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May 2012

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From the Editor...
I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful spring days as much as I am. The yucca blooms have come and gone, as well as the prickly pear blooms and wild olive blooms, but with all the rains we have been blessed with, I look forward to seeing many more wild blooms this spring. There is so much going on in this country and the world on a daily basis, and much of it is rather disturbing. Most disturbing of all, however, is the spector of Big Media making mountains out of molehills with endless speculation about the lives of other people, speculating about someone’s guilt or innocence, speculating about the Republican primaries, nearly anything they can get their hands on that will divert our minds from the important issues of the day. Worst of all is the fact that the Mainstream Media do not bother to report about what the President and/or Congress are doing to us while we are going about our daily lives struggling to keep our heads above water. Information flows so quickly on the internet that I can scarcely keep up with it. After cancelling my satellite TV account and relying chiefly on the the internet for my news, I tend to sit at the TV (connected to computer) with my eyes ever-widening and my mouth hanging open in near disbelief at the real news, the perfectly credible and well-documented reports of the real news that “Big Media” does not bother to report. I suppose it does not meet their “entertainment” criteria or meet the political agendas of their puppeteers. When I just cannot take another minute of it, I resort to often mindless TV shows (available on the internet) and light-weight movies. Sometimes I run across what seems like it might be an interesting documentary. This month, I found a series of 13 episodes of The Revolution, presented by the History Channel and available on Netflix online (probably also from History Channel website). It is narrated by Kelsey Grammar of “Frasier” fame, whose great speaking voice is very effective in this series. From the very first episode, I was hooked. This is the story of the American Revolution from before the first shot was fired through the aftermath. I was so hooked on it that I spent two entire days watching one hour-long episode after another. I learned much that I had never even known about the American Revolution. I highly recommend that everyone with a computer or access to Netflix or History Channel reruns watch this series, especially episodes 1-11. I would think it would be suitable to show to your teenage children as well. (Maybe a little too bloody and gruesome for younger children.) By way of update, for a couple of weeks or even more after I disconnected from satellite television reception, I admit that I had “withdrawal symptoms,” but the more I discovered about what was available for free on the internet, the happier I was about not getting that huge bill from the satellite provider any longer. My only regret is that I still have that ugly dish on my roof. On May 29, Texans at last can vote in primaries for candidates for President as well as many other offices. After spending many hours on the internet attempting to find out who the candidates are (other than presidential candidates), I find the information scattered almost all over the place. Since there are no local weeky papers distributed on the west side of Lake Corpus Christi area, I have found only the most scattered information of who is running in these races, who they are or what issues they stand for. My best suggestion is that you go this link (Texas Secretary of State):: When you get there, follow the links to information you would like obtain. Plan to spend a long time. Then search for each candidate for whom you want more information. This is an extraordinarily important primary for all of us who want sensible, small government devoid of corruption and cronyism. Do your research, and then go vote! Don’t just pick the guy whose name you like. Know who you are voting for. The November general election in which we will select the next President of the United States is the most important election of our lives, no matter how old you may be. Please vote for America, not for the progressive agenda, not for big government, not for puppets of the New World Order, not for further loss of our freedom. Now, more than ever, if you enjoy receiving this publication each month for free, it is important that you support our advertisers and tell them you saw their ad in The Lake & Country Shopper. As always, many thanks to all our advertisers for making this publication possible. Yours truly, Penny Peavy Editor/Publisher 361-547-9062

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Church Directory
St. Michael's At The Lake Episcopal, Worship Sunday 3 pm, Healing Thursday 1111:30 am, Thrift Shop Thu 102 & Sun 1-4 Faith Church United Church of Christ, 106 Faith Dr., Orange Grove, 384-2414. Sunday School: 9:15, Worship Service: 10:30. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, FM 534, Mass: Sunday, 9:15. Call church for other times. West Shore Baptist Church, FM 534. 547-6153, Sunday School: Sunday 9:30 am. Services: Sunday 10:50 am. Women's Bible study Tues. mornings from 10:00 to 12:00, Men's Bible study Wednesday mornings at 10:00 A.M. Lighthouse Faith Fellowship (charismatic, non-denominational), 331 FM 534, 547-6243. Sunday School: 9:15am Services: Sunday 10:00 am. Grace Lutheran Church of Mathis, 1205 E. San Patricio Ave., Mathis, 547-2239 First United Methodist Church, 420 S. Duval, Mathis 5473381. Adult Bible Class 9:45 am, Worship Service 10:50 Brush Country Cowboy Church, Brush Country Cowboy Church, 1417 S. Hwy 37 access We are located 1 mile north of FM 799. Sunday Services at 10:00am. 361-449-2400. First Baptist Church, 404 S. Bee, Mathis, Texas, 547-2139. Services: Sunday Bible study: 9:45am. Worship 11:00am. Evening Worship 6:00pm. Wednesday Evening Service: 7:00pm St. John of the Cross Catholic Church, 20 S. Metz St., Orange Grove, Mass: Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 7:30 am . & 11:00am, 361-384-2795. FM 624, Sunday Morning Services 8:45 and 10:30am, 227-9828.

We Get Mail
To The Editor: Mainstream media are doing it to us again. With many states, including Texas, having not even had a chance to vote in primaries, the MSM has decided for us that Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee. This is not surprising, as Mitt is their candidate of choice. He is “Plan B” in case Obama does not win. The problem with this is that since many, if not most, humans, want to be able to say they voted for the winner, so when the MSM calls Romney the winner, prematurely, it is simply human nature to “go along” with whomever has been already predicted to be the “winner.” It seems obvious that this premature naming of Romney as the presumtive candidate is a ruse to heavily influence large states like Texas to cast votes for Romney, the establishment candidate of choice. Having read extensively about Mitt Romney and what he says he believes on the issues, I have concluded that he a) has made a career out of running for President for the past five or six years. b) His business experience was far less as an entrepreneur than as an executive running an investment operation. Romney was good at presenting and selling the deals the company made. In other words, he was a really good salesman, and that is indeed a valuable skill, one especially conducive to running for political office. c) Romney equals “Obama Lite,”and is just another puppet of the power elite who are seeking a “New World Order.” I am not saying that Mitt Romney would be as bad as Obama, but I am saying he would not be much better in terms of the future of America as a free (not-so-free) country. I would bet that if Mitts were grilled about the Consitution, he would get flustered and come up with many wrong answers. As someone has said, “A can of dog food would be better than Obama.” The MSM long ago dismissed Ron Paul because they are so afraid of an honest Constitutionist. Gingrich has been largely presented as some sort of cartoon character, as has Santorum, who has wisely dropped out of the race. The Texas primary election is now scheduled for May 29, 2012. If you want Romney to simply walk away with the nomination, just stay home. If you care, even if you have previously voted in Democrat primaries, vote Ron Paul in the Republican primary. He represents true “hope and change,” not the abominations of Obama. A Rasmussen poll conducted on April 12 resulted in Romney and Obama in a tie if the election were held that day. It resulted in Ron Paul beating Obama by one percentage point. Both of these results, of course, are inclusive because of the margin of error inherent in all polls. Joe Geyer Corpus Christi, Texas -----------------------------------To the Editor: I stopped to eat a burger in Tilden at the McMullen Mercantile and I found your paper. I want to thank you and the article contributers for the hard work on this paper. This is a great way to reach folks who rely on mainstream news and publications to form their opinions on the issues facing our country and our world. I've had a hard time reaching my co-workers on these things but I think them seeing it for themselves in this newspaper will help them understand that Im not crazy. This stuff really Is going on and we have to speak up if we care

Lagarto Community Church 287 FM 3162 Lagarto, Texas 78383 Sunday: Bible School 9:4511am, Church 11am, Bible Study Wed & Sunday 6pm Mathis Church of Christ 407 E. Rockport, Mathis, Texas 547-2016, Sunday Bible Study 9:30am, Worship 10:30am, Sunday Evening 6PM, Wednesday Bible Study 7pm.

First Evangelical Lutheran Church, 600 S. Dibrell St., Church of Christ, Exit 40 @ I37 Orange Grove TX, 361-384N./Hwy 888, one mile east. Sun. 2712 Sunday School: Bible Study 9:45. Sunday Serv9:00 a.m. Worship Service: ice 11am & 6pm. Wed. 7:00pm 10:30 a.m.
Lake View Baptist Church, 6 mi North of Mathis on Hwy 3024. Sunday Bible study 9:45am, Worship services at 11am and 6pm Wednesday night at 6pm. 361-547-6325 leave message. Cross Trails Cowboy Church 2 miles East of Orange Grove on

Safe Harbor - a Lutheran mission (ELCA) meeting at St. Michael's Episcopal Church on FM 534. We meet at 5 p.m. each Saturday evening. Contact us at or 361-244-6045. All are welcome!

about our country and our children's future. Even though I have previously read almost every article you published, I will still order a year subscription to support your efforts. Thank you for taking a stand when most others don't. Thank you for being true patriots. Joshua Aguirre Laredo, Texas -----------------------------------From: Campaign for Liberty Dear Penny, This coming week, Congress is set to take up another socalled "cybersecurity" bill, H.R. 3523, the "Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011" (CISPA). And this time, many of those who joined us to stop SOPA and PIPA are supporting this legislation. So only the immediate action of you and your fellow C4L members can help protect our privacy from the government's ever-expanding reach. After our victory over SOPA/PIPA, I wrote to you in late February about the need to stay vigilant against Congress' attempts to assert more control over the Internet. Well, since then, Republicans and Democrats have introduced at least four major "cybersecurity" bills. Expanding government power is always bipartisan. CISPA, sponsored by Rep. Mike Rogers (MI-8), is promoted as a harmless bill that will enable voluntary "information sharing" between private corporations and government agencies in the name of "cybersecurity." Unfortunately, it would allow the transfer of vast amounts of data, including information like your Internet browsing history or email content, to any agency in the federal government, including non-civilian agencies such as the National Security Agency or the Department of Defense Cyber Command. One major problem with these alleged "cybersecurity" bills is their overly broad focus on what information private companies are encouraged to share with federal agencies. CISPA currently contains no incentive for private companies like Facebook or Google to remove personally identifiable information from data they share. In addition, the way this legislation is drafted, it currently overrides privacy presumptions found in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and the Communications Act regarding the privacy of an individual's online communications and related records. See “Mail” Continued on Page 5

Community Organization News
Lagarto Community Club News
from DeOtta Meyer, Club Reporter

Sales Are Good For The Lagarto Community Club
LAGARTO – April 22 - April was a really busy month at the Lagarto Community Club starting with our meeting on the 12th. Linda Avila began by reading the inspirational which had to do with the death of a family pet, a little girl and God…loved the story. Old business covered the painting which had just been completed on the outside of our building. We still need to paint around the windows and do some repair work around the doors. The incoming Board of Directors, determined by acclamation, will be Cherie McGuire (President), Lee Smith (Vice President), Linda Avila (Secretary), Sharon Tonne (Treasurer) and DeOtta Meyer (Reporter). These ladies will be sworn in during the May meeting. Scholarship winners will also be announced at the May meeting as the deadline for applications has come and the Scholarship Committee will be making decisions soon. Once again the Club will be giving two scholarships to deserving high school students. Along with other new business a new committee was formed to be headed by Lucy Cantu with help from Jessica Keese and Linda Avila to plan the programs (speakers and such) for our meetings. Namely, this will be the Program Committee. In the past we had all members taking turns with developing programs and then for a couple of years it was the unwritten responsibility of the Vice President to find our speakers. Now, it is official – we have a committee. After the drawing for the door prize (Jessica Keese was the lucky lady.) the members ate their bag lunches and shared the cakes prepared by the hostesses, Joyce Sattler and Mary Salmons. Then, it was time to get to work and finish

From eighteenth century English historian, Fraser-Tyler, most appropriate to the present:
“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always vote for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always followed by a dictatorship. “The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years. Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage.”
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setting up for our annual Rummage Sale. The Rummage Sale was on the 14th and while the shoppers did not seem to number as many as in past years it was still a pretty good sale considering the economy. We had several people come in from other areas, even as far as Goliad. The lady from Goliad visited and ate with us, telling us stories about Lagarto and the Old Lagarto Schoolhouse where she used to attend school. It was a treat to have her at the sale and, hopefully, she will be able to come again for our annual Craft Bazaar in November! Our meal was provided by Trish Arink and it was really good. A mishap at the Rummage Sale left us without a handle on the refrigerator. Our club members are really strong and tough! Thanks again to one of the husbands who came in later with his tools and reattached the handle. Must remember to pull, not jerk…must remember to pull, not jerk!! Oh, and a hearty thank you to Kay Schuette, who is an Associate Member, for loaning us the extra tables. A week later our members found themselves pulling items, from our shelves, which could be sold at the Pioneer Day celebration in Orange Grove on the 21st. Participating members that day were Linda Avila, Mary Salmons, Joyce Sattler, Lee Smith, Connie Reardon, Lucy Cantu, Cherie McGuire and Dottie Meyer. A special “thanks” goes out to Frank Avila, Linda’s husband, and Judy Cervenka, Dottie’s daughter, for helping with the set-up, sales and take-down. Sales were good and a lot of raffle tickets were sold for the drawing which is scheduled for May 10th. On that day, May 10th, we will have our last meeting before breaking for the summer. Once again I would like to invite any of our neighbors to come over to the Old Lagarto School on FM 534 and visit with us. If you like to do crafts, if you want to get some exercise, if you are good at dealing cards or, if you just like to eat and visit, we would love to have you join us any Thursday. And, remember, that our building can be rented for that party you are planning. Come on over and talk to us.

