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com Dream Dialoging is a powerful tool that can help anyone manifest their Dream Life. A Dream Dialog is a conversation with someone (or yourself) out loud where you talk about what you most want to manifest as if it has already happened. It is harnessing your imagination to act and feel as if you have already accomplished one of your dreams. It is super fun to do with a partner on a 20-30 minute walk. You take turns talking about how your dream/goal or desire JUST manifested for you. Speak in an excited voice as if you just won the lotto jackpot yesterday!! Teach your partner how to communicate with you while Dream Dialoging so that they're asking you questions that elicit more juicy details such as, “And then what happened?”, “So how did that feel for you?”, “How exciting! Tell me more!”, and ”Who was with you?” Dream dialoging is FUN and doing it with 2 or 3 people becomes a conversation where everyone’s fantasies come true. You can also use an imaginary partner if a physical one is not available. This is your opportunity to have some REAL FUN and get as energetically wild as you possibly can! "You can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan through to the end." ~Sidney A. Friedman Practicing your Dream Dialog in the past tense helps you manifest it faster and easier. When you relax your body about achieving your future dream, your body thinks it has accomplished it. So always Dream Dialog in the past tense as if it has already occurred. This emotional mixture of excitement and relief raises your "Manifesting Vibration" and attracts your dream faster into the physical form! The present tense is useful for affirming what is already here, yet isn't as powerful as experiencing the feeling that you have ALREADY manifested a great desire. If you said, “I am now making $5000 a week”, your mind will be continually trying and efforting to make it happen. If you said, “I just made $5000 last week!”, your mind relaxes and allows for sensations of joy and excitement to occur. In a few moments you are feeling and vibrating on that higher level. “A soul without a high aim is like a ship without a rudder.” ~Eileen Caddy Why does Dream Dialoging help you manifest your dream life easier? The Universe is a mysteriously alive intelligent energy that is connected to everyone and everything. It actually FEELS along with what you are feeling! If you truly feel you have already manifested something, it wants to follow through with the actual PHYSICAL manifestation of it. So when you are ranting and raving about how you just made a thousand dollars yesterday, your body and other peoples’ bodies get excited about the idea, and the entire Universe starts to respond accordingly! There is always a perfect balance between your thoughts and the physical objects and situations you encounter. Dream Dialoging can change a challenging life situation very quickly because the Universal Mind does not know the difference between what is real in your mind, and what is being imagined. The Universal intelligence is in tune with what your body is feeling. If something or someone is bothering you in your life, start creating a new future with them by dialoging how easy things shifted between you. Explain how they

have already changed, and how they are NOW so very supportive it's truly a miracle! Remember to always use the juiciest details! The main motto is, if you don’t like something, dream up a better experience instead of focusing on what isn’t working. "The energy born of love is creative - it makes everything it touches new. To see how passionate you are, look around at what you have created." ~Deepak Chopra Practicing your Dream Dialog with a partner is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to manifest your dreams. Several of Jafree's and Margot's coaching clients rant and rave about how quickly their Dream Dialog helped them manifest their hearts' desires. After just a few weeks of acting out their Dream Dialog, people have manifested phone calls from Hollywood Producers, sold a house in 10 days that had been on the market for three months, and even made $70,000 in one day! It really is amazing.. The fascinating part of manifesting is the amount of time, emotion and creative energy you spend acting out your Dream Dialog is DIRECTLY proportional to how quickly and accurately it shows up in the physical world. Like a rocket shooting towards your dreams, whether you use rocket fuel or regular gasoline will determine the speed and power of your MENTAL and EMOTIONAL thrusters. What kind of fuel do you want propelling your rocket ship today? It's time to use Super Fuel!!

