April 26, 2012 Ryan B. Jagger Peter C. Gabriel 60 Arthur St. Talahassee, Florida 40556 YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that you are indebted to me in the sum of $1,450.00 for the rent and use of the premises located at 60 Arthur St., Talahassee, Kenzie, Florida 40556 now occupied by you and that I demand payment of the rent or possession of the premises within 3 days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays) from the date of delivery of this notice, to wit: on or before the 10th day of May, 2012. THIS IS INTENDED AS A 3 DAY LEGAL NOTICE FOR THE PURPOSE OF TERMINATING YOUR TENANCY FOR FAILURE TO PAY RENT. THIS NOTICE IS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FLORIDA RESIDENTIAL LANDLORD AND TENANT ACT AND UNDER FLORIDA STATE STATUTE § 83.56(3). LANDLORD RESERVES ALL THE RIGHTS AND REMEDIES PROVIDED UNDER THE RENTAL AGREEMENT AND UNDER APPLICABLE LAWS OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGES FOR UNPAID RENT OR PROPERTY AND NOTHING IN THIS NOTICE MAY BE CONSTRUED AS A WAIVER OF SUCH RIGHTS AND REMEDIES. Dated: April 26, 2012 By: ______________________________ Dorian Mayhew Rothschild 35 Palm Circle Dr., Talahassee, FL 40556 (596) 304-1498

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