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‘Sermon delivered by the Sole Spiritual Head OLUMBA, OLUMBA, OBU USE YOUR GIFT TO SERVE GOD FIRST LESSON: 1 CORINTHIANS, 1:17 For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel, not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ be made void SECOND LESSON: 1 CORINTHIANS, 3:6 | have planted, Apollos watered, but God has given the growth GOLDEN TEXT: 1 CORINTHIANS, 7:7 For | would that you all were as | am myself; but each ‘one has his own gift from God, one in this way, and another in that. Brethren, that is the theme of our revelation. It is what each and everyone of us should try to do. When you see somebody singing for God, you like to do the same, without knowing if singing is your gift. Others, when they see Brethren giving visions and prophecies, they also desire to have this gift without asking if that is their talent from God. Certain people are inspired by a sermon. They like to become a great Preacher, not knowing if preaching is their gift. There are those who are fond of baptizing. They don't investigate if baptizing is their calling. People go and marry, without knowing if itis their gift. Some want to be without a husband or wife, in order to serve God, not minding if it was meant for them to stay celibate. Brethren, you can now realize that the Spirit is one, but the gifts are different. You cannot just stand up and declare that you want to marry, you want to preach, you wanttto sing, you want to be a teacher. Do you know yourself and your gift from God? You see others getting married, you also get married. Some marry different times. Then again, you meet somebody who is serving God, you also want to serve God. Have you asked yourself if it is your gift to serve God? The key lesson is that there is one spirit, but diversity of gifts. We all have different gifts from the hands of God. Here in Brotherhood, | am watching you to see if you can find your own gift. I do not want you to jump from one function to another, without knowing where you belong. That causes confusion, You can preach, you can sing, you can give visions, but which one is your gift? What | am telling you is the greatest problem in the world today, Before you came to this plane of manifest. it had already been ordained what your work would be. If you come here and do not perform that which is your duty, you will not find peace for your soul. Do not look unto any person. Do not follow any person, and do not imitate any person. Examine yourself and know what your gift is. if you don’t know what your gift is, you will not find peace, nor joy in life. All that you do will not yