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41. The dimensional formula for gravitational constant is (a) [M1 L3 T2] 42. (b) [M3 L1T2] (c) [M1L2T3] (d) [M2L3T1]

At what angle with the horizontal should a ball be thrown so that its range R is related to time of flight T as R = 5T2 is (Take g = 10 ms-2) (a) 300 (b) 450 (c) 600 (d) 900 Two vectors A and B are such that | A + B | = | A B |. The angle between A and B is (a) 0 (b) 90 (c) 60 (d) 180 A ball of mass m is attached to one end of a light rod of length l, the other end of which is hinged. What minimum velocity u should be imparted to the ball downwards, so that it can complete the circle? (a)



l u


5 gl


3 gl


2 gl


A bomb at rest explodes into 3 parts of the same mass. The momentum of the two parts are 2 Pi and P . The momentum of the third part will have a magnitude of j (a) P (b)



(d) zero


An engine develops 10 kW of constant power. How much time will it take to lift a mass of 200 kg to a height of 40 m? (g = 10 ms-2) (a) 4 s (b) 5 s (c) 8 s (d) 10 s The relation between the displacement x and the time t of a particle moving under a constant 2 force is x t 3 , where x is in meter and t in second. Then the work done by the force in first 6s is (a) zero (b) 6 J (c) 12 J (d) 18 J A constant torque acting on a uniform circular wheel changes its angular momentum from A0 to 4A0 in 4 sec, the magnitude of this torque is (a) 4 A0 (b) A0 (c) 3A0/4 (d) 12A0 The value of acceleration due to gravity at a height Re from the surface of earth is (Re= radius of earth) g g g (a) (b) (c) (d) g 2 4 8 The period of revolution of planet A around the sun is 8 times that of B. The distance of A from the sun is how many times greater than that of B from the sun? (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5






Two steel wires of length 1 m and 2 m have diameters 1 mm and 2 mm respectively. If they are stretched by forces of 40 N and 80 N respectively their elongation will be in the ratio of (a) 1 : 1 (b) 2 : 1 (c) 4 : 1 (d) 1 : 8

52. 53.

When there is no external force, the shape of a small liquid drop is determined by (a) density of liquid (b) viscosity of air (c) surface tension (d) elasticity of liquid If the degrees of freedom of a gas molecule be f, then the ratio of two specific heats Cp/Cv is given by (a)
2 1 f

(b) 1

2 f

(c) 1 +

1 f

(d) 1

1 f

54. 55.

If N is the number of turns in a coil, then self inductance of the coil varies as (a) N 0 (b) N 2 (c) N (d) N 2 A source x of unknown frequency produces 8 beats with a source of 250 Hz and 12 beats with a source of 270 Hz. The frequency of source x is (a) 258 Hz (b) 242 Hz (c) 262 Hz (d) 282 Hz A cube of side b has a charge q at each of its vertices. The electric potential at the centre of the cube is 4q 3q 2q (a) (b) (c) (d) zero 3 0b 0b 0b In the circuit shown, the equivalent capacitance between the points A and B is 10 15 (a) F (b) F 3 4 12 25 (c) F (d) F 5 6
3 F 5 F 6 F A 2 F 4 F B




A parallel plate condenser with plate area A and separation d is filled with two dielectric materials as shown in the adjoining figure. The dielectric constants are K1 and K2 respectively. The equivalent capacitance between A and B is (a) (c)

A d/2 d/2 K1 d K2 B


( K1

K2 )

(b) (d)



K1 K 2 K1 K 2

K1 K 2 0A d K1 K 2

K2 0 A K1 d K1 K 2


Equivalent resistance between A and B is 3 5 (a) R (b) R 4 3 7 (c) R (d) R 5



A current carrying conductor is looped into a circle of radius 10 cm. The magnetic moment of the current loop becomes 0.314 A-m2. What is the current in the loop? (a) 5 A (b) 8 A (c) 10 A (d) 12 A In a transformer there are two coils placed near one another. First has 100 turns and 1A current and the other has 25 turns, current in this will be (a) 1A (b) 4A (c) 16A (d) 1/16 A In LCR circuit phase difference between current and voltage cannot be (a) 80 (b) 90 (c) 145 (d) 0