How to Dream Dialog your Destiny
"The energy born of love is creative – it makes everything it touches new. To see how passionate you are, look around at what you have created." ~Deepak Chopra A Dream Dialog is a conversation with someone (or yourself) out loud where you talk about what you most want to manifest as if it has already happened. You speak about your dream coming true in the PAST TENSE while letting in authentic feelings of EXCITEMENT, RELIEF and JOY! We practiced this before we manifested our hot tub spa. Many times we laughed and had so much fun saying to each other, "It is sooooo wonderful sitting in this warm, bubbling therapeutic water, looking up at the stars at night! I just LOVE the feeling of these powerful jets massaging my back and feet! It was sooooo easy to save the money for this and pay for it in cash!" After several dream dialoging sessions with each other we stopped and thought it was too silly to just work like that. However, in a few months we were sitting in our own hot tub that was completely paid for. Dream Dialoging is the science of harnessing your imagination to act and feel as if you have already accomplished your dream. You can manifest anything. Your ideal relationship, the perfect job, a great body, anything you can dream of you can manifest. The basic principle is that dialoging creates an energetic blueprint in your body that magnetizes your dreams into physical reality. The more you can feel how you actually achieved your goal in your body, the easier it is for you to receive it. Practicing your Dream Dialog is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to manifest your dreams. Several of our personal clients rant and rave about how quickly Dream Dialoging has helped them manifest their heart’s desires. After just a few weeks of acting out their Dream Dialog, they manifested phone calls from Hollywood Producers, sold a house in 10 days that had been on the market for three months, and even made $70,000 in one day! 3 Ingredients to an Effective Dream Dialog 1. Work with a Partner or Team. Dialoging with a friend, spouse, neighbor, or several colleagues is much more powerful than dialoging alone. Train your partner on how to communicate with you and how to ask you the appropriate questions. These questions elicit detail from the Dream Dialog such as, "And then what happened?", "So how did that feel for you?", "How exciting! Tell me more!", and "Who was with you?" A dream dialog with two or three other people becomes a conversation where everyone’s fantasies come true. You can also use an imaginary partner if a physical one is not available. 2. Speak out loud. From the time you were a small child, you have been conditioned through the words that you say. Every word you verbalize acts like a megaphone making announcements to your body. When you say out loud, "I just manifested $5000", the words are magnified into every cell in your body, and you automatically switch into excitement mode. Also, speaking out loud keeps you from

getting old thinking patterns, which your mind often whispers to you internally, caught up in your head. 3. Talk about how you feel. It is vital to tap into your emotional body and project feelings into your voice as you act out your Dream Dialog. The most effective way to do this is to proclaim how you are feeling. Saying, "I felt so rich spending that $5000!" will trigger any hidden emotions around letting in abundance. Be specific about what you are feeling as you are dialoging. For instance, you might say, "I felt so free and exotic when I purchased tickets for my round-the-world tour. " "If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." ~Thomas Edison The real question is what is the main intention of your life? Why are you here? What do you want to see manifest for you, for others and for this entire world? Think about this? Is there anything more important? The mind often gets snagged by the thoughts it repeated yesterday and the day before, so lets plant and water these new seeds everyday this week of remaining very very curious about these questions. If they bring your mind into a blank place of stillness, this is very good. Once the mind is quieted, it becomes clear and can truly become receptive to the deeper answers. All it takes is a little intention here to discover the BIGGER intention of your life. "The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it." ~John Ruskin Manifesting can be as simple as day dreaming about what you want, then letting it to happen you. The key though is about visualizing what you want happening to you within a positive emotion. Visualizing with a positive emotion is really asking the Universe with assertiveness for what you want to occur. Whatever you want, wants you! Your desires are energetically magnetized to you based on how you feel about them. When you approach them with a deep trust and peaceful feeling inside, they come into your life at the speed of light! When you are clear about who you are, what your life’s intention is and are living with a clarity about what you want, amazing and magical things begin to occur.

