May 4, 2012

“Bits and Pieces of Info to Make Life on the Ranch Easier to Manage”
What’s Happening Around Town The first week of May has already come and gone! At this point, we have fifteen days of school left! I trust God will help us make them count for eternity and that He will produce much growth in each of our lives! We are beginning to wrap things up as we wind down the rest of the school year! This week, we will make our second to last stop on our tour of the world and will spend time learning about Australia! We have had a lot of fun studying the countries, and I trust that our Olympic-themed Track and Field Day on Friday will be an especially neat culminating event! The kindergarten classes will be representing the Netherlands for the day! In Science, we are focusing on different types of materials, and we will be finishing paper and fabric this week. Please consider pointing out the many materials used to make a variety of objects around your house! In reading circles, most students have already moved into their last reader or two and are moving quickly toward the finish line of all the books! We have added special sounds er (fern), ir (bird), and ur (nurse) to our repertoire of special sounds this week, which include other sounds like ar (star), ou (out), or (Lord), and ow (now or blow). We practice using special sounds while writing words and complete sentences, so please consider encourage them to write at home too! One other important item to note is that we will be doing the last set of DIBELS testing this week! I look forward to seeing the progress the students have made this year! Thanks so much! Miss Hult Answers to Questions on the Ranch

A: Track and Field Day will be held this Friday, May 11th. We will leave school at 8:30 a.m. and head to Faith Baptist Bible College, where we will meet for prayer at 8:45 a.m. Then, at 9:00 a.m., the events will begin. We could still use a couple of volunteers to help run some events, so please let me know if you are interested. Also, if you would like to join us as we travel with our class to each event, please let me know! All students, teachers, and helpers are asked to remember to follow dress code (modest shorts are fine but no tank tops or sleeveless shirts), and tennis shoes are also encouraged! Kindergarten students also need to wear the blue ACA shirt they received at DK/K roundup. They will also need a water bottle and a sack lunch for the day! Further details will come soon! We will return to school midway through the afternoon to enjoy a special snack and watch a movie.

A: Yes, Kindergarten Graduation will be held May 25, beginning at 8:45 in the auditorium! The ceremony should be finished in an hour, and your child will be free to go home with you after the ceremony and reception! Miss Brenner and I are so looking forward to the celebration!

Upcoming Lessons and Skills
Harmony; “One anothers” of Scripture - oo (book); wor (worm); igh (night) - Australia - Subtracting one; giving the number that comes between other numbers; adding nickels and pennies - Materials (What are fabrics and paper like?)

A Bible Course Map for the Upcoming Week

Solomon was a very rich man. In accumulating all his riches, he learned some important lessons. He learned that the more money people had, the more they wanted. He found that rich people became frustrated because they didn't get a lot of sleep – maybe they had to work hard to care for their things, or maybe they couldn't sleep for fear someone would take their things. Solomon also pointed out that you can't take any wealth with you after you die. Solomon was also wise. He decided that instead of worrying about being rich, he would try to enjoy life and allow God to give him gladness of heart. We can be glad in our hearts by being thankful for what we have instead of seeking more and more. We can also be happy in our hearts if we share what we have instead of keeping it just for ourselves. - Review of previous lesson. - Review of chapel lesson. Some of the first things most babies say are the words, “no” and “mine.” We are not born with a natural desire to share. The Bible says that those who give things to others freely will get even more, while the ones who refuse to share will become poor. God is pleased when people show love through sharing what they have and He promises to reward their generosity.

Friday, May 11- Track and Field Day Monday, May 14 - Rain date for Track and Field Day Tuesday, May 15 - Annual ACA Meeting - all parents are invited to attend! Friday, May 25 - Kindergarten Graduation - 8:45 a.m.

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