May 2012

The Lake & Country Shopper - 3

What’s Wrong With this Picture
by Gwen Guyser

From the Far West Side
by Farris West

You Decide
by Armando Conde

If I Wanted Communist Rule in America...
...I would not try to take over America with guns and weapons and threats. I would let America gradually become a communist nation by doing the following: I would begin with the young children. I would teach them that getting along with everyone they come in contact with was of the utmost importance, never mind that Jesus kicked over the tables of the tax collectors in the temple. I would teach them never to disobey authority even if they believe that the authority is incorrect or morally wrong. It is very important that they accept authority under all circumstances. I would teach them that the teacher is always right, no matter what, and to accept the authority of the teacher no matter what. Then they would be ready to accept a totalitarian, authoritarian government leader. I would get every child involved in a team activity in which no team is declared the winner at the end of the game, everyone gets a trophy, and everyone is an MVP in every game. No one is a winner in a communist society. Everyone is equal, the same as everyone else, regardless of talents and skills. Everyone is rewarded equally. I would teach them to work in groups and complete projects in groups that have no clear leader, groups in which everyone is treated exactly the same, regardless of what they do or do not contribute to the group’s endeavor. Even the worst slacker would be treated just as though they were the hardest worker. This is the communist way: All workers are equal, just cogs in the wheel. For written assignments in school, they would be limited to reports, the kind one can copy off the internet or out of an encyclopedia – no essays, opinions or fiction. This would teach that only the facts from approved sources have any credence, and that opinions, thoughts or fantasy are not credible or desirable. I would make sure they are not able to use reason and logic very well. When they start school I would make sure to enroll the children as early as possible into militaristic activities such as marching band, pep squad, cheerleading, ROTC, choreographed dance and any other kind of activity that requires absolute precision under the authority of a leader. This would add to preparation for acceptance of unquestionable authority. I would teach them that guns are bad and only bad people carry guns or even own guns, just as is being done now in many parts of the country. Then they will have no defense when the government comes for them. I would teach them that everyone must suffer from the mistake or mishap of one or two people. They must realize the importance of communal responsibility rather than individual responsibility, just as is being done now. If it is inconvenient for the government (or insurance companies) to pay medical bills for those who have motorcycles accidents, the government should outlaw motorcycles. If it is inconvenient for the government (or insurance companies) to pay medical bills for those who do not wear seat belts, make wearing seat belts mandatory, just as is being done now. I would teach them that capitalism must take a second place to environmentalism and that animals are equal to humans and that capitalism is bad because it rewards the aggressive, creative risk-taker. Communism cannot abide such people. Communism needs every government control it can lay its hands on. I would teach them that it’s not OK to discriminate against others on the basis of race, religion, marital status, country of origin or gender, but perfectly OK to discriminate against fat people, smokers, gay people and anyone else who falls outside what the government says is good for society. The government alone can decide who it is OK to discriminate against, just as it does now. I would make sure they learn the language and culture of the communist countries and other countries that are not under democratic rule and have no Christian principles and learn to accept these people and their ways, just as is being done now. I would make sure that no advances are made in education. We would want the children to continue to be taught in one-size-fits-all schools in one-size-fits-all classrooms. Just as now, with “no child left behind,” talent and ambition would not necessarily be rewarded, and every child would be encouraged to achieve the same level of ignorance as every other child, just as is being done now. I would not care if most children could not read or write well enough in English to know what is going on in the world and unable to think logically and rationally. I would want education only to prepare skilled workers for the work force. I would change the name of the Texas Employment Commission to the Texas Workforce Commission, just as has already been done. “Workers Unite!” would be the cry. It would make it far easier for Communism to take over, little by little, within a generation or two. I would teach them that it is the government’s role to take care of them, to protect them from every little possible harm, right down to irradiation of almonds because two Americans got sick from eating almonds, that the government is supposed to pay for their health care, give them money when they don’t have a job, feed them when they cannot or will not work, give them a monthly allowance for each illegitimate child, pay for day care for their children, and give them all kinds of tax benefits for each child they bear. I would teach them that it’s acceptable to have babies while they are still students in high school, just as is being done now, with day-care provided for the benefit of highschool-student mothers. After all morality is just relative, and a Communist government needs lots of low-level workers. I would encourage them to prepare to work for a corporation or for the government and discourage them from any kind of entrepreneurship or self-employment. It is too hard for a Communist government to control self-directed citizens who opt for self-employment. I would encourage them to watch television at least four hours every day and to believe the propaganda put forth by the news media, the children’s See “Communist” Continued on Page 4

The Abysmal Failure of Public Education and Why You Should Home-School Your Children or Pay Twice to Send Your Children to Private School.
Nooz Flash 1: Public Education is an abysmal failure, thanks largely to government interference, that is, the interference of ignorant and greedy legislators at both the state and federal level on the rights of parents and local communities. No amount of money can fix it, for lack of money is not the problem. Nooz Flash 2: The largest portion of property taxes you pay, either directly, through your mortage payment or through higher rent payments, is to pay for the failed public school system, and you either pay up or lose your property, no matter how many thousands of dollars you have invested in your property over your lifetime. Nooz Flash 3: A portion (probably a large portion) of school taxes you pay actually pays for extracurricular activities that could (and should) be paid for privately. (Do the schools pay for your child’s ballet lessons? If not, why should they pay for football, or basketball, or “cheer”?) These activities include all public school sports, “cheer,” marching band, “free” daycare for severely handicapped children whose parents prefer to abdicate their responsibilities to the state and all activities parents believe they should not have to pay for. In the pre-revolutionary days of the American colonies, illiteracy was practically unknown. Virtually everyone could read and write in the English language. Education was considered to be the responsibility of the parents of the child. Parents taught their children to read and write. It was common for the father to sit with the children and read aloud the newspaper while the mother prepared breakfast. Since all meals were prepared from scratch in those days, it allowed about 45 minutes for the father to read to his children. Children learned the 3R ’s from their parents. In wealthy families, sometimes a tutor was hired to further a child’s education. Sometimes, once a child had learned the basics, a minister or pastor helped with the child’s education. Sometimes members of a community would contribute money to pay the salary of a teacher for their children. The Bible was read daily, and many children learned to read by reading the Bible. As the population grew, small private schools sprung up, always revolving around a church. As more and more Catholics settled in America, they established private parochial schools and took in orphans and poor children as well as those who could afford to pay. Except in the case of orphans, the responsibility for education still was that of the parents of the child. Originally, there were no public schools and no taxation to support any such schools. When the idea of public schools arose, it was promoted by those supporting humanism, statism and the idea that the purpose of education was “to support the common good,” socialism and militarism. Unfortunately, many Protestants, fearful of the encroachment of Catholicism, embraced the idea of public schools, erroneously believing they would lessen the influence of Catholic schools. Instead, public schools lessened the influence of the entirety of Christianity. The population, as a result, became less and less literate and more influenced by humanistic values. According to Susan Alder, author of “Education in America,” in the days of the early settlers: “Parents bore the responsibility for seeing that children were literate, educated in the faith, and able to provide for themselves in society. This concept was rooted in the Biblical teaching that the family— not the church and not civil government—was created by God as the primary governing body in society. Well- governed families produced wellordered societies. Thus, the family was the guardian of a society’s character and culture. “Pastors and elders in the church were to encourage parents in their work and supplement it as necessary by instructing the parents or by direct involvement with the children when, for example, the pastor fulfilled his catechizing responsibilities or the parents asked the pastor to tutor the child. Often when several parents wanted the pastor to tutor their children, the pastor would instruct the children in a group instead of individually, thus forming a type of “school.” “If parents were derelict in their duties, they opened themselves up to church—not civil—discipline, the goal of which would be that the parents fulfill their responsibilities as parents. Parents did not even consider that the civil government in any way had the responsibility or should assume the responsibility of providing for the education of children. “Even in the early years of the colonies, parents were able to choose from a variety of means to round out their children’s education-private tutors (usually a minister), private schools, church schools, and apprenticeships. Private colleges were founded to provide higher education. Academies sprang up in larger towns to prepare students for college.” Although there were early experiments in Massachusetts with public schools, private schools far outnumbered public schools in Boston. Public schools were intended for the very poor. Literacy was nearly universal before the Revolution and for a time afterwards. Americans were among the most advanced in the world in terms of education. Also, writes Susan Alder, “In 1789, Massachusetts passed a law regarding establishment of tax-supported schools. Connecticut and New Hampshire passed similar laws. In 1796, Virginia enacted a state law establishing a state school system. Since the legislation was noncompulsory, Virginians neither taxed themselves for, nor established, tax-supported schools. “Although it theoretically left educational opportunities up to the states, the federal government in the Ordinances of 1785 and 1787 set aside land (one square mile) in every township. The income from the use of this land was to be earmarked for the maintenance of public grammar schools. Samuel Blumenfeld pointed out, “While the purpose of the land grants was to provide incentives to those who wished to establish communities in sparsely settled areas, the net See “Failure” Continued on Page 4

A Review of “Afternoon Tea Lectures on the Basic Principals of Money” Sponsored by Congressman Ron Paul Part 1of 2
The role money plays in society today is non-negotiable. We gladly accept, without a second thought, Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) in exchange for our labor. We know, absent any doubt, that FRN’s will be accepted for whatsoever they will buy for our consumption. No one will dispute the “fact” that an FRN is money; that is why they are so widely accepted. But what is money? When one seeks to answer the simple question of what is money, one will find that FRN’s are not only fraudulent debt instruments thrust upon the American People, but debts that are impossible to pay back under a fiat-based currency monopolized by private interests. So the question remains: What is money? Texas Congressman Ron Paul sponsored a three part lecture to explain money. The three lectures do a greater good to the public by giving us a helping hand to understand our economic woes today; as well as giving us ways to prepare and survive the imminent collapse of our debt-based economy. I found the series to be so intriguing and significant that I feel compelled to share this information with everyone; and it is for this reason I am writing this article. The first part of the series is a lecture given by Joseph Salerno, an academic vice president of the Mises Institute, professor of economics at Pace University, and editor of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. In his lecture, Salerno addresses the basic question of what is money. Part I So what is money? Money by itself has no direct use. We can’t eat money. We only use money as a means to get the things we need and desire. Money is a market phenomenon born from the needs of producers and consumers to have a medium exchange for goods. Under a barter system, if I have eggs and you have milk, you may not trade me eggs for milk because you already trade someone else for eggs, or simply because you don’t like eggs; either way you will not trade me. How am I to get the milk for my eggs? What can I trade my eggs for now so that I can later trade for milk? Well, in a time without refrigeration salt was widely used as a preservative. Everyone used salt! Maybe a salt miner would like my eggs for his salt? Sure enough a deal was done and I could now return to the dairy farmer to exchange my salt for his milk. I got my milk. Since salt had a common everyday use, salt was readily accepted practically anywhere. The wide acceptance of salt, including the consideration it took to yield the salt, allowed for a market to set prices. Money only has the value that a free market gives it and the free market is the existence of a free people engaging in commerce. A barter based economy is unsustainable due to the fact that a producer cannot pay his employee with the goods he produces. One’s labor becomes meaningless when his payment for labor cannot be used for other necessities. If I work for a bakery, how am I supposed to pay my electric bill if I get paid in bread? Examples such as these are what Professor Salerno referred to as a “double coincidence of wants.” So the medium of exchange, money, was born. No one man, institution, or government can claim the credit for the creation of money. Depending on the location, money was made of a variety of things. Some used leather, beads, and corn. The early colonies used dried tobacco as currency. Over time, dating back at least 3000 years, gold and silver have become the two most widely accepted forms of money. What is it about gold and silver that give them value? Well, how do we define value? A free market will place value based upon the scarcity of the product. Scarcity and rarity are what helps a free market decide the value of a commodity. Besides scarcity and rarity, money must also be portable. What a ton of iron will buy today, you could purchase the same with a quarter ounce of gold. So you see how a form of money must also have a high weight to value ratio and be divisible without losing value. Exchanging n FRN dollar for four quarters does not change the value of each quarter. Each fourth will always be worth 25 cents. I hope now that you have a basic understanding of what is money. Money can be anything that is given value derived from confidence in the marketplace. Economies and markets can pop up anywhere, including prisons. Although it is a violation of Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s policy, inmates still trade their goods, purchased from commissary; and the medium of exchange are postage stamps. Whatever the current price of a stamp is, that is the purchasing power of the stamp. No matter what the environment, an economy will always emerge, along with some form of currency; be it stamps, cigarettes, goats, sheep, water, sea shells, or even humungous round carved stone. What passes today for money is nothing more than an illusion purported by private banks and it’s the American People who have been on the hook ever since 1913. After the act was signed into law, at the very least, FRN’s could be redeemed for gold upon demand. Since gold and/or silver backed the note the inflation could be kept in check. Now that Nixon removed the gold from the dollar, there is nothing left to check inflation so the Fed can just create money “out-of-thin-air” The illusion created by the fed will never be revealed until we understand what Constitutional money is. Part two of the lecture is given by Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr., J.D., Ph.D., the author of Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution. Dr. Vieira explains what Constitutional money is; a lecture given that covers over See “Money” Continued on Page 4