Let Go of Attachment to Manifesting Money
Let Go of Attachment to Manifesting Money Written by Margot Zaher and Jafree Ozwald So there you are…sitting with your eyes closed and your legs crossed, visualizing a huge check in your mailbox, being a lottery jackpot winner, landing an amazing business deal, being hired for a higher paying job, or receiving that million dollar inheritance from that missing uncle you never knew you had. You know you deserve to have this kind of financial abundance, and part of you believes it is really coming to you. You have been doing everything right for some time now, visualizing your success and feeling as if you are already

living the abundant lifestyle you desire. Yet, nothing seems to be happening in your outer world. Should you just throw in the towel and give up? Absolutely not! This is a grand opportunity to get super curious about what is blocking you from manifesting the abundance you desire. If there was one thing that continuously creates a wall between you and manifesting your desires, it is the energy of attachment. Attachment is always the culprit hindering everyone’s manifesting vibration. Whenever you MUST manifest a desire or dream in order to be happy, then you’ve missed life completely and have become overly attached. When a desire for money becomes incessantly more important than being intimate with your beloved, you’ve again missed it and are too attached. Anytime you NEED to make an ridiculously abundant income to be "fulfilled", then your being tenses up with anxious neurotic energy and you actually end up unable to receive your manifestation. The tight, contracted consciousness lowers your ability to manifest and keep you from FEELING and KNOWING yourself as the Divine All-Powerful Manifesting Being you already are. “The law of detachment means that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up your intention to create your desire. You don’t give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire. You give up your attachment to the result.” ~Deepak Chopra Money is one of the most common things people become overly attached to because the idea of not having it automatically triggers an inherent survival mechanism. The more primitive and instinctual aspects of your mindbody have been hardwired to stay alive. Anytime you believe your survival might be in jeopardy, your instincts begin to fight or flee. This is often caused by the mind imagining the worse case senario, when the reality is that you have always had enough to eat and a warm dry place to sleep and you are going to continue being provided for. You see, we live in a conscious loving abundant Universe that knows how to take care of you intimately. Attachment only arises when you are over-identifying with your ego’s story of survival instead of surrendering to infinite vastness of your divine essence. When you relax into the truth of who you are and take massive action from this space, you naturally transcend attachment to your dream, open your mind, raise your vibration and attract exactly what you need, want and deserve. “For peace of mind, we must resign as the general manager of the Universe.” ~ Debbie Ford The great mysterious secret to creating any type of abundance you desire is in being gentle with yourself and your dream. By gently holding the intention of receiving those big bucks AND at the same time being completely complacent, utterly at peace, connected to the Universe and totally OK with never manifesting massive abundance is the key. In other words, it is all about practicing the fine art of being detached. When you are in touch with Spirit, at peace with yourself as you are AND non-attached to needing a massive bank account overflowing with money, you can finally relax. Paradoxally, through letting go of your attachment to money you

allow the Universe to completely support you financially. Detachment enables you to be fully open and receptive, which in turn attracts new opportunities and people to you. Each time you are honestly detached from having your desire manifest, it will materialize for you much faster and far easier. "Your prosperity consciousness is not dependent on money; your flow of money is dependent on your prosperity consciousness. As you can conceive of more, more will come into your life." ~ Louis Hays The magic of letting go occurs when you truly find your spiritual path and discover this great joy, tremendous freedom and exotic love is already inside you. For who you are is already abundant and free. You are the God-Source itself! Trust that whatever has happened in your life is perfect and you will see this with a deeper spiritual understanding of your life’s mission here. The Universe is giving you the most beneficial situation for your soul’s highest evolution. How to Manifest Money with Self Love By Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher Money is energy that naturally flows abundantly through our lives when we are in a deeply loving space with ourselves and others. The more you can deeply and completely appreciate those unworthy, loveable and undeserving aspects of yourself, the higher your manifesting vibration grows, and the more prosperity you can allow into your life. The relationship you have with money is directly correlated with the relationship and attitude you have with yourself and the rest of the world. If you have a profound love and acceptance for yourself, you will have deep loving feelings towards each aspect of your world including money. If you want to start laying the foundation for becoming financially free, make sure that during each moment of your day you are sending positive loving selfapproving abundant thoughts to yourself. As you focus on how amazing you already are, you begin to feel more magnetic, attractive and worthy of receiving abundance. This opens the gateway for allowing you to manifest more financial abundance in each moment of your life. “Money is energy and energy is limitless. Only our fear and our limited way of thinking make money seem scarce.” ~ Barbara Wilder If you ever find yourself judging or condemning yourself for how much money you didn’t make at the end of the month, the feelings of selfappreciation and abundance never have the chance to be experienced. How can you expect to welcome more money when you can’t even let in more love? The highest vibration on the planet is love. It can be challenging for the ego to let go of being “right” about how wrong everything is and feel loved. When you start surrendering to love, you are actually vibrating at a higher frequency and can attract a higher income. You’ll make choices that tend to create more abundance than poverty since you truly care about yourself in the most intimate ways.