In an a.c. circuit V and I are given by , V = 100 sin (100 t) volts , I = 100 sin (100 t + /3) mA The power dissipated in the circuit is (a) 104 watt (b) 10 watt (c) 2.5 watt (d) 5.0 watt When the speed of sound in air is 330 m/s, the shortest air column, closed at one end that will respond to a tuning fork with a frequency of 440 vibs/sec has a length of (approximately). (a) 19 cm (b) 33 cm (c) 38 cm (d) 67 cm



A U 238 nucleus decays by emitting an residual nucleus is ( in m/sec) 2v v (a) (b) 4 234

-particle of speed v m/sec. The recoil speed of (c)

4v 238


4v 234


One end of a sonometer wire is fixed while other end is hanging downward through a pulley with tension T. The velocity of the transverse wave produced is proportional to (a) 1 / T (b)

(c) T

(d) 1/T


In a transistor current gain for common base and common emitter configuration is and respectively. The relation between and is /1 1/ 1 /1 (a) (b) (c) (d) = (1- )


A freshly prepared radioactive source of half-life 2 hrs emits radiation of intensity which is 64 times the permissible safe level. Minimum time after which it would be possible to work safely with this source is (a) 6 hrs (b) 12 hrs (c) 24 hrs (d) none


The combination of the gates shown in figure below produces (a) NOR gate (c) AND gate (b) OR gate (d) XOR gate



Light from a hydrogen discharge tube is incident on the cathode of a photoelectric plate. The work function of the cathode surface is 4.2 eV. In order to reduce the photocurrent to zero the voltage of the anode relative to the cathode must be made (a) - 4.2 V (b) - 9.4 V (c) - 17.8 V (d) + 9.4 V A thin prism P1 with angle 4 and made from glass of refractive index 1.54 is combined with another thin prism P2 made from glass of refractive index 1.72 to produce dispersion without deviation. The angle of the prism P2 is (a) 5.33 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 2.6 For a planet moving around the sun in an elliptical orbit of semi-major axis and semi-minor axis a and b respectively and time period is T. Then (a) the average torque acting on the planet around the sun is non-zero. (b) the angular momentum of the planet around the sun is constant. (c) the areal velocity is



ab . T

(d) the planet moves with constant speed around the sun. 73. If current through 3 resistor is 1.2 ampere then potential difference through 4 resistor is (a) 9.6 V (c) 2.4 V (b) 2.6 V (d) 7.2 V
3 4 6


A spherical ball of radius 1 104 m and of density 104 kg/m3 falls freely under gravity in water. Then the maximum velocity attained by the ball is ( water = 9.8 10-6 sec/m2) (a) 10 m/s (b) 20 m/s (c) 25 m/s (d) 30 m/s


The magnifying power of simple microscope is (f = focal length)

(a) 76.


1 f



1 f

Germanium is doped with arsenic, what will be the result? (a) p-type semi-conductor (b) n-type semi-conductor (c) Intrinsic semi-conductor (d) none of these


For a particle moving along a straight line, the displacement x depends on time t as x t3 t2 t . The ratio of its initial acceleration to its initial velocity depends (a) only on and (b) only on and (c) only on and (d) only on Which one of the following can measure the position of a particle most accurately? (a) polarized light (b) light with high wavelength (c) light with low wavelength (d) none of these A ray of light falls on the surface of a spherical paper weight making an angle with the normal and is refracted in the medium at an angle . The angle of deviation of the emergent ray from the direction of the incident ray is (a) (b) 2 (c) (d) /2 The wavelength of de-Broglie wave is 2 m, then its momentum is (h = 6.63 (a) 3.315 (c) 4.97 10-28 kg. m/s 10-28 kg. m/s (b) 1.66 (d) 9.9 10-28 kg. m/s 10-28 kg. m/s 10-34 Js)