May 2012 “Communist” Continued from Page 3 take fat children away from their parents so I could teach them how and what to eat according to the Big Farma controlled USDA crooks, guaranteed to shorten their lives. I would encourage the break up of families by making divorce easy, just as is being done now. I would encourage children to call Child Protective Services against their own parents, just as is being done now. I would put children on a pedestal and pass laws that value their lives above the lives of productive adults, just as is being done now, because it is the children we are indoctrinating who are far more important to our cause than the adults of older generations who would never stand for Communism. I would accept and even encourage news media monopolies, much as we have now, and discourage independent media businesses, just as is being done now. The media must spout the same rhetoric and be as devoid as possible of independent thought or criticism of real issues. I would continue to erode state’s rights by withdrawing federal funding to those states that do not comply with my desires. I would continue what President Bush has started with “no child left behind” as a monumental inroad into federal government control of education. I would take away federal funding for highways from states who did not comply with any number of federal government demands. I would continue to dumb down public education resulting in more compliant public school teachers, usually educated in public schools. I would have pre-schoolers learn rap songs all about me, and finally I would become the dictator, just as I was raised to be. And there are many other things I would do, that are being done now. If Obama is re-elected, all these efforts will come to fruition. If Romney is elected, an unlikely prospect, all these efforts will come to fruition albeit a little more slowly. The way back is Ron Paul. To paraphrase something from an internet blog: Mitt Romney has been orchestrating a campaign and blowing with the winds of polls and the media. Ron Paul, on the other hand, is spearheading a non-violent Revolution to take back the real America. Choose according to the dictates of your conscience. “Failure” Continued from Page 3 effect was to encourage state governments to become involved in subsidizing education.” “None of the legislation passed in these years was compulsory. Therefore, parents continued to educate their children at home, with tutors, or in private or church schools. Many local governments paid tuition for poor students to attend the schools of their choice. Many missionary agencies built and maintained schools for the poor in the large cities. “For years, it appeared the only strong advocates of state schools in America were the Unitarians of Boston, who denied Christian doctrines and accepted Rousseau’s philosophy that negative behavior in society was a result of miseducation—not man’s fallen nature. The Unitarians felt that man, who was essentially good, could be saved from the evils of society if he were properly educated. Samuel Blumenfeld has documented the Unitarian success in its press toward compulsory, government controlled, tax-supported state schools in his book Is Public Education Necessary?... “...As America approached the 1830s, educational opportunities abounded. Anyone who truly wanted an education could have one. Although common schools were in existence at this time in various places, most parents (even those paying taxes to support the common schools) continued to send their children to private institutions.” And from Steven Yates in his article “The Harsh Truth About Government School,” in a review of a book by the same name by Bruce N. Shortt (1994) he states that “Statesponsored schools were not part of the original make-up of this country. None of the Founders – all of whom were educated at home or privately – saw providing compulsory, state-sponsored education as a proper function of the central government, which is why education is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. There were no government schools in any modern sense of that term until the 1840s, when Horace Mann’s Unitarians started them up in Massachusetts as what were then known as common schools. Mann had been to Prussia where he learned of a far different view of the relationship between central government and its citizens than our own tradition which sees the individual as special both morally and economically. Prussian schools considered children property of the state, and educated them accordingly. They were raised to be obedient to the state, their purpose being to advance the interests of the state.... “Robert Owen, one of the Anglo-American world’s first influential socialists, who developed a similar philosophy of education. Owen believed that children should be separated from their parents as early as possible and raised by the state. He believed people were exclusively the products of their social environments, and that if nurtured properly by the state, could be molded into whatever was desired. A key to the thinking that went into forming the official ideology of state-sponsored education was that human beings are innately good, not sinful, and that human nature could be perfected by the right kind of educational system. The ideology that eventually developed would hold that children could be molded into willing consumers of the products of big business and obedient servants of government. In short, the aims of state-sponsored schools were to transform thinking, highly individualistic and very literate citizens into an unthinking, collectivized mass. The slow but steady decline in literacy of all kinds was a by-product. “Why did nineteenth century Christians go along with this scheme? One of the central reasons was that most were Protestants who hoped common schools would slow the spread of Catholicism in the new world. What mattered most about Horace Mann was that he wasn’t sympathetic to Catholicism! It mattered less that he and his Unitarian colleagues were preaching that man could perfect himself through his own efforts, and that compulsory education was a means to this end. So Protestant Christians, including many clergy, supported government schools thinking they could control them. “Very slowly, Pandora’s Box opened. A creeping secularization began. A few theologians (R.L. Dabney is an example) warned of the emerging dangers of state-sponsored education. Dabney, who was no friend of Catholics, was surprisingly prescient. He warned that the danger was not Catholicism but secularism, and that if the common school movement continued unchecked, government schools would end up entirely secular institutions. Christianity – in whatever form – would eventually be driven from them. At the heart of the danger was the transference of responsibility for education from the home to the government, an inherently secular institution. “The official philosophy of state-sponsored education gradually became a materialistic humanism, protected by statism....” Further, “Is "school reform" an option? Government schools, argues Shortt, cannot be reformed. The system is structured to resist what would be necessary, such as ending federal control and ousting the bureaucrats, guidance counselors, and change agents. State-sponsored education has actually been quite effective in producing mindless consumers and loyal, obedient servants of the state. The feds and their minions thus don’t want any non-cosmetic changes. As Shortt puts it, "The truth is harsh, but simple. Those who control government schools want your children and they want your money. They don’t want you sticking your nose into what they consider their business … " (p. 323). His recommendation: speak out with your feet. Shortt has an arsenal of reasons why Christians ought to homeschool their children or place them in private Christians schools. His arguments ought to be listened to by non-Christians. The dysfunction that has fallen over government-sponsored education, after all, affects Christian and non-Christian children alike. “Does home-chooling work? Shortt cites Dr. Brian Ray’s 1997 landmark study showing that home-schooled children are typically four or so years ahead of their governmentschooled counterparts in every major academic subject and Richard Rudner’s 1999 study of over 20,000 home-schooled students also demonstrating their superior performance over government-schooled students (pp. 342–43). Homeschooled teenagers have won national spelling bees, been accorded national awards for academic performance, and been admitted to major universities, including Harvard, Yale and Stanford. Shortt cites literature solidly refuting complaints that home-schooled students are not properly "socialized." Now to be sure, home-schooled students aren’t "socialized" in the way the National Education Association types would prefer. Alongside serious academic subjects they are learning the values of their parents and their church. They are not becoming little collectivists, or pawns of mass-consumption popular culture unable to control their spending habits. They are, however, socialized in the proper sense of being involved in their communities. They do volunteer

The Lake & Country Shopper - 4 work, get involved in team sports, attend dance classes or chorus, and so on. They are self-directed, focused, and soon exhibit more leadership skills than their governmentschooled counterparts. They do not find either government or civic activities too complex to understand as, according to one study, does approximately a third of government-schooled graduates (pp. 350–51). And they do not exhibit the behavioral problems we saw above. As independent minded potential leaders directly involved in their communities, however, growing numbers of homeschooled Americans would represent a potential threat to this country’s ongoing centralization and steady evolution toward socialism. The "socialization" issue is, in the last analysis, a red herring – a cover for educrats’ and change agents’ fears of free and independent minds.” There are many institutions in America, nearly all of them owned by arms of the government, with chain-link fences around them, shiny floors, metal doors and loud bells telling those within the walls that it is time to end one activity and proceed to the next. These inhabitants are told how to behave and what to think all day long. Do these institutions sound like prisons? There are three kinds of institutions that come to mind, 1) Public schools, 2) Prisons and jails and 3) FEMA camps. Public schools prepare children chiefly for prisons and jails and, perhaps in the future, FEMA camps. These camps have already been built. To be sure, there are extremely bright children who do get something out of the public schools, but these are mostly children who are fortunate enough to have been born into a family that does indeed oversee their child’s education as best they can and, more than likely, teach their children their own morals, religion and values. Nevertheless, such children would probably be far better off had they been homeschooled or sent to a private school. In the public schools, bright children are “used” by the teachers to help boost along the slow learners and help them memorize all the facts needed to pass the standardized tests. Education is not about memorizing anything other than such essentials as the mulitiplication tables. It is about opening minds to the world around us, stimulating creativity, embuing a sense of love of learning and learning how to learn on one’s own. A child who is thoroughly knowleageable in the 3 R’s is equipped to learn anything he or she wants to learn. Public school is devoted to all the opposites of this. A conclusion from Steven Yates: “The "harsh truth about public schools" is that they are an enemy not just of Christianity but of academics, personal and intellectual independence, and even children’s safety. They cannot educate, which is unsurprising since over the past couple of decades their focus has been on inculcating political correctness and teaching job skills (Outcome-Based Education, School-To-Work, Workforce Investment, and finally No Child Left Behind). Their aim has not been education but the production of desirable forms of mass behavior. The government-sponsored educational system is thus the major contributor to the dumbing down of the country. Its guiding philosophies are materialistic humanism and moral subjectivism, with the full backing of the U.S. Supreme Court. Government schools have thus become not just antiChristian but anti-academic, anti-male, collectivist, and violent. “The best thing to do, of course, would be to abolish the entire government school system, lock, stock and barrel. Given that this is not a live option at present, Christian parents in particular should remove their children from government schools and either home-school them or place them in private Christian schools. These same arguments apply to non-Christians who are equally capable of surveying the facts and recognizing that their children might be victims of violence or put on potentially damaging but entirely legal mind-altering drugs such as Ritalin (especially if they are boys). They are equally in danger, moreover, of having their children simply taken away from them by the state on trumped up charges of "neglect" or "child abuse" if they refuse to allow such treatment. “Home-schooling is now the fastest growing educational movement in the country. Its documented results are sufficiently promising to hold out hope that if enough parents home-school their children, in less than a generation we could halt the dumbing down of the country, win the culture war, restore morality, and possibly even reverse the steady transformation of America into a socialist nation of poorly educated, chronic dependents and mindless spendthrifts.” The entire idea of what we call “adolescents” or “teenagers” is a 20th century idea. Once a child reaches puberty, in most of history, he or she is considered to be sort of “an adult with an immature mind.” Typically these children were given some sort of purpose in life at that age, whether it be working on the family farm (illegal now) or an apprenticeship in a trade or beginning of a career in one of the prosfessions, such as law, medicine, the ministry or teaaching. The goal of parents was to teach that child how to really be a responsible adult. Today’s school simply encourage these children to become rebels, bullies and slaves to the government system. Where education once was devoted to teaching, now it is devoted to training for the workforce. If I had any kind of on-going business with employees, would I want an educated person as an employee or a “trained” employee (monkey). Of course I would want the former. I would want someone who can think, reason, read, write and perform mathematical calculations without the aid of a computer or a cash register. . My last thought right now on this subject of public education is that public education dumbs down the brightest and best students. This is “equality.” In plain English, this is “everyone equally stupid.” It’s sacrifice of bright children with responsible parents for the slow students with possibly irresponsible parents. It is sacrifice of students whose parents have instilled in them Christian values for the sake of heathen children whose parents have no moral values related to the furtherance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or private property ownership. This is but one of the many failures of public education in America. Public school, especially as controlled by federal and state government, is the beginning of the greatest failure of socialism/communism. It is long past t h e b e g i n n i n g o f socialism/communism/facism in America. It is here now. Is it too late to reverse this now? Probably so, but one family at a time, it may be reversed in a very few generations by private-schooling and home-schooling, elimination of the property tax and with public schooling reserved for those who have absolutely no other means of learning to read and write or for children of parents who just simply don’t care about them or the future of America. I was educated entirely in public schools and graduated from a state-supported university. I survived, but I survived largely because of influences outside of school, those being thechurch my family attended (which included Bible study See “Failure” Continued on Page 6

programming, the talk show guru’s, Al Gore, Oprah, PBS and Hillary Clinton. I would discourage any kind of thinking that can distinguish propaganda from truth. I would teach them that what is good for the collective whole is good for them as individuals. I would teach them that religion in general is not important as long you go by the government imposed rules in your daily living and that Christianity is not important. I would not tell them about the country’s great leaders who also were Christians or about President Reagan’s cautionary statement.: "...without God, there is no virtue because there's no prompting of the conscience. And without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure. If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under." Never let them watch the movie of the musical “Chicago.” They might begin to realize that the media are merely puppets of those who speak the most convincingly with the most engaging “spin” and often the most money. They must believe the media. I would encourage all parents to only allow their children to play with other children as a result of “play dates,” at which at least one parent supervises their play to make sure the children “get along” and do not do anything “they” would disapprove of. Also, this teaches children that they have little autonomy over their own lives and what they do from day to day and cannot exert leadership over others. They will become accustomed to constant supervision. I would encourage everyone to misinterpret “freedom of religion” to mean that no government-supported entity of any kind can every mention God, the Bible, Jesus or Moses, just as is being done now. (Note: The intent of “freedom of religion” is clearly freedom from the government telling you how you can worship, whether you can be a Catholic, an Anglican or a Methodist, etc. and has nothing at all to do with whether, e.g., the ten commandments can be displayed at a state capitol building or whether there can be prayer in schools.) I would want funded only the scientific research of academics that furthered my goals, just as is being done now. I would make sure the powerful few whose ends are met by Communism fund the most research, just as is being done now. I would, through the media, encourage every American to take legal drugs, as many as possible, for every little ache, pain and symptom, especially psychotropic drugs, sleeping pills – any of the “feel-good” pills that numb creativity and numb the spirit and soul, just as is being done now. This makes it much easier for Americans to accept the bitter pill of Communism. I would lock up all the Americans involved in any way in illegal drugs, for it is through the laws we can pass in the name of the “war on drugs” that limit freedom of Americans that make our best inroads into the acceptance of Communism. Police can stop anyone for anything in the name of the “War on Drugs,” as well as the “War on Terror.” To help pave the way for the acceptance of socialist health care, I would spend billions of dollars now to enforce seatbelt laws and open container laws, just as is being done now. I would make smoking any substance against the law. I would

“Money” Continued from Page 3 two hundred years of monetary history in the U.S. Since the information in the lectures are very important, and could be not be condensed into a 2000 word article, parts two and three will be covered, in detail, in next month’s issue. You can watch all three lectures on Congressman Ron Paul’s YouTube channel. Editor’s Note: Try this link to find the videso: tch?v=vowbrq_g5NM Also: try this link to see many Ron Paul videos and ads. er/ronpaul

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May 2012 “Mail” Continued from Page 2

The Lake & Country Shopper - 5

Essentially, CISPA would deem all existing privacy laws null and void for "cybersecurity" purposes. Once the government has this information, there are no meaningful restrictions on its use, as its only qualifier is that it must be related to "cybersecurity" or to protect "national security." As C4L members know too well, "national security" has become a catch-all excuse for government powergrabs since 9/11. Finally, while the bill includes a requirement for the Director of National Intelligence's Inspector General to issue annual reports on how the government is using the information shared under the bill, such reports would only be provided to congressional intelligence committees. These reports would not constitute meaningful restrictions or do anything to dissuade the misuse of personal information shared under CISPA. As I hinted at earlier, unlike the January 18 "Internet blackout" over SOPA and PIPA, this time Internet giants like Facebook and Twitter are openly supporting CISPA, along with powerful special interest groups like the US Chamber of Commerce. In other words, don't expect the cavalry to back us up on this one. And House Leadership is currently engaged in a fullcourt press effort to get your representative to support H.R. 3523. Sources on the Hill have informed us of "members only" meetings, where representatives are being encouraged to vote for CISPA as a "national security" issue addressing a "credible" "cybersecurity threat." I'm sure it's only a coincidence that this briefing comes conveniently just ahead of when the establishment wants to ram something through. In the face of such longshot odds, without your immediate action, I can't promise that we have even the slightest chance of beating back this egregious invasion of your privacy. But, I've seen the power the liberty movement can have when it speaks out with a unified voice. And you better believe members of Congress have taken notice, too. That’s why I hope you’ll contact Congress right away.... ... This fight won't have the glamour or media attention that SOPA and PIPA received, so please take action immediately and show Congress the liberty movement is serious about defending our constitutionally protected rights no matter the odds.

