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Retailing is a distribution channel function where one organization buys products from supplying firms or manufactures the product themselves, and then sells these directly to consumers. A retailer is a reseller (i.e., obtain products from one party in order to sell to another) from which a consumer purchases the product. In the majority of retail situations, the organization from which a consumer makes purchases is a reseller of products obtained from others and not the product manufacturer. The recent years have witnessed a rapid transformation and vigorous profit in Indian retail stores across various categories. This can be contemplated as a result of the changing attitude of Indian consumers and their overwhelming acceptance to modern retail formats. Asian markets witness a shift in trend from traditional retailing to organized retailing driven by the liberalizations on Foreign Direct Investment. Indian organized retail market is growing at a fast pace due to the boom in the Indian retail industry. In 2005, the retail industry in India amounted to Rs.10,000 billion accounting for about 10% to the countrys GDP. The organized retail market in India out of this total market accounted for

Rs.350 billion which is about 3.5% of the total revenues. Retail market in the Indian organized sector is expected to cross Rs.1000 billion by 2010. Here in this project I am going to deliver the business plan of Guru kripa Provision store and strategy which they follows for getting on the top of their business.


I take this opportunity to pay my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those people without whom I would not have been able to complete my project report successfully as they nurtured me with their proper guidance and care. Here I would like to acknowledge those important people.

My special thanks go to our teachers and specially Mr. Bipin Basil who have helped and molded me to handle such critical project. I am deeply indebted for their able guidance.

Irrespective of all other benefits, it was the unconditional support and aid of my family, which enabled me to achieve to fullest extent of my endeavor.

Best regards Rakesh Yadav

Executive Summary

The Successful completion of this project was a unique experience for me because by visiting many place and interacting various persons, I achieved a better knowledge about sales. The experience which I gained by doing this project was essential at this turning point of my carrier detailed analysis of this research under taken by me.

The research provides an opportunity to the student to devote their skills knowledge and competencies required during the technical session.

The research is on topic business plan with refrences of (kirana store)

Introduction of Satguru Store


The business was started in 1990 with approximately an amount of Rs.9000/- This shop was 21 years old. At the time of opening there was no employees in the shop. It was completely run by the owner himself. Now there are 5 worker work in shop. Shop opening time morning is 10.00am and closing time is 10.00pm. The Store basically deals in all types of kirana items like:Sugar, Coffee, Tomato ketchup, Tata Salt, Floor, Saras Ghee and Oil.

Strategy in terms of Expanding:-


To provide a business plan to Satguru Provision Store to expand and develop his business. Within a budget of Rs. 50,000/Over a period of one year.

Current marketing Strategy

Local TV channels Print media Word of mouth Customer Satisfaction

Current Operation (Sales promotion)

Cash Discount Credit Facility Packaging


Current Financial Status(Strategies)

Goodwill-- Rs 10,00,000 Yearly Turn over Rs 60,00,000 Profit Margin 8.5%


Vikas Provision Store Dayal Provision Store Dinesh General Store Mukesh Provision Store Surendra Provision Store

Proposed Business Plan of satguru Kripa Store


Main focus on: Self improvement Improve the level of customer experience which buying.

Expected outcome
Good word of mouth Increase in Sales Motivation schemes for current employees Increase efficient manpower. Focus on guiding the customers in choosing the best possible solution as per their needs Training and development program to make the product demonstrations better equipped in building good customer relations. If required provide services to the customers at home.

Utilization of Funds

50,000/- details Printing Manpower Increase in Products Television


Training schedule days and hours :- should be set properly according to the skills of the employees.


Motivational schemes for employees:- monitory and non monitary for eg. Gift on festival, give chocklets on child customer. Home delivery

Rates of products


Sugar--- Rs 32 Coffee 25gmRs 39 Tomato ketchupRs 80 Tata Salt--- Rs 12 FloorRs 15 Saras GheeRs 250 Oil60Rs

Cold Drinks Pepsi Coca-Cola 7up Miranda Mountain dew

Dew Rs. 23 each

Hair oils

Almonds Hair and care Coconut

Shaving creams Dettol Denim vi-john

Dal: Toor Dal65Rs Moon Dal60rs Bikaneri bhujiaRs 100 Axe deosRs 135 Pepsodent 150gm 56Rs


By using the proposed business plan it is estimated that yearly turn over of the satguru kirana store will be double