Notes for DTTE Summer Support Plan Presentation Slide 2: This plan is written to support TEI Strategy 3.

Slide 3: Teachers follow a process to support students. When a teacher returns an assessment to a student, the teacher helps the student identify areas for growth. The teacher also makes instructional decisions based on the data and strategically works to create a plan that will meet the individual needs of that student. The process for supporting teachers is similar. The TEM Summative Report is an assessment of the teacher. When the principal returns the data from this assessment, the principal and the teacher should also work together to identify a strategic plan to support the teacher’s growth. Certain activities should be suggested that match areas of need identified by the TEM multiple measures, and the teacher should supplement these activities with courses that are of personal interest to him/her. Slide 4: Students who sit at home all summer watching TV will return in August having forgotten some skills learned in the previous school year. In a similar fashion, teachers need to use, examine, or grow skills over the summer to perpetuate the continuous cycle of improvement. Slide 5: The core values of the Summer Support Plan are based on the principles of adult learning and the needs of our teachers. Just as teachers strive to differentiate instruction for students, the Personal Growth Agenda endeavors to differentiate support for teachers based on area of need. Slide 6: Here is the basic structure of the Summer Support Plan. Slide 7: To provide a complete picture of support, teachers need activities in each of these three areas: Personal Support, General Support, and Application of Support. Here are examples of each. Most opportunities for teachers typically fall in the area of General Support. Our vision is to begin creating options in the other areas. Activities can be formal or informal. The idea is that they are INTENTIONAL and TEM-Aligned.

Slide 8: For teachers who require or prefer a comprehensive support plan with multiple activities to ensure success, pathways have been designed to meet various needs that are measured by TEM. Teachers who are TEM 3 or TEM 4 may also choose parts of the plan that address their specific need. Teachers who are TEM 5 are invited to participate by leading sessions and coaching teachers who participate in summer activities. Slide 9: Here is another example of a plan that is specifically for help with the TRIPOD survey. This example shows how different pathways are structured specifically for the area of need with various courses and a different number of steps. All teachers are encouraged to participate in a No-Nonsense Nurturer Program Kick-Off event and a TEM 2.0 session to prepare for the next school year. Slide 10: Here are the steps for creating a PGA (Personal Growth Agenda). As the instructional support leader in each school, the principal should collaborate with teachers to ensure comprehensive, differentiated support. The Teacher Individualized Summer Support Plan course list is posted online with the TEM Toolkit. Teachers should use AVATAR to find courses being provided by other departments to supplement their PGA. Slide 11: Please encourage TEM 5 teachers to contact our office for enrichment opportunities.

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