The Secret Media War of 2012
Editorial from: Monday, February 27, 2012 – by Ron Holland "See this room? Two-thirds of us laid off when Ron Paul is president." – A hot microphone picked up a reporter attacking Ron Paul recently before a Pentagon briefing began. We are currently in the middle of the long war of the Internet Reformation, although the press will never mention this. Effectively, there has been an ongoing war between the non-controlled alternative media and the establishment media since the inception of in 1999. Since then many quality alternative media websites have been added to the competition while the elite media's credibility, reach and ability to manipulate debate and public opinion has been declining. The Internet Reformation is slowly winning and to date, this has been shown most clearly with the 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign. The GOP neocon puppetmasters are terrified, especially when Republican crowds at televised debates cheer Ron Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy remarks because this threatens their control over US foreign policy in what was formerly their secure home turf. Try as they might the media has not been able to destroy the Ron Paul Campaign. Is the Great Establishment Media Purge Beginning? "They can't be afraid of me...I'm not going to be President of the United States. They are afraid of the ideas we express because they're afraid of the people." – Pat Buchanan Back in the old Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin created the "Great Purge" of political repression and persecution during 1936 to 1938. Stalin was paranoid and very fearful of individuals he considered enemies of the people and counter-revolutionary because these dissenters threatened his dictatorial control and authority over the nation. It appears the mainstream media elites in the US may also worry about their future ability to control public opinion and elections in America. In the last week we have seen MSNBC, on the left, purge Pat Buchanan from the network and Fox News, on the right, eliminate Judge Andrew Napolitano's "Freedom Watch" after both expressed opinions and views that threaten the political institutions, control and goals of the power elite. The first question asked must be: Why now rather than later as, after all, both men have expressed their anti-establishment views for years without repercussions? I believe the answer is the growing power of alternative media and the successful educational effort of the Ron Paul Campaign, both of which use the Internet to get their freedom message out. The establishment media primarily exists to defend the establishment; the growing readership of alternative news and opinion sites are making their job increasingly difficult. When you add in the growing numbers of Paul Campaign supporters who appear to now be effectively immune to the power elite propaganda, the media elites have a real problem. Today's Media Establishment is an Anachronism and Relic of the Past Throughout the heyday of print media and radio and recently, even cable news, the job of the press has been to manipulate and control public opinion as well as voting blocks. The elites bought and controlled most media outlets and developed and promoted a controlled political opposition, on both the left and the right, that allowed them to set the parameters for discussion and debate. America has effectively been a one-party state for 100 years with power elites controlling the major political parties using American-style democracy both as their cover and to convey legitimacy of their behind-the-scenes rule. The real battle today is not the ongoing GOP presidential primary; rather, it is the media elites opposing the Ron Paul Campaign and alternative, Internet-based media where growing numbers of Americans are getting news and information to form their opinions. This year's the run-of-the-mill campaigns by all of the GOP presidential candidates other than Ron Paul and their rhetoric are nothing new; it has been the same old story and false paradigm on display every four years for almost 100 years. Our legitimate government and rule by the people was overthrown in 1913 by banking interests who created the Federal Reserve and Federal Income Tax. Ron Paul Has Brilliantly Turned the Tables on the Political Establishment Paul's campaign is using the closed two-party control structure and their media gatekeepers, previously utilized to control public opinion and elections, against them. For example, the state presidential primary and caucus system, televised debates and related campaign news coverage was formerly a GOP establishment monopoly. Today, thanks to the Internet it has become the Trojan horse used by Paul's campaign and liberty supporters to get inside the closed walls of the GOP to educate millions of Americans about freedom and free-market ideas. The establishment news media has been powerless to stop this infiltration. The real battle in 2012 isn't the visible political campaign but rather the hidden impotence of the media elites to protect establishment control. This is why the media so hates and fears Ron Paul. His campaign is the new road map for how pro-liberty candidates and forces, together with the alternative media, can and will eventually defeat the power elites' main protectors and gatekeepers, which is the media establishment. The February 22nd GOP presidential debate could well have been the last in this campaign cycle. In fact, it could be the last GOP presidential debate in your lifetime if future freedom candidates follow the Ron Paul model of turning a major campaign into an educational effort against the GOP establishment. The existing closed political system will not survive another GOP presidential nomination campaign in which the truths and views of a major candidate like Ron Paul are repeated in numerous debates night after night to a voting public armed with Google search and the alternative media. Traditional campaigns and managed elections with predetermined outcomes are over as the media establishment can no longer control the debate, limit information flow and defend the political establishment. This 2012 GOP presidential nomination campaign ritual (that actually began in early 2011) is coming to a close. Historically, presidential campaigns and the pre-approved chosen-ones battle in the arena of democracy, with the candidate finally chosen by the false holy sacrament of democracy through a controlled electoral process, is designed to convey a measure of legitimacy to those who rule over us and nothing more. It is pure entertainment, just like the old Roman circuses, coliseum diversions and free bread during the latter days of the Roman Empire to calm the public while their empire fell and their wealth and liberties were destroyed. Contrary to the lies from rightwing radio, leftwing experts and most political party hacks and leaders, most elections are fraudulent and a waste of time for voters. I suggest readers research campaign promises from Wilson and Roosevelt on keeping us out of war to modern-day presidents like Bush II, Obama, etc. and you'll see their campaign promises are literally never kept. Yet after each election, the press almost never mentions this fact of modern-day political life. It is an inside establishment joke and the job of the establishment press is to protect, defend and advance the interests of the establishment. Voting and Campaigns Have Been an Exercise in Futility Since 1913 What has passed as majority rule is nothing more than a deception forced on manipulated voters, fraud filled voting, caucuses and primaries and run by insider party elites. This deception has worked historically because the media establishment has always controlled, commented on and manufactured public opinion so the power elite candidates backed financially by big banks, Wall Street and a few extremely wealthy families could maintain the false illusion of government by the people. Yes, the front men and political parties will change places from time to time so we the people can direct our support or disgust in following elections but policies change little and the real power elite and special interests who determine foreign and domestic polices and bail out their banking friends continue as before. This is just an every-fouryears ritual and deception designed to convince the citizens that they somehow govern themselves and their nation. The truth about representative democracy is that this form of government at a national level, when compared to decentralized confederation government and/or direct democracy, is the easiest way for elites to fool voters. It allows politicians to act and legislate always in their best interests rather than for the good of the nation or the people. The 2012 Election Really is Different This election will not be different because the defeat of Barack Obama or the election of a Romney, Santorum or Gingrich will change the direction of the nation. The banks will still get bailed out, the federal budget will not be balanced and our national debt will continue to grow, the neocons will still determine foreign policy and the Federal Reserve will continue to create money out of nothing for a few special interests and industries. I believe the 2012 presidential election will be the final death rattle for the American political, financial and media establishment and their ability to control the voting public through the news and opinions used to create public opinion. This is what really makes the 2012 election different. The growth in alternative media readership, as well as independent political and economic thought from the Ron Paul Campaign educational effort, have almost reached the tipping point, thus making the public control function of the media establishment a lost cause. Adding together the alternative media readership numbers and Paul's GOP vote percentages, primarily from younger voters, spells disaster for the establishment. They may hold back the freedom forces for one more national election but in four more years of Obama or GOP establishment leadership I forecast the floodgates of political and economic change will burst open and the liberty revolution will advance on Washington, Wall Street and the central bank cartel. The outcome of the 2012 election is difficult to forecast but it is clear that eventually the media establishment will lose the war! Notwithstanding the results of the 2012 election and how many free-market commentators are repressed, banned, blacklisted or fired, the media elites will lose because of the Internet. Even if those who rule over us use a false-flag operation like in the past to create a war or national emergency to control the Internet, curtail opposition viewpoints and end our liberties and access to alternative views and news – this will only work for a very short time. The internet has become a necessity for business and commerce and today's global market means real history and the truth about financial manipulation, central banking cartels, free-market solutions and political controls will get through their restraints and continue to challenge the establishment propaganda outlets. They cannot kill the Internet without destroying the American economy in a very competitive world. The US is the most important economic host to these power elite parasites as they benefit from both confiscating our wealth and enslaving our children as cannon fodder for their wars. The truth about our history, political system and our own enslavement has been best shown by Judge Andrew Napolitano. Every American should demand answers to the questions he put forward in his recent editorial, What If Democracy Is Bunk? The search for answers to his 33 questions about American style democracy may well set the stage for the restoration of legitimate government and a free society in the United States. He has given us the questions to ask and all we need to do is to research, dis-

cover and publicize the answers. Yes, the establishment will counter-attack and use any means to remain in power and control but their days are numbered. Like Goebbels and the Berlin propaganda in early 1945, they can still issue proclamations, enact decrees and frighten the citizens but soon a large enough percentage of the electorate will know the truth The emperor has no clothes and the rulers as well as the power elites hiding behind the scenes are frightened. In 2013, the United States will have been occupied, ruled and looted by an elite that claimed to know what was best for them, the nation and the American people. They weren't evil like the Nazis or violent like the Stalin and the communists but in the end they destroyed our liberties and have looted most of our property and wealth. Personally I think one hundred years is long enough What do you think? When a plurality of Americans can understand Judge Napolitano's 33 questions and the answers, then the game is up and the truth just might yet set us free.

Judge Napolitano’s 33 Questions

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes Vice President Campaign for Liberty

Editor’s Note: Here are more links to find out who is behind this bill and lots of “follow the money” information. bill/112-h3523/show bill/112-h3523/money

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“The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations ... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.”
-- John Adams

What if Democrats and Republicans were two wings of the same bird of prey? What if elections were actually useful tools of social control? What if they just provided the populace with meaningless participation in a process that validates an establishment that never meaningfully changes? What if that establishment doesn’t want and doesn’t have the consent of the governed? What if the two-party system was actually a mechanism used to limit so-called public opinion? What if there were more than two sides to every issue, but the two parties wanted to box you into a corner, one of their corners? What if there’s no such thing as public opinion, because every thinking person has opinions that are uniquely his own? What if what we call public opinion was just a manufactured narrative that makes it easier to convince people that if their views are different, then there’s something wrong with that – or there’s something wrong with them? What if the whole purpose of the Democratic and Republican parties was not to expand voters’ choices, but to limit them? What if the widely perceived differences between the two parties was just an illusion? What if the heart of the government policy remains the same, no matter who’s in the White House? What if the heart of government policy remains the same, no matter what the people want? What if those vaunted differences between Democrat and Republican were actually just minor disagreements? What if both parties just want power and are willing to have young people fight meaningless wars in order to enhance that power? What if both parties continue to fight the war on drugs just to give bureaucrats and cops bigger budgets and more jobs? What if government policies didn’t change when government leaders did? What if no matter who won an election, government stayed the same? What if government was really a revolving door for political hacks, bent on exploiting See “Judge” Continued on Page 6

