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Stormwater flow along Kestral Creek is currently managed by a retarding/detention basin at the eastern entrance to the park.

The primary aim of the project is to create wetlands that will manage the flow and improve the quality of the water in Kestral Creek and hence in the Yarra River.

Your task is essentially an engineering feasibility study. The scope should include, but not be limited to the following: Consideration of the physical characteristics of the land including topography, specific landscape attributes, vegetation, soils and hydrological characteristics etc. Site delineation. Investigation of water quality and litter issues.

A schematic wetland design involving modification of the existing detention basin and/or development of new wetlands. A brief environmental effects statement outlining potential environmental impacts of the proposal and how you would go about managing them. Consideration of community interests. Original Park Management Objectives To preserve and protect the natural environment Where necessary, to encourage the re-establishment of indigenous flora and fauna To protect the landscape values of the park To minimize the impact of surrounding suburban development.

WHAT IS A WETLAND Wetlands are a critical part of our natural environment. They protect our shores from wave action, reduce the impacts of floods, absorb pollutants and improve water quality. They provide habitat for animals and plants and many contain a wide diversity of life, supporting plants and animals that are found nowhere else. The Role of Engineers in Sustainable Development Engineers have traditionally provided environmental impact assessment services.

Sustainable Business Practice Pollution prevention Environmental management systems Energy efficiency Lifecycle analysis Development of social sustainability measures Triple bottom line

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs World Commission on Environment and Development Brundtland Report (1987)

1. Limiting human impact on the biosphere to a level that is within carrying capacity (CC)
Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental Effects Statement Summary The proposal of an infiltration system has been conceived with the knowledge that its implementation will not negatively affect the Westerfolds Park wetland ecosystem. It is designed for the purpose of ameliorating the Parks current issues in times of high flows of water and consequently the erosion of Kestrel Creek and its sediment build up.

Environmental affects to be considered The temporary redirection of Kestrel Creek at the current retarding basin, where the infiltration system is to be installed.