USA) American -ian Argentina Argentinian Brazil Brazilian Italy Italian Russia Russian -ese China Chinese Japan Japanese France French Thailand Thai

LANGUAGE English English Polish English Spanish German English Spanish Portuguese Italian Russina Chinese Japanese French Thai


Exercise 1A and 1B 1. Complete the dialogues. A. Hi, Karen. This is James. B. Hello, James. ______ to ______ you. A. B. A. B. Hi, Im Paco, _______s your ______? Isabella. ________? Isabella! 5. Correct the senteces. a) Venice is in Greece (Italy). Venice isnt in Greece. Its in Italy. b) Sean Connery is Irish. (Scottish) __________________________________ c) Im American (British) __________________________________ d) Were in room 104. (room 105) __________________________________ e) Cameron Diaz is Spanish (American) __________________________________ 6. Order the words to make questions. a) your/s/name/What __________________________________ b) she/Where/s/from __________________________________ c) United/from/they/States/the/Are _________________________________ d) seven/room/we/in/Are _________________________________ e) holiday/you/Are/on _________________________________ f) from/he/Japan/Is _________________________________ 7. Match these answers to the questions in exercise 6. ( ) Yes, he is. ( ) No, Im not. ( ) Shes from Italy. ( ) No, we arent. ( ) Yes, they are. ( ) Andrew.

A. Hi, Kenji. _______ are you? B. Im fine, Thanks. And _______? A. Very well. Thank you. A. ________ evening. Whats your name? B. ________ _________s Walter Harris. C. Youre in room 12. 2. Continue the series. a) Five, six, seven, eight , nine, ten b) Six, eight, ten, _______, _______, ______ c) Twenty, nineteen, ________, _________, ________ d) Five, seven, nine, ________, ________, ________ 3. Put the letters in order to make days of the week. 1. ARSAYDUT _____________ 2. NYAUDS ______________ 3. HRDYTUSA _____________ 4. ODNYMA _____________ 5. DFARYI_____________ 6. DSYEEAWND _____________ 7. EUASDTY _____________ 4. Complete with a country or a nationality. a) Alice is from the United States. Shes __________. b) Whisky is Scottish. Its from __________. c) Jun is from China. Hes __________. d) My friends are Polish. Theyre from __________. e) Sandra is from Argentina. Shes __________. f) Toyota cars are Japanese. Theyre from __________. g) Spaghetti is from Italy. Its __________. h) Were French. Were from __________.

C. Mmm, delicious. Is it German? D. No, it isnt. Its French A. Are B. N you English?