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Lulabelle’s Household Hints
When you have to clean up after individuals who think you are the new maid, it is infuriating to me. Then they have the audacity to ask you to wait on them. What can you or I do about those? Well, I have an idea. When my husband passed away (died), first of all I made sure that I would skip getting married again because men are that way when it comes to the wife. (Before you get mad at me I do know a few men who are very helpful around the house. With that said I will get back to what I was talking about.) So with Mothers Day coming why don’t we ask them to give us one day off! Take off to the spa, or go antique shopping, etc. Or just plain shopping. Not on your credit/debit cards. Let the rest of the family deal with it. Yes, and if you are lucky and your birthday is this month stretch it out a little longer. You deserve it and then you may be appreciated a lot more. Maybe they will start asking questions, such as “When does she have the time to do all of this?”or “She is the stay-at-home mom!” or “Mmm, must be very organized.” Then the husband will desperately think “When will she be back? Kids, I will order a pizza, what do you want? Oh, when will she be back?” Smile and enjoy your day off. Just remind them what hap“Failure” Continued from Page 4 and complete immersion in the words of the Bible) and from the moral teachings of my parents. My parents taught me what was right and wrong. My parents provided my brothers and sisters and me with a croquet set, a ping-pong table, softball equipment, musical instruments, tennis rackets and music lessons. We were not rich, not even “well-off,” but our parents gave us what they valued we shoud have. No public school sports program or school music program could possibly equal what we had at our disposal. There were city tennis tournaments, city pingpong tournaments, and free group string intrument lessons. At age 12 I was all-city champion ping-pong player in my age group. Did I feel less about it because it was not a school sport? No! I still received a trophy (for myself, not for some team or some school) and the feeling of pride of having been a winner. It did not matter whether it was “at school” or “not at school.” There are no good reasons that towns, cities, civic organizations, corporations and communities that are interested in these “extracurricular activities” for children cannot support them through donations and fund-raisers by interested parties. Leave the taxpayer out of the equation. Farris West has more than ten years’ experience teaching in both public and private schools plus two years teaching in the Texas prison system. Farris is certified by the State of Texas in four different subject areas in both all-level and secondary subjects, three of which are completely unrelated to the other. Farris West always loved teaching but hated “school,” permanently leaving public school in 2002 in favor of writing, free market businesses and private tutoring and coaching.. You may contact Farris at: pens when you leave home. Maybe just one of those people will appreciate you so much more, I sure hope so. Happy Mothers Day from one of the girls. Cleaning up from your day off could be dreadful. But, let’s make it sweet and start out with your favorite beverage of choice. Put that pitcher in the refrigerator and lets get to cleaning. Start with the dusting, get the linens in the wash, get the dishes done, start the foundation for the evening meal. And now it is break time. Get your favorite beverage of choice and set down and stretch out, relax a little before starting again. Time to get up and make the beds, vacuum, do the windows (inside), clean the bathrooms and get ready to go outside. Right after taking another break for lunch. Now the wind is blowing just right so again doing two jobs at once use the water hose and spray the windows clean. Use a squeegee if necessary. But now, if the wind was in your favor, you also completed keeping the plants watered. That is nice! Now water clean the sidewalk and pick up any trash and then have another break. You really deserve it. Now if you have a birthday this month Happy Birthday! This time to make things easiest, you plan this whole “Judge” Continued from Page 5 the people once they’re in charge? What if both parties supported welfare, war, debt, bailouts and big government? What if the rhetoric that candidates displayed on the campaign trail was dumped after electoral victory? What if Barack Obama campaigned as an antiwar, pro-civil liberties candidate, and then waged senseless wars while assaulting your rights; that the Constitution is supposed to protect? What if George W. Bush campaigned on a platform of nonintervention and small government, and then waged a foreign policy of muscular military intervention and a domestic policy of vast government borrowing and growth? What if Bill Clinton declared that the era of big government was over, but actually just convinced Republicans like Newt Gingrich that they can get what they want out of big government, too? What if the Republicans went along with it? What if Ronald Reagan spent six years running for president, promising to shrink the government, but then the government grew while he was in the White office? What if, notwithstanding Reagan’s ideas and cheerfulness and libertarian rhetoric, there really was no Reagan Revolution at all? What if all this is happening again? What if Rick Santorum is being embraced by voters who want small government even though Senator Santorum voted for the Patriot Act, for an expansion of Medicare and for episode for your party. Try making appetizers ahead of time. Like the kind you can freeze until the day of the party. You can make small fried pies filled with rum/chocolate filling. Those are mighty good. Things like cookies, cakes which you make the frosting the same day but bake the cake the day before. Make a relish tray and be sure you cover it well and put in the fridge overnight. What you have done is taken most of the pressure off of yourself so you will enjoy this birthday party you ended up having to give yourself. When it comes to clean-up you can toss all away because you have used paper things ie: paper plates spoons, cups etc. So, you have done again the impossible, and everyone is happy and especially you. And no will ever figure how you were able to all this by yourself in one day. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and Birthday.

“Dr. Quack”
A health opinion column by Jenell Redding, DCT (P), ND The information or opinions provided herein should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

Honey Bees
By Dr. Mercola Honey bees are the angels of agriculture, but they're disappearing at a startling rate in a mysterious phenomenon dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Since 2007, North American honey bees are literally disappearing without a trace. There are no massive dead bee bodies appearing in or around the hives—the bees are simply GONE, bewildering beekeepers and scientists alike. In fact, serious honey bee die-offs have been occurring around the world for the past decade. The U.S. and the U.K. both reported losing a third of their honey bees in 2010. Italy lost half of theirs. The die-offs have spread to China and India, in addition to many other countries. Environmental scientists are concerned that CCD reflects a far more serious problem than pollination—that it's an ominous sign of severe environmental crisis. Bees provide pollination for crops, orchards and flowers, and make honey and wax for cosmetics, food and medicine. One of every three bites of food you eat depends on the honey bee. They pollinate at least 130 different crops in the U.S. alone, including fruits, vegetables and tree nuts. Without honey bees, farmers would have to resort to pollinating their crops by hand. According to a recent British report, replacing the pollination of food crops that bees do for free with hand pollination would cost the UK £1.8 billion per year. In the words of Michael Pollan: "CCD is one of the signs--the unmistakable signs—that our food system is unsustainable… It's destroying the conditions upon which it depends. It has internal contradictions that will lead to breakdown." Honey bees represent one of the matriarchies of the insect kingdom. Colonies consist of one queen, lots and lots of male worker bees and a few male drones. Ninety-five percent of the worker bees are female. A healthy hive is occupied by a collection of overlapping generations. Tasks are divvied up according to age and colony needs via a very intricate system of communication: Younger worker bees (nurse bees) tend to the queen and the baby bees. Older worker bees forage for food and water for the colony, convert nectar into honey, construct wax cells and clean the cells, and guard the hive from invaders. Worker bees develop stingers to defend the eggs lain by the queen. Drones have only one purpose—to mate with the queen. In fact, the queen will leave her hive only once in her lifetime, in order to mate with several drones and stores up enough sperm to last the rest of her life. Pollination is dependent on insects and the wind, and bees play an essential role. As they buzz around in flight, their hair develops static electricity. When a bee lands on a flower, this static charge attracts pollen to the bee like a magnet. Honey bees from one hive can visit more than 100,000 flowers in a single day—those bees really ARE busy! Why are We Losing Our Bees? Scientists have investigated a number of factors to help explain CCD and have offered a variety of explanations. The primary theory seems to be that Colony Collapse Disorder is caused by a variety of imbalances in the environment, secondary to current agricultural and industrial practices. Bees are sensitive to the constant flood of man-made chemicals into their system,

raising the debt ceiling by trillions of dollars? What if Mitt Romney is being embraced by voters who want anyone but Barack Obama, but they don’t realize that Mitt Romney might as well be Barack Obama on everything from warfare to welfare? What if Ron Paul is being ignored by the media not because as it claims he’s unappealing or unelectable, but because he doesn’t fit into the pre-manufactured public-opinion mold used by the establishment to pigeonhole the electorate and create the socalled narrative that drives media coverage of elections? What if the biggest difference between most candidates was not substance but style? What if those stylistic differences were packaged as substantive ones to reinforce the illusion of a difference between Democrats and Republicans? What if Mitt Romney wins and ends up continuing most of the same policies the Barack Obama promoted? What if Barack Obama’s policies, too, are merely extensions of those from George W. Bush? What if a government that manipulated us could be fired? What if a government that lacked the true and knowing consent of the governed could be dismissed? What if it were possible to have a real gamechanger? What if we need a Ron Paul to preserve and protect our freedoms from the government? What if we can make elections matter again? What if we could do something about this?

“Government has laid its hand on health, housing, farming, industry, commerce, education, and to an ever-increasing degree interferes with the people's right to know. Government tends to grow, government programs take on weight and momentum as public servants say, always with the best of intentions. But the truth is that outside of its legitimate function, government does nothing as well or economically as the private sector of the economy.”
-- Ronald Reagan

The Lake & Country Shopper -6 especially pesticides, many of waterways, air, soil, and are inwhich accumulate over time. corporated into the plant itself, Honey bee colonies are further from the seed on up, as well as stressed by the "factory farm- into adjacent fields. ing" style of beekeeping em- Hives Now Show Increased ployed by the commercial bee Levels of Pesticide Contamiindustry. They are being raised nation, a Purdue University using unnatural practices, arti- study found multiple sources ficially inseminated, and fed of pesticide exposure for cheap sugary nectarsubstitutes honey bees living near agriculinstead of their natural food. It tural fields, including high levshould be noted that the theory els of Clothianidin in of cell phones causing the dis- agricultural machinery exappearance of bees has largely haust, in the soil of unplanted been dismissed. This theory re- fields near those planted with portedly originated from the Bt corn, and on dandelions misinterpretation of a German growing in those fields. The study, and then spread like chemicals were also found in wildfire. Queens are "Knocked dead bees near hive entrances Out and Knocked Up" In na- and in pollen stored in the ture, queen bees live for up to hives. five years, but workers and drones live for only a few But how do we determine weeks or months. Large com- if it's the pesticides that are mercial bee farms routinely kill leading to CCD? What makes the queen bee after only a few it so tricky is that bees can dismonths by pinching off her play NO symptoms for many head, and then replace her with months after small pesticide a younger, artificially raised exposures—sub-lethal expoqueen. It is suggested that arti- sures are hard to detect, in bees ficial queen breeding is one of as in humans and other anithe primary factors causing the mals. Adverse consequences demise of the colonies. Or- appear much later, making it ganic beekeepers say that arti- difficult to connect the dots. ficial insemination is also to One of the observed effects blame. The queen is "knocked of these insecticides is weakout and knocked up." She is se- ening of the bee's immune sysdated with carbon dioxide and tem. inseminated with semen from Forager bees bring pesticidemale drones, selected for traits, laden pollen back to the hive, which narrows the gene pool. where it's consumed by all of The other problem is bee nutri- the bees. Six months later, their tion—or the lack thereof—in immune systems fail, and they the commercial bee industry. fall prey to natural bee infecHoney, which the bees make tions, such as parasites, mites, from natural rich plant nectar, viruses, fungi and bacteria. Inis taken away from the hives deed, pathogens such as Varroa and replaced with sugar syrup, mites, Nosemav , fungalvi and which is completely lacking in See “Honey Bees” nutrition. Continued on Page 7 All of these practices stress the honeybees' immune system. Weakened colonies are further stressed by being shipped across country or overseas, multiple times, to pollinate commercial crops—a by Penny Peavy practice which is unsustainable but made necessary due to dwindling local bee populations. Honeybee colonies are further damaged when they live near areas sprayed with pesticides and planted with Low Carb GM crops, like Monsanto corn and soy. There is a great deal of “Cornbread evidence that the newer, sysMuffins” temic insecticides are fueling a virtual bee holocaust. Are Bees Victims of the Agrichemical Industry? The newer systemic There is no such thing as insecticides, known as neonilow-carbohydrate cornbread, cotinoids, have become the fastest growing insecticides in but it was always one of my fathe world. Two prominent ex- vorite comfort foods. Here is a amples, Imidacloprid and recipe for low-carb coconut Clothianidin, are used as seed flour muffins that actually taste treatments in hundreds of enough like cornbread to satcrops.Virtually all of today's isfy that urge for conbread. genetically engineered Bt corn is treated with neonicotinoids. Ingredients: Bee colonies began disappearing in the U.S. shortly after 1) 2/3 cup coconut flour the EPA allowed these new in- 2) 1/2 cup butter, (or mix secticides on the market. Even cononut oil and olive oil.) the EPA itself admits that "pes- 3) 8 eggs ticide poisoning" is a likely 4) 1/2 tsp salt cause of bee colony collapse. 5) 1/2 tsp baking powder These insecticides are highly toxic to bees because they are Directions: systemic, water soluble, and very pervasive. They get into the soil and groundwater 1) Preheat oven to 400 where they can accumulate and degrees. remain for many years and 2) Grease 12 muffin tins (1 present long-term toxicity to with 12 capacity or 2 with six the hive. They enter the vascueach) with Pam, olive oil, lard lar system of the plant and are or coconut oil. carried to all parts of it, as well 3) Whisk together coconut as to the pollen and nectar. Neonicotinoids affect insects' flour, salt, and baking powder. central nervous systems in 4) In another bow, beat the ways that are cumulative and eggs and whisk in the melted irreversible. Even minute butter. amounts can have profound ef- 5) Add the coconut flour fects over time. And the little mixtue to the egg/butter mixbees are being exposed over ture and stir to combine. and over again as pesticides become more necessary due to I used a Kitchean Aid mixer to monoculture. Monoculture is blend quickly until it formed a the growing of just one type of dough mixture.You could use a crop on a massive scale and is hand-held mixer as well. Dianother variable contributing vide the batter amongst the 12 to CCD as there is no such greased muffin tins. Bake for thing as monoculture in nature! 25 minutes or until golden Farmers used to be diversi- brown. fied… cows, pigs, chickens, and vegetables could be found I have served these as a side on every farm. But today, to chili and stew. I have also fields of corn and soy stretch sliced them across the middle for hundreds of miles. Com- and “fried” them in butter in a mercial bee farmers are no ex- cast iron skillet and served in ception and have fallen prey to place of toast or biscuits with this agricultural model. Pests fried eggs. I can imagine there LOVE monoculture, so mas- could be many more ways to sive quantities of pesticides are serve these. They keep well in required to crash the pest party. refrigerator for a few days. Beekeepers used to move beeFreeze the rest and defrost to hives away from spray zones, fry for future use. but now this is nearly impossi“Good Eats” ble. The chemicals seep into

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The Lake & Country Shopper -7 “Honey Bees” Continued from Page 6 bacterial infections, and Israeli acute paralysis virusvii (IAPV) are found in large amounts in honey bee hives on the verge of collapse. In addition to immune dysfunction and opportunistic diseases, the honey bees also appear to suffer from neurological problems, disorientation, and impaired navigation. A bee can't survive for more than 24 hours if she becomes disoriented and unable to find her way back to the hive. A decline in the North American monarch butterfly population has been linked to increased plantings of herbicide-tolerant GM crops, and overuse of the herbicide glyphosate, which is the key chemical in Monsanto's Roundup. Glyphosate is killing milkweed plants, upon which monarchs rely for habitat and food. One way to make sure your honey is high quality and contains the full compliment of natural health benefits is to obtain it from organic beekeepers, preferably local ones. Supporting organic beekeepers will also increase healthy bee colonies, which are so crucial to our food supply. Organic beekeepers take a far different approach to beekeeping than large migratory operations. They don't feed their bees the sugar syrups and artificial pollen substitutes typically used in commercial bee operations, and they avoid chemical pesticides. They have fewer hives, and they don't truck their bees around for pollination. Several countries have banned many systemic insecticides, including France, Italy, Germany, and Slovenia. Most European nations place safety as the highest priority. When there is evidence of an environmental problem, they take the chemical off the market. Not so in America, where government regulators are in the grips of the agrichemical industry, and "pestitution" remains legal. But there is some good news. One of America's most effective environmental action groups, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)xii , has come to the aid of our honey bees. NRDC sued EPA in federal court about improper approval of a certain systemic pesticide— and won. They stopped the retail sale of Bayer's toxic Moventoxiii as of January 2010. As these damaging chemicals are eliminated, there is hope for honey bee recovery. In France, honey bee populations bounced back just one year after these products were banned from the marketplace. Become an amateur beekeeper. Having a hive in your garden requires only about an hour of your time per week, benefits your local ecosystem, and you can enjoy your own honey! I wish to thank Dr Mercola for his wonderful articles he allows me to use. You can find more about the bees and many other useful articles at See you in June and don’t get stung by a bee. Dr Q!

