Mary Rothschild 60 Arthur St. San Rafael, CA 94901 May 02, 2012 Rob Mackabee 35 Palm Circle Dr.

Corte Madera, CA 95422 Dear Rob Mackabee: During my 4 years here at RL Sensor Solutions, Inc, I have worked on the following projects in the following capacities: HR Manager: Receive and handle all complaints by employees within the company. Determine skill/talent requirements and organize hiring campaigns. As you can see, the level of responsibility and the scope of my work has increased steadily. The only thing that has not increased is my pay. I am writing to request that you consider offering me a pay increase of 5%. I feel that this amount would reflect my level of seniority and the nature of the work I now do here at RL Sensor Solutions, Inc. Thank you for giving this request your serious consideration. Sincerely,

Mary Rothschild Human Resources Manager

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