Anytime you identify with those lower vibrational energies such as fear, lack, poverty, and greed, you will only attract that lower bracket of income. Your vibration needs to be high 24 hours a day to manifest true abundance. The easiest way to manifest an abundant bank account is to see how long you can remain in those high vibrations of love, gratitude, and feelings of abundance. If you can last 30 seconds today, see if you can do 35 seconds tomorrow. When you get up to 30 minutes, you can maintain this vibration throughout the day. When you do this exercise for 3 weeks in a row, you’ll see a massive shift in your ability to manifest money for years to come. When you can remain fixed in feeling love for yourself no matter what happens in your outer world or how much money you don’t have in your bank account, you are truly free from the financial world. “Thought directs energy and energy follows thought.” ~ Russell Schofield By consistently loving yourself every moment of the day, you are opening up actual energy channels in your body, mind, and energy field. Your body’s bio-magnetic energy is a scientifically measurable phenomenon. It shows whether you are either carrying a high loving vibration that attracts abundance or a lower vibration that tends to repel it. You can receive all of the financial abundance that you want when you open up your vibration with self love. When you are consistently meditating on love, forgiving yourself, and sending love to others, the feelings of abundance will start flooding in. If you are stuck in thinking negative thoughts about yourself, you actually create tension and energetic blocks in your mindbody that act as a barrier to the prosperity and abundance that naturally surrounds you. The Universe is so abundant. Look at the gazillion stars in the sky. It truly wants you also to partake in the plethora of abundance it has. The good news is that once you begin to love all aspects of yourself, even the hidden parts that you have previously disowned, you start to soften your energy field and open up a channel for abundance to manifest without doing anything. Money is a physical representation of an energy exchange. When you give your energy to someone in the form of work or creative expression, you get energy back in the form of money. So in essence, money is just a form of energy. According to the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy. Thus, money as an energy is attracted to you based on your energy and frequency. The higher and stronger your vibration and magnetic energy is around money, the more easily money will manifest for you. If you have reoccurring negative thoughts and beliefs about your financial situation and who you are as a person, you’ll create a weaker magnetic money frequency and have trouble getting any money to show up. When you step out of this lower vibration of lack into a higher vibration where you deeply love yourself, you will naturally attract a consistent flow of financial abundance. “Money is love. When we change the energy around money from fear to love, we bridge the gap between the material and the spiritual world and make it possible for the unlimited abundance of the Divine to flow freely.” ~Barbara Wilder

Create a dramatic shift today in your world by reprogramming your mind to focus on loving yourself! Before you go to sleep at night, consciously send yourself some unconditional love. Look into a mirror directly into your eyes, and say out loud in a tender voice, “I love you, you are sooo abundant! I love who you are becoming, sooo financially free. I love everything about you.” This simple love exercise will start you on a path towards awakening the deep love you have always had for yourself, and attracting more financial abundance into your life.

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