Dictating to The Family Farm
by: Henry Lamb from: farm. Nor could he work on a neighbor’s farm, or another relative’s farm. Should the parent need to take on a partner, all exemptions would evaporate. What’s worse than the specific tasks prohibited by this Department of Labor rule is the very idea that a bunch of Washington bureaucrats think they have a higher level of parental wisdom than do the actual parents. Even worse is their blatant arrogance that compels them to impose their ideas on the public. Obama and most of his appointees have demonstrated a belief that they know best how everyone else should live. They have not been at all reluctant to impose their ideas – whether or not they authorized by the Constitution, by legislation, by rule or by a mere utterance of Obama’s command. Aside from the fact that traditional farm life produces healthy, productive, moral citizens – an example that should be championed – the DOL’s new rule essentially destroys traditional farm life. Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., says it pretty well. She says: “… we don’t need folks in Washington, who have never worked a day in their life on a farm, to set up new regulations that do nothing but burden South Dakota agricultural producers.” Every member of Congress should read this rule and quickly take action to stop it. People who live in cities are not likely to pay much attention to this new rule, but they should. If the federal government can dictate what farm kids can do or not do, how far behind is the new rule that dictates what city kids can do or not do? This administration has continually demonstrated that, one way or the other, they intend to control the life of all citizens. If Obama is re-elected, there is nothing to stop the complete “transformation of America” he promised before he took office in 2008. To be perfectly clear, this means the transformation of free markets to government-controlled markets; the transformation of private property rights to government control of all land use; and government empowered by the consent of the governed to government empowered by the dictates of the president. Americans who prefer the principles of freedom set forth in the U.S. Constitution must convince their friends and neighbors to remove this Administrator and the congressional puppets who protect him. Henry Lamb is the author of “The Rise of Global Governance”, Chairman of Sovereignty International, and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.

When Obama was elected president, he thought “foreign policy” meant strategies to organize the Chicago suburbs of Oak Park and Glen Ellyn. Now, well into his fourth year as president, he has added Iran and Syria to the list of “suburbs” he thinks can be organized by sitting down with their leaders and explaining what he wants them to do. Sadly, he has appointed Cabinet officials and czars who either agree with his warped understanding of the role the executive branch has under the Constitution, or who just don’t know the difference. A great example of this audacity of ignorance comes from the Department of Labor. Nothing in the resume of Secretary Hilda Solis suggests that she has ever stepped in a pile of cow manure, or even seen one. Nothing suggests that she has ever been on a farm – yet she has the audacity to dictate to farm families what their children may and may not do. Solis has great experience with labor unions. She has extensive experience promoting social justice and environmental protection. She served as representative for Los Angeles County before Obama chose her to be secretary of labor. She was also appointed to the United States Interparliamentary Group. Judging by the new rules issued by her department, she knows absolutely nothing about farming, but assumes that she knows better how farm kids should be raised than do their parents. Solis believes that farm kids should never work on projects that are higher than six feet above the ground. That means that kids would be excused from putting hay in the hayloft, or getting hay from the loft for winter feeding. Solis believes that kids younger than 16 should not operate any equipment that is not powered by human hand or foot power. If Solis gets her way, farm kids will no longer be able to mow the lawn, or use a power washer to clean the barn or driveway. Missouri hog farmer Chris Chinn told the House Small Business Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade that Solis’ new rule HR1 would prohibit farm kids from driving a tractor. She said that milking a cow was prohibited by HR4; cutting weeds would be banned by HR3; building or repairing a fence would be banned by HR6. Since the rule was originally proposed, Solis has said that she would re-propose a parental exemption. Obamalovers think this re-proposal solves the problem. Farm families know that it does not. If the parental exemption stays in the rule, it means that kids may continue to work on a farm owned totally by one or both of the parents. There is no certainty that the exemption will stay in the new rule. Even if it does, a farm kid could not work on his grandfather’s

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"Vaccination is expensive and represents a cost of one billion dollars annually. It therefore benefits the industry; most notably, the multinational manufacturers. One sells the vaccines. The other then provides the arsenal of medications to respond to the numerous complications that follow. Their profits increase while our expenses go through the roof. To the point where we have simply had it up to here and are ready to accept the unacceptable, such as socialised medicine in the United States, for example." --Dr Lanctot MD (Canada)

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Zigo’s Fables The GossipMongers
Once upon a time there was a woman who believed she was the most important person in her community. She believed she was wonderful and beautiful and everyone should look up to her. Whenever anyone was around who seemed to her to be critical of her or stealing attention away from her, she found ways to disparage that person. She had her own private snitches and tattlers, making sure her queendom was not usurped. To maintain her imaginary position, she relied on gossip, hearsay and misinterpretation of the activities of others. For example, if she saw a married man hug a woman who was not his wife, she spread the news that “he is having an affair.” If she overheard someone say he hated cats, she would spread news that he poisoned cats. If a “best friend” went shopping with another woman,

she assumed her friend was no longer her friend. When anyone performed a kindness for her, she looked for subversive motives. The woman lived in an area in which her native culture was not in sync with the locals of the area. And, in fact, many of the locals neither liked nor respected her. Her minions were others from various alien places, and they all stuck together, disparaging those of the native culture and especially those who were smarter than them or better educated. The ersatz “queen” had a business and ran it with an iron fist, enlisting a cadre of other child-like minions to “keep an eye out for anyone who might be critical of her or her minions.” Soon things got worse: People ceased to patronize her business, even some of her fellow aliens. Others shunned her and her business. The way the rumors went was like the game many played at parties when they Moral: Spreading lies and were young. One person malicious gossip eventually started by reading a clear mes- leads to one’s own ruin. sage and whispered it to the Bull replied, "I did not know you had come, and I shall not miss you when you go away."

person sitting next to him, and he whispered it to the one next to him, and so on. By the time the message was relayed to the last person, it was normally so distorted it bore little resemblance to the original message. In real life, this is a very dangerous game to play, with potentially terrible results. In the case of the woman who believed in her own self-importance, she eventually ran off all her customers and lost her business, leaving the area with a huge chip on her shoulder, honestly believing that she was somehow a “victim” of the locals, even though they had in fact been very forgiving of her arrogant ways. She never understood the difference between “hearsay” and fact, the difference between fact and fiction, the difference between being admired for being a person of high character and beyond reproach as opposed to being someone who held onto her imagined power by lying to others and listening to liars.

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Aesop’s Fables
The Hare and the Tortoise
A HARE one day ridiculed the short feet and slow pace of theTortoise, who replied, laughing: "Though you be swift as thewind, I will beat you in a race." The Hare, believing herassertion to be simply impossible, assented to the proposal; and they agreed that the Fox should choose the course and fix the goal. On the day appointed for the race the two startedtogether. The Tortoise never for a moment stopped, but went onwith a slow but steady pace straight to the end of the course. The Hare, lying down by the wayside, fell fast asleep. At last waking up, and moving as fast as he could, he saw the Tortoise had reached the goal, and was comfortably dozing after her fatigue. Moral: Slow but steady wins the race.

had seen the Hart. The stable boys, who had been resting after their dinner, looked round, but could seenothing, Moral: Some men are of and the Hunters went away. more consequence in their Shortly afterwards the master own eyes than in the eyes of came in, and looking round, saw that something unusual their neighbors. had taken place. He pointed to the truss of hay and said: The Hart and the "What are those two curious things sticking out of the hay?" Ox Stall And when the stable boys came to look they discovered A Hart hotly pursued by the hounds fled for refuge into an the Hart, and soon made an end ox-stall, and buried itself in a of him. He thus learnt that truss of hay, leaving nothing to be seen but the tips of his Moral: Nothing escapes the horns. Soon after the Hunters master's eye. came upand asked if any one

Sudoku Puzzle
Fill the grid with numbers 1 to 9 so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9, without repeating any numbers.

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The Gnat and the Bull
A GNAT settled on the horn of a Bull, and sat there a long time. Just as he was about to fly off, he made a buzzing noise, and inquired of the Bull if he would like him to go. The

10605 Leopard
ACROSS 1. Initial wager 5. Weightlifters pump this 9. Doorpost 13. Farm building 14. Bounded along 16. Dwarf buffalo 17. Sweeping story 18. Not earlier 19. Person, place or thing 20. Informs 22. Delimited 24. Greek letter 26. Gave out 27. Attractive 30. Sags 33. Sideways 35. Grille 37. Grippe (archaic) 38. Fable writer 41. Cover 42. Make fun of 45. Napping 48. Gunk 51. Perturb 52. Gander 54. Warm-hearted 55. Puzzling 59. Thin piece of wood

28. Runs in neutral 29. East southeast 31. The same backward as forward 32. What a bee might do 34. S 36. Border 39. Not young 40. Glance 43. Hint 44. Biblical kingdom 46. Twin sister of Ares 47. Leopard 49. Objectives 50. What's left behind 53. Duck down 55. Historical periods 56. Agreeable 57. Bright thought 58. Family group 60. Nile bird 61. Harbor 64. An uncle

Crossword Puzzle

or metal 62. Go on horseback 63. Soup server 65. Vagabond 66. Cards with 1 symbol 67. Water vapor 68. Arab chieftain 69. Chair 70. Sea eagle 71. A musical pause DOWN 1. Assist in crime 2. Back of the neck 3. 3 languages 4. Insert 5. Sick 6. Lion sound 7. Chose 8. Required 9. Custodian 10. Nameless 11. Pout 12. Musical group 15. Gloomy, in poetry 21. Put away 23. Whip 25. Dogfish 27. The yarn woven across

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May 2012

The Lake & Country Shopper -10

Isabelle’s Garden Tips

Gosh! It is already close to harvest time at my house. Goodness, my tomatoes are growing like wild fire. Yes, I did use heirloom seeds and some non-GMO seedlings. Also my Roma seedlings are ready to transplant. Sure hope they grow as well as my little plants did. They went thru those harsh winds last month and almost died. Then my chile pequin have started to grow. You know I wanted some seeds and could not get them, and while I was at the grocery store in Mathis, there were small bags of these pequin’s and I just planted them in an old plastic pot and tonight I have over 21 plants. Yeah! Oh yes my grapefruit tree put out a good 110 grapefruits, and, since this was the first year, I was told to pick them all off. Well, I left 14 to grow. It was painful to pull them off. I think the tree may have screamed, but for the sake of future grapefruit growing I had to. The peppers poblano, New Mexico Big Jims, and cayenne are doing great. And the greens are okay but time to replant. The onions are fine after I picked off the

little worms. Please do not tell any PETA folks, but I killed the worms. So you still haven’t planted yet. Go out buy whatever plants you can and put those in the ground. What are you waiting for? No, I will not give you my ‘mater’s. You need to grow your own. So buy some potting soil (high quality) mix in 3 parts potting soil 1 part sand and mix. Then add 1-2 parts dirt. Mix together use your hands. Well, put on a pair of gloves then mix. Now make a mound of the mixture on the ground and put the doggone plant in it. No shock to the plant and it is happy cause it is summer time a’ coming! Yes, you water it, but put some rocks, bricks, wood or whatever you have around the dirt so it does not wash away when its watered. I was a garage-sale and bought 3 circles of plastic each was about 10" high and since they came from a 55 gallon food grade plastic barrel they were right at 23" diameter across. They work well. Just look around and try whatever and it will do the work for you

just give it a drink daily. Myself, when those winds were so high, I was watering the plants every 2-3 hours. Then I took my cup-towels and made temporary wind breaks for my poblano pepper plant, and it worked as a wind shield, so all is well. You will have tomatoes and peppers soon. Then you get to harvest and share ( yes, I really do share) and can or freeze those delights for another day. You just wait when you cannot buy tomatoes to cook with from the grocery store. You will always have some because you made a garden. Take some to your neighbor whom you have not ever gone to see or meet. That is why gardens are so nice . Now for those of you who have already got your act together you will need to check on your plants each morning and night. If you are lucky enough to be a stay-at-home type, check again around 10AM and 2PM or just check when it is time for a Dr Pepper. I had green horned tomato worms. I water around 8AM and around 9:30AM I looked

out and low and behold my tomatoes were wilting. Immediately went out and found those nasty green worms with a horn and they died and again please do not tell PETA. It is the way I have gotten rid of those critters forever. Anyway I had to put diatomaceous earth on them, and I picked off all I saw. Then the next day I found a few more but they were dead ones. Yeah! Then some other worm got on my onions! Again I won. Oh I got rid of those carpenter/fire ants whatever they were. Hopefully, I wont get any really bad infestation as I walk and check this place every day and I carry the stuff to get rid of those pesky ants. This is my update so please send me an update on what you are doing, any problems or just a curious question and I will try to get you an answer. Have a great glorious month of May. I am. See you next month, keep on gardening you will soon get the hang of it. Promise. Write me at


We Go the Extra Mile For Every Customer
•Complete Auto & Truck Parts •AG & Industrial Filters •Custom-Made Hydraulics & AC Hoses & Battery Cables •Industrial Belts •Marine & Small Engine Parts


