STATE OF _________________ COUNTY OF Marin COURT Marin County Superior Court

In the Matter of the Estate of William D. Rothschild

Case Number R00034925

Notice to Heirs

The State of _________________ Probate Court of Marin County
To the heirs and devisees of the above named Estate: This is formal Notice that William D. Rothschild, the decedent, died on March 07, 2012 and you have or may have an interest in William D. Rothschilds estate. Ryan J. Schmidt whose address is 35 Palm Circle Dr., Corte Madera, California 95422 has been appointed as the administrator of the Estate. All documents, pleading and information relating to the Estate are on file in the Marin County Courthouse under case number R00034925. The last day to file claims against the Estate is August 01, 2012. The assets of the Estate of William D. Rothschild will be disbursed 60 days following the date of this Notice. All recipients of this Notice hereby informed that each is entitled to information regarding the administration of the decedents estate. In the event, any heir or devisee has question or issue relating to this Estate including the distribution of assets, payments of expenses or other administration matters, the heir or devisee may petition the Court in Marin County. Executed by the administrator of the Estate of William D. Rothschild on April 30, 2012.

__________________________________________ Ryan J. Schmidt, Administrator of the Estate

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