The Intelligence Community (IC) completed key major transformational milestones in the IC’s 500 Day Plan for Integration

and Collaboration between Day 201 and Day 300. Progress continues toward meeting new national security challenges, developing an intelligence enterprise, improving customer and partner relationships, and creating decision advantage for the nation.

Completed policy, guidance, and training on the use of metadata and tagging, important mechanisms that facilitate automated information sharing. In addition, developed a process for IC enterprise software license acquisition that will facilitate efficient, joint procurement. Added important components to the Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) system, including a framework for portfolio management, an IC operational architecture, and changes to our budget process reflecting a new Community-wide strategic perspective aligning budget to strategy. Developed procedures, governance mechanisms, and funding strategies for shared IC data centers. These centers will be an essential component of the Single Information Environment. Completed human resources (HR) data reference model and data warehouse protocols, in preparation for standardized and merged HR reporting. Community-wide HR monitoring and analysis will create new opportunities for cross-agency personnel development. Submitted the FY09 Annual Intelligence Authorization Proposal which commits to investments in joint infrastructure and capabilities. Prepared a senior executive seminar series on diversity and equal employment opportunity (EEO), to be followed by mandatory courses and assessments of management competencies. Specified EEO and diversity data for use in IC enterprise data warehouse and reporting.

The chart shows the current status of all 500 Day Plan initiatives. Principal accomplishments for this period include the following: • Submitted recommendations to Director of National Intelligence (DNI) authorities documents. The proposed changes clarify, align, and update DNI authorities with respect to the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA) and presidential executive orders. Prepared a proposal for Security and Suitability Process Reform that has been fully embraced by the White House. Innovative security clearance processes were piloted and will be aggressively implemented throughout the federal government, reducing costs and delays tied to initial clearances and transfers. Released ICD 304 on human intelligence (HUMINT) collection, which establishes roles and responsibilities for the National HUMINT Manager (NHM) and the responsibility for setting standards for those who conduct HUMINT activities, facilitates the coordination and deconfliction of HUMINT operations, and allows the NHM to designate an IC element to conduct services of common concern, all with the aim of creating a more transparent, efficient and effective HUMINT Enterprise. Issued two Intelligence Community Directives (ICD 656 and ICD 653) which define the performance-based pay system for senior officers and the IC workforce. In addition, established a program which will apply performance-based pay policies in a fair and transparent manner while ensuring that the IC continues to recruit and retain a premier workforce. The DNI signed and released the latest version of the National Intelligence Priorities Framework (NIPF) matrix. This matrix incorporated changes made to the NIPF process in order to make the matrix more responsive to senior customers’ priorities. Updated the charter for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), clarifying DIA’s role within the IC. Under the direction of the Secretary of Defense and the DNI, this is the first of a set of charters aligning DOD IC member roles and setting a strong foundation for cooperation and synergy. Signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between DNI and Secretary of Defense concerning governance of jointly funded major acquisitions. The MOA clarifies Milestone Decision Authorities, providing better cooperation and oversight on joint military and intelligence acquisitions. •

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In the next 100 days of the 500 Day Plan (Days 301-400), we will focus on completing more key milestones to close out the Plan. These include deliverables that establish necessary foundations for fully integrated operations and intelligence-based decision making. We expect to accomplish the following: • Achieve full operating capability at the National Intelligence Coordination Center, ensuring that collection is aligned with priorities. Activate additional components of the SEM process, including launch of the Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review. Extend core services of the Single Information Environment to new functions such as cross-domain mission communities, discovery, and foreign partner access. Put into place specific policies that will allow the IC to increase transparency, share information and operate more as an enterprise. Build capability to conduct intelligence exercises, including completion of a master calendar to coordinate and rationalize IC exercise activities. Identify the initial topic areas that the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity will pursue on behalf of the IC.

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Expand NIPF Use (DDNI/A) Strengthen S&T Analysis Capability (DDNI/A) INTEGRATION AND Accelerate Foster Collection & Information Sharing Analytic Transformation Core Acquisition Improvement Plan (DDNI/AQ) Build IC Technical Transition Plan (DNI/AQ) Stand up IARPA (DDNI/AQ) Establish ADDNI/AE&I (DDNI/AQ) Develop Agile Acquisition Req's (DDNI/PPR) Key Accomplishments DAY 300 COLLABORATION Build Acquisition Excellence & Technology Leadership Key 500 DAY PLAN Core Modernize Clearance Process (DDNI/PPR) Core Align Strategic Enterprise Mgt Sys (DDNI/PPR) Improve Client Relationships (DDNI/PPR) Protect Privacy/Civil Liberties (CLPO) Identify Common Core HRIS (CHCO) Improve C&A Process (ADNI/CIO) Modernize Business Practices Complete On Plan Some Risk At Risk Core Clarify IC Authorities (EO 12333) (DDNI/PPR) Define DDI Roles (DDI) Update DoD Charters (DDNI/PPR) Develop Doctrine Capstone/Lexicon (DNI/PPR) Foster Legal Collaboration (OGC) Harmonize US Person Info Policy (OGC) Enhance Policy Process (DDNI/PPR) Submit Annual Auth Proposal (OGC) Clarify & Align DNI’s Authorities .Core Strategic Mission Diversity (EEOD) Core Implement Joint Duty (CHCO) Formalize National Intel Univ (DDNI/PPR) 2nd Generation Americans (CHCO) Develop Enterprise Exercise Program (DDNI/PPR) Improve Foreign Language Capability (DDNI/PPR) Improve College Recruiting (CHCO) Complete Performance Pay System (CHCO) Catalog HR Capabilities (CHCO) Core Enhance Information Sharing (ADNI/CIO) Create Single Information Environment (ADNI/CIO) Start Attribute-Based Access (ADNI/CIO) Provide IT to Executive Agencies (ADNI/CIO) Establish Single Classification Guide (DDNI/PPR) Create a Culture of Collaboration Core Establish NICC (DDNI/C) Core Create Analytic Collaboration Env (DDNI/A) Develop HUMINT Standards (DDNI/C) Strengthen Foreign Relationships (DDNI/PPR) Expand Hard Target Strategies (DDNI/C) Develop Collection Mgt Tools (ADNI/CIO) Strengthen Analytic Tradecraft (DDNI/A) Improve.

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