M-F 7:30- 5:30 SAT 8:00 - 5:00

Its Your Life, Your Money, Your Freedom
By Dr. Charles McWilliams, Professor Pan American University of Natural Medicine Nevis, West Indies To begin our story, we must go back to the year 1798 when Thomas Malthus published his famous essay titled "An Essay on the Principle of Population as It Affects the Future Improvement of Society." ( ked/topic/ 675894) Malthus was a gloomy 18th century economist who put forth the idea that the planet was overpopulated. He believed that population growth would always outpace the earth's ability to produce food. Robert L. Heilbroner summarizes Malthus's view ( msg.aspx?message_ id=74317835): Instead of being headed for Utopia, the human lot was forever condemned to a losing struggle between ravenous and multiplying mouths and the eternally insufficient stock of Nature's cupboard, however diligently that cupboard might be searched. Malthus's dismal view of the future of mankind led him to some shocking conclusions. In his essay, he wrote: the power of population is so superior to the power of the earth to provide subsistence... that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race. The vices of mankind are active and able ministers of depopulation... But should they fail in this war of extermination, sickly seasons, epidemics, pestilence, and plague advance in terrific array and sweep off their thousands and tens of thousands. Should success still be incomplete, gigantic inevitable famine stalks in the rear, and with one mighty blow, levels the population with the food of the world. (The Worldly Philosophers, p. 90). As appalling as it is to hear Malthus describe the vices of mankind as "able ministers," his ideas did not die with him. In fact, they were picked up by many of the world's elite and continue to live on to this day. If anything, Malthus's ideas are more alive... and more sinister... than they've ever been. The Globalist Plan to Wipe Out Billions of People ( NCEGHH36y7w ); When people hear that world rulers want to depopulate the planet, many are skeptical. After all, the idea of wiping out a few million or billion people sounds preposterous. But sometimes it's better to hear things straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. With that in mind, here are a few statements that have been made by powerful people during the last 100 years or so... "The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." Margaret Sanger ( gov-christie-cuts-tax-payerfunding..), founder of Planned Parenthood and funded by the Rockefeller family. "A total population of 250300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal." -Ted Turner, American media mogul "U.S. policy toward the third world should be one of depopulation." -Henry Kissinger ( ry_kissinger), political scientist and foreign policy advisor. "In order to save the planet it would be necessary to kill 350,000 people per day." Jacques Cousteau, ( _kusto_-_sbornik_knig_biografiya_ i... ·) famous explorer and film maker. "A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be one billion people. This must be implemented within 30-50 years, two-thirds of the population must be cut." -Michael Coffman, September 9, 1994, during the UN Biodiversity Assessment on SustainSee “McWilliams” Continuedon Page 12

It’s a Dog’s Life
by “Miss Daisy Duke”


I’m adjusting to life as a mostly outdoors dog, but it’s rough. There were the rumblings and bright lights from the skies at nights, and I admit I’m a sissy when it comes to those things. Sure, I have a place to go to get away from it all, even at night, but what I need when I get that scared is MOM! I just huddle by the door and hope that someone will come let me in. Night time can be pretty interesting, though. The other night, somewhere in the middle of the night, this critter with sort of a hump back and very short legs, about the size of a large cat, came snooping up to my fence. I barked and barked and barked to scare it away, but it didn’t move. It looked at me like I was stupid. Luckily, Little Mom woke up and came outside to see what I was barking at. She saw the critter, grrabbed a large broom (another thing I don’t much care for) and went chasing it down the driveway. You would never have thought this stupid little critter (an armadillo, according to Little Mom) with such pathetic legs could run so fast or that an old woman could run that fast in her nightie while pushing a broom. Whoosh! Down the driveway and into the brush across the street. Good riddance! It was really worth a good woof, though, watching Little Mom go after that critter with a broom. I better be clear about one thing, though: only the armadillo ran off into the brush. Little mom came up with what she thought was a very clever idea not long ago. She wanted to keep the flies away from food bowl when it was outside, so she smeared some sticky stuff on a piece of carboard and hung it on a string dangling over my bowl. It was really windy, and I was trying to grab some lunch when that piece of cardboard blew right in my face. I spent the next little part of my life trying to get that sticky stuff off my nose. I was rescued later by Mom, who did not especially like like the new Venus flycatcher device, especially since it dangling from her barbecue lamp.

I think I am in for much peace and quiet now. I have not heard the little yapper dogs from next door in a while. I really think they may have moved away. That would be great. They were enough to wake the dead and more than enough to make this big dog wake up from many a nap. The wierdest animals I saw this week trotted down my driveway early one morning. There must have been six or seven of them. They were kinda noisey, like chickens, but not chickens. They looked like gigantic chickens, but when they saw me, they started running on down the driveway, made a left turn onto the road and then a right onto the next road. What’s the matter with them? Don’t they like the brush? Mom says they probably live there. For some reason she said she wished she had her camera handy. Well it’s certainly been an interesting month in this dog’s life. Bow-wow to all my friends out there.

McCoy Veterinary Clinic
Pat McCoy, D.V.M.
1 Mile North of Sinton, Hwy 181

(361) 364-4551
P. O. Box 156 Sinton, Texas 78387
Daisy Duke says: “I love Dr. McCoy!”

Friendly Family Dining Steaks, Burgers, Wingz, Pastas, “Big” Chicken Fried Steaks and Big Screen TV’s Great American Food! Down Home Prices!
361-384-FOOD (3663)
Sunday 11am - 3pm Mon-Thurs 11am - 9pm Fri-Sat 11am - 10pm 530 E. Orange Ave Orange Grove, Texas

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701 E. San Patricio St. Mathis, TX 78368 (361) 547-9311


Lancaster & Bay Insurance Agency
Serving the Coastal Bend for over 60 years!

Now serving the Lake Area! Home Auto Business Life
Call us for a quote 361-853-0405—Corpus Christi 361-537-0504— Lake City
200 Lakeview Dr., Lake City, TX 78368 Mark Christoph, Owner/Agent.

Toler Field Services, LLC
P.O. Box 260664 Corpus Christi, TX 78426

Commercial Mowing Hot Shot Service

Charlie Toler (361)319-9411 Fax: (361) 387-7897

(361) 547-2555 10428 IH 37 (exit 34) Mathis FREE QUOTE
Bulldozers • Mini-Escavators • Skid Steerloader •Backhoes • Water Pumps • Scaffolding • Too Much to List

We Sell & Rent Equipment Repair Honda Mechanic Equipment on Duty!

Start now setting appointments for spring fertilization. Serving Lake Corpus Christi and Surrounding Areas
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Sikes Water Wells
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• 73 Unit RV Park! Security! • Private Laundromat! • Propane on site! • New and Used Travel Trailer and FifthWheel Sales! • RV Financing! Well stocked Parts Department! • Smiling Faces! We Really Appreciate Your Business! Interstate 37 exit 34 Mathis 361-547-5600
hundreds of millions of hollowpoint bullets. Homeland Security is a DOMESTIC agency.

* Long/Short Term * RV Spaces * Full Hookups * Fishing Pier * Boat Ramps * Covered BBQ Pavilion Area * Rental Property * Lease Lots Available

Give us a call! 547-5492

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A quiet, relaxing, weekend getaway place for the fishing enthusiast.
“A VERY SPECIAL PLACE” Located in Lagarto Community

361/547-5492 or 361/648-0627 for info & reservations.
FM 3162 at the Lake, from Orange Grove or Mathis, take HWY 359 toward Sandia, Turn on FM 534, go straight ahead about 8 miles to 534 Club. Turn on FM 3162, go towards the end of the road.

Is Zimmerman America's Dreyfus?
by Anthony Wile

Saturday, April 21, 2012 From:

self was orchestrated, the controversy surrounding Dreyfus was surely indicative of larger issues surrounding France at I've been tracking the George the time. Zimmerman case and it does seem to have some surface par- The issue then was anti-Semiallels to the infamous Dreyfus tism. And while modern France Affair. has in a sense moved on, it remains a society riven by class For those of you who may not conflicts and economic inknow, Dreyfus was a Jew who equalities that are either was accused of passing French glossed over or sanctioned by military secrets to the German law. Embassy in Paris. He was declared guilty and sent to Devil's The French Revolution itself Island in French Guiana where stands athwart the American he spent almost five years. revolution that was fought somewhat within a republican In 1896, evidence was un- ambit, thanks to the framing of earthed that a French Army thinkers and visionaries like major named Ferdinand Walsin Thomas Paine and Thomas JefEsterhazy may have been the ferson. one passing information but that evidence was suppressed The American Revolution's esand Dreyfus's conviction was poused aim was individual sustained. freedom. Unfortunately, the French Revolution was eviIt took many more years but dently influenced by the Age of Dreyfus was eventually set Enlightenment and the free. He was reinstated as a Rousseau-like vision that humajor in the French Army and mankind could be perfected by served throughout World War I, the proper application of logic eventually reaching the rank of and scientific thought. Lieutenant Colonel. The medium that was to proRegardless of whether Ester- vide this transformative grace hazy was an agent of a greater was the government itself, in power or whether the affair it- this the case a "republican"

Empire was achieved after World War II, but all empires eventually oppress their own citizens as well as those in government that was created other countries. That seems to out of the terror of the Revolu- be what's happening today. tion and the busy bloodletting Empires by their nature are of the guillotine. pathological societies. Fear is a French society, in my view, has paramount signature of emnever entirely recovered from pires, along with corruption at the Age of Enlightenment and the top, public shows of imstill habitually looks to govern- morality and a general, evolument to provide both solutions tionary breakdown of civil society. and economic succor. This is because empires substitute the rule of law for the discipline of private markets. Societies often begin anarchically, with private law and private morality enforced by the And it continues in America, culture itself. too, which began as a republic but is now surely turning into But over time, the private nasomething else. The alphabet ture of society is gradually reby "law" and soup of American spy agencies placed government mandates. What as well as Draconian, authoritarian legislation now issuing was once voluntary becomes out of Washington, DC, tells us coercive and people's behavthat the formal US legislative iors become regulated by buprocess has gone badly wrong. reaucracies rather than by internal codes of behavior. The US is surely an authoritarian state these days. There are Within this context, society itmillions on the government self becomes increasingly unpayroll, thousands of govern- moored. Once moral values ment spies and US official in- have evolved into legal codistitutions are growing more cils, social mores become puband more frightened of their lic passion plays. This is what's own people. The US Depart- happening now with the Zimment of Homeland Security re- merman mess. cently placed an order for In fact, they're apparently about to elect another socialist to the presidency and that's not going to end well, either. History continues.

Just as with the Dreyfus Affair, individual acts are being imbued with larger, societal characteristics. This can only happen in a society where the government has grown so large and intrusive that people are used to projecting their own problems and prejudices onto public events. Once the private has become the public, it is relatively easy for government-controlled media to imbue almost any incident with moral and cultural power. In fact, in a healthier society such transformative conversations would not be possible. People would not put up with it. But in a society where the power elite has worked relentlessly to make government the arbiter, such a trick is much easier to pull off. People have been trained to look to government for moral and legal insights. In such societies, people no longer look inward – they've lost the habit of introspection. Instead, government itself sets the parameters of behavior and creates the larger societal conversation as well. I would argue this is what's happening in the Zimmerman case. People are projecting their own prejudices and belief systems onto the case. If Zimmerman is guilty, it's because he saw a young black

man, assumed he was up to no good and shot him. If he is innocent, it's because he was attacked by the young man and shot him in self-defense. I won't speculate on Zimmerman's guilt or innocence here. My point is only that the amount of attention being paid to the case and the heightened emotions it arouses may tell us more about the current state of the US union than about Zimmerman himself, or his actions. The US is a pretty miserable place right now with unemployment between 20 and 30 percent and food stamp usage soaring well beyond 40 million. People are looking for outlets for their frustration, and the Zimmerman affair provides one. In this sense, it is perhaps a window into the collective psyche of the American people. The mechanism itself – this too-public dialogue about an issue that in another place and time would have been localized – is discouraging.

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May 2012

The Lake & Country Shopper - 12

L Bus: (361) 241-1135 Fax: (361) 241-8422 Cell: (361) 232-9009 email: Web Site: “Whether you are buying or selling, I can help you with all your real estate needs.”
215 Ranch Rd - Swinny Switch Area, only 15 minutes from George West! Beautiful custom home on 20 acres! Some features are: 26 Gauge roofing, siding & trim, commercial wiring & plumbing, low E Windows, stained concrete flrs, tiled shower, cedar crown mlding, & more. Land features: Apartment that is rented for $450 monthly, lrg barn, clmte controlled tack rm, 2 lrg horse stalls, cattle shoot, chicken pen, several lrg pastures w/wtr, lrg pond stocked with Talapia. Property goes with tractor, front end loader, and more! A must see! Only $319,000 236 Vista Dr- Waterfront lake house/retirement home! This beautiful 3/2 home with 1374 sq. ft., has an open floorplan with lots of window to open up the house and enjoy the breeze off the lake, or enjoy the beautiful view! You will love entertaining friends and family on the large deck, or hanging out on the large lighted pier. Great crappie fishing off the pier! The home is in excellent condition with fireplace, tile floors, new gas range, dressing area next to mstr bdrm with large closets. Don't miss this one! A must see! Only $154,900

Specializing in Lake Corpus Christi Properties

13122 IH 37, Suite 101 Corpus Christi, Texas 78410

16020 FM 630- Beautiful 2 story home on 5 acres in West Sinton! The home has 4200 sq ft with 5/5/3! This home is move-in ready! The interior has been painted with neutral colors, new carpet, new kitchen counter tops plus refinished cabinets! The home features an office, plus a second kitchen, & more! Besides the beautiful home there is a lrg pond stocked with catfish, & swimming pool. There is another 5.5 acres available for $37500. Make an offer! Only $249,900. Owner finance possible! Waterview lots in Lakeshore Subdivision! 47 Lots to choose from. Beautiful large lots with great views. If you don't care about being on the water, but want water access these are the lots for you! There is a homeowners park with boat launch! Restricted Subdivision, and priced to sell! Call for more information!
1304 Dakota, Robstown-Cute 2/2 starter, retirement or investor home! This home has been completely remodeled including: new plumbing, wiring, windows, tiled shower, sinks, kitchen cabinets, laminate flooring, carpet, closet, fresh paint, inside and out, and much more! This is a great price for a home like this! A must see! The home is vacant, so windows are boarded to prevent vandalism. They have wonderful neighbors! Make an offer! Only $40,000

L New




le! rt Sa

723 N Aransas St. - Cute home! This 3/1.5 with 1056 sq ft would be a great starter home, with nice size back yard that is completely fenced, great yard for the little one to play. This home would be a good investment for someone who wants to do some minor repairs/updating and flip it or could be good rental income! Lots of possibilities! Don't pass this one by! Only $33,440

404 Hidalgo St, Mathis- Beautiful home, great location, corner lot, 3 lots, and great neighborhood! This 3/2/2 with 1607 sq ft, ! S great would be old for entertaining! The huge yard with the big covered patio is ideal for the kids to play, barbecuing and all sort of parties for friends and family! The well maintained home was recently painted, roof replaced in '98 with 30 yr roof, and new Kenmore oven. It's not often a home like this becomes available! Don't miss this opportunity! Make an offer! Only 99,900 Beautiful 3/2, 1322 sq ft home right across the street from the lake & homeowners park. All the benefits of life on the lake, but without the price of living on the lake! Open floorplan, with large kitchen! Stainless steel appl, and lot of cabintets. Only $119,900!

7 Gorgeous Lots in Pernitas Point Subdivision! Lots are all together with a panoramic view of the lake. Build your dream home, or set up trailers, with lots of room for boat storage, Party room, and much more! Only $60,000!

320 E Mesquite - Beautiful southwestern style custom home in Mathis! This 3/2/2 with over 1760 sq ft has an open floorplan with large kitchen with island and breakfast bar. Open floorplan great for cooking and family entertaining. Lrg master bdrm and bath. Sits on two lrg corner lots with a nice covered patio, and large workshop. Features double ovens, microwave, tile, and much more! A must see! Only $225,000

A Variety of Lots for the Picking!
106 White Hill Trl- Gorgeous lakeview home in Pernitas Point! Nice open floorplan, and is move-in ready! The home has been completely remodeled, and some of the features include: granite counters, carpet, refinished cabinets, insulation, neutral paint colors, & lots more! Invite family and friends over because it's a great place to enjoy the waterview while entertaining. Sits on 2 large lots completely fenced, small poll barn, workshop in garage, and more! A must see! Make an offer! Only $ 164,900

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the lake life! Waterfront, Waterview (with water access), or Acreage, I can put you in the right spot! Lots Starting at $7500. Call me and I will find what you have been searching for!

Lots in Carmel Hills. Don’t Miss These!
Lot 25, Skyview Drive Circle, near boatlauch and park, only $8000. Lot 1, Block 7, Carmel Hills Dr., across the street from waterfront park, $24,900 Lot 15, Laurel Dr., 1/2 acre, $18,000 Lot 2, Block 10, Carmel Dr., 3/4 acre, near boatlaunch and park, $24,900 How are we to avoid the damaging effects of radiation now swirling around the planet from Iraqdepleted uranium weapons and Fukishimi radiation clouds? Without humates in human nutrition, most vitamin and mineral tablets are prescribed in vain and simply go down the toilet! What and why would some people be so evil? Examples of the evil are corporations, Big Pharma, (especially), governments, and the demigod wealthy (aka: power elite) who seek power over everything living or dead. You must take control or yourself and your family or they will. You can only imagine the consequences you will endure should you chose to go along with the “let the government take care of me and mine”. Which brings me to another short tale of how and when conquer and divide us from each other began. At least where I found it. When we were fighting for the American Independence, what is recorded in history was that an American was the first casualty . Well, that man was willing to die for his country and did so gallantly and he said he was an American. That was a time when we all stood up for each other with out discrimination because we fought as Americans and for our Freedom. That man today would have been called an AfricanAmerican, black or something else. But he and his countrymen believed he was an American they took care of each other. That little bit of history should let you know what the power elite has done to us using the divide and conquer tactic. And the sad part is we all have allowed that to happen. Try saying hello to one another and let us try as best we can to be just like that American who took the first shot for our (yours and mine) independence. I will if you will! May God take care of all of us in the name of Jesus Christ.

Call me for new listings! (361) 232-9009 Puzzle Solutions
Solution to This Month’s Crossword
“McWilliams” Continued from Page 10 able Human Population. This is just a sampling of many public quotes about the elite's desire to depopulate the planet. But while their desires may be somewhat public (if you know where to look), their plans have been mostly kept in secret. The Doctor Who Warned Us 54 Years Ago; In 1958, Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer published a controversial book. It was called Your Health and Sanity in the Age of Treason. ( .php? topic=184739.0) The subtitle was "Food and Liquids Used as a Medium in Deliberately and Carefully Planned Methods Developed by the Vicious Element of Humanity, for the Mental Deterioration and Moral Debasement of the Mass, as a Means Toward Their Enslavement." Clymer was perhaps the first person to thoroughly expose toxic food additives and fluoride with documentation. He also made note that the elite were using these toxins deliberately "for the mental deterioration and moral debasement of the mass[es]." There is little hope for antioxidants and mineral supplements to do their job properly, if the body is burdened with heavy metals! There is little hope for vitamin supplements to do their job properly, if the body is deficient in trace minerals! There is little hope for vitamins or minerals to do their job if there is no transport through the cell membrane facilitated by humates! There is little hope of hormone balance if the cell membranes are plastic wrapped in xenobiotics and trans-fatty acids but can be chelated and shredded off by humate solutions!

—Jay Leno ''That's pretty amazing, Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Ironically, his biggest accomplishment as president so far: winning the Nobel Peace Prize.'' —Jay Leno ''President Obama has announced a task force to review the tax codes. He's concerned there are too many loopholes and too many people manipulating the system to avoid paying taxes. And that's just in his administration.'' —Jay Leno ''Here's some good news. Barack Obama announced he's bringing home troops from Iraq. That's right. Unfortunately, he couldn't get them direct flights home. They have a two-year layover in Afghanistan.'' —Jimmy Fallon ''According to the latest poll, a record 73 percent of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. But the good news: Gas is so expensive that we'll never get there.'' —Jay Leno

''President Obama should get a big refund this year because he has a lot of dependents. AIG, Citibank, Morgan Stanley -- all dependents.'' —Jay Leno ''Many people are complaining, though, that Obama is becoming too scripted. Last night, he was having an intimate moment with Michelle, and she said, 'Wait, are you reading the teleprompter?''' —Jimmy Fallon ''President Obama has been meeting with voters in what he calls 'backyard chats.' He's held these in real people's backyards. You know something, I think all politicians should talk to people in their backyards. Then you could take what they say and spread it on the lawn.''

Solution to This Month’s Sudoku

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The Lake & Country Shopper - 13

237 Lakeshore Dr - WATERFRONT - Enjoy a panoramic view of the lake and awesome sunsets from a covered patio at this 3 BD/2.5 BA
home in Lakeshore Subd! Spacious master suite with lake view. Granite in kitchen, bathrooms and utility room! Lots of storage in home and attic. Lighted pier makes fishing or boating a breeze!..........$365,000. $389,900. FURTHER REDUCED

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Send ad text to The Lake Country Shopper, 111 Pack Trail., Sandia, TX 78383, or send ad copy by email to Deadline: 20th of each month. We charge for ads sent by nonelectronic means. All ads will be deleted the following month unless we receive notice from the advertiser that it is to be renewed. Small charge for real estate ads.

139 Cenesia Dr - Carmel Hills WATERVIEW - Perfect weekend
getaway or home that has been remodeled inside & out! Spacious 2 BD/1 BA with living open to dining & kitchen. Enjoy the lake view from a 12’x30’ covered deck or the 8’x40’ side deck. Property owners have access to boat launch/waterfront park. Offered at $97,900.

1200 E. Wilson, Mathis-5.05 Ac - Very close to IH 37 and great location for a commercial yard! 3/2 Rustic ranch home complete with
horse barns, pens, arena, workshop, stable & support structure. Updated bathrooms. Located close to town. REDUCED $174,000. $189,000.

18 Ft Lund B oat Twin 50HP, Yamaha and Trailer. FREE Mattress! FREE German Short hair Pointer AKC, Troy Built Tiler, Furniture, Ladders Scaffolding - Trim A Break and Hammer Drill, Fishing Rods, Guns, CALL 361-389-3660

Help Wanted
Housekeeper wanted. 361547-9011 Lawn Help wanted. Mowing, weed-eating, minor tree and brush trimming. Once a week throughout growing season. Takes about 2 hours each week. I provide equipment. Pernitas Point area. Must be dependable and able to show up on the same day, at same time each week. Call _________________.

372 Carmel Dr - Beautiful water view home with separate apartment above your 3 car garage! Main home features 2 BD/2 BA. Open kitchen, living and dining. Covered porches. Panoramic view of the lake from the inside and outside deck of apartment! WOW! $143,500. 560 CR 372 - NEW LISTING -Original Barbon Subd 3 BD/2 BA home with 2 car garage situated on 2 spacious waterfront lots (over 1/2 acre). 2 open patios and deck make it nice to sit ouside and watch the kids swim and play. Fish from your private pier! Offered at $262,500. 16015 CR 1298 - 3 BR/2BA home that sits on 2.5 acres located btwn Sinton and Odem. It is fenced, with the house, covered carport, barn and workshop being fenced separately. $90,000.




For Sale
95' Gulfstream-Insbruck fifth wheel, 30ft, full slide, everything in good working cond. Only $7500 Call 547-5340 For Sale-2001 Ford Escort & 1995 Chevy S-10. Neither running. Call 361-563-3822.

24535 La Ponderosa Dr - WATERFRONT - Immaculate, updated, freshly painted, beautifully landscaped, move in ready! Kitchen sports granite counter tops and dual fuel range. Yard sprinkler system. Big covered patio/carport plus 3 car garage. Launch your boat from private launch or fish from lighted pier! Offered at $299,900. NEW LISTING - Approximately 5 Acres, Arrowhead - Secluded, undeveloped acreage with heavy brush located on private, cul-de-sac road. Call 361-343-7400 for more details.

Under Contract

GUNS Buy-Sale-Trade!!!!!!! Call Jim @ 361 547-6474

Apply in person after 1PM daily. Located @ FM 534 & State Hwy 3162. Riverbend Mesquite Restaurant.

102 Trail Cir - Pernitas Point Waterview - 2 BD/1 BA home on two lots with beautiful view of Lake CC! Detached oversized garage with half bath and additional storage building on slab.


128 3rd St, Lake City - 2008 custom Palm Harbor home with 12' x 12'
shop w/electricity situated on two lots with hurricane fence. Live near Lake CC with access to boat ramp at a fraction of the cost of waterfront. $65,000.

NEW LISTING - Tuleta, TX - Great Eagle Ford Shale location! 3 BD/1 BA home located on
three lots with great shade trees. Good spot for RV hookups! Offered at $60,000. Vista Dr - Unique1 acre lot sports a large (52' across), clover leaf shaped pool, 2 bath, concession & a large covered area. Nice RV sites. Adjacent lot available. REDUCED $37,500.
WATERVIEW RESIDENTIAL LOTS - CARMEL HILLS SUBDIVISION - 14 Interior lots available ranging in size and prices. Call 361-343-7400 for more information!


1525 FM 534 - Dinero Country Store Great location very close to IH 37 and not too far from HWY 281 perfect for a general store or Eagle Ford Oil Field office space! Sits on 1 acre corner lot on well traveled roads. Custom BBQ pit out back! Offered at $79,900.
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--Samuel Adams

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381 Carmel Drive Sandia, T X 78383

(361) 343-7400 (361) 547-0505 Fax


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Keller Williams Realty Rockport Cell: 361-816-7346 Office: 361-790-9494
Tammy Good, Broker

129 Zenna - REDUCED! in Point Loma 2BR/2BA w/bonus loft room on .377 acres. Huge kitchen, lots of cabinets, open living room w/fp. MLS 172809 $109,500

Lot 4 Zenna, Waterfront lot for $50,000. Additional 1/2 acre lots for $10,000.

“Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve... But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn't belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime. Then abolish that law without delay ... No legal plunder; this is the principle of justice, peace, order, stability, harmony and logic.”
--Frederic Bastiat, French economist

335 Hwy. 359 Commercial lot, 2.9 acres, 313 ft. Hwy frontage, $89,500

167 Carmel Dr. Waterfront- 4/4.5/2 on 1 acre. 3 lr, fp, updated kitchen. Bunk house w/ac. MLS 168493 $405,500

“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. "Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities." --Zbigniew Brezhinsky, co-founder of Trilateral Commission, former board member of Council on Foreign Relations

“No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”
--Samuel Adams

“The first step in saving our liberty is to realize how much we have already lost, how we lost it, and how we will continue to lose it unless fundamental political changes occur.”
--James Bovard, libertarian author and lecturer

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Mobil and Pier and Beam Homes, Oilfield Specialties, Guard Shacks, Change Rooms, Security etc... Studs 16"oc Engineered Truss 24"oc Floor Joist 16"oc *40-yr Warranty Metal and Skids* •7/16" Plywood Under Metal on Roof and Walls •Double Pane Insulated Windows •Our Finished Buildings are extremely heavy and will last multiple times longer than typical trailer houses. •BP Building Sales UNLIKE most our Competitors WILL relocate your building if needed. Email, Fax or Call us for a quote. •We will help you design your own building structure, home, office, storage etc...

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We can put your building anywhere you want it!
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Portable or Mobile Offices, Modular Homes & Storage Buildings
15642 Northwest Blvd. (Hwy 624) - Calallen Area Tom Bickham


Congratulations to Love Chrysler Dodge Jeep on behalf of Chrysler Group LLC.
This award is presented to you and Love Chrysler Dodge Jeep for achieving the highest retail sales volume for Minority dealers in rural markets.

(l-r) Noel Martinez - Finance Director; Brannon Brem - Gen. Mgr./Vice President; Marion Luna Brem CEO/President; and Mark A. Alaniz - Gen. Sales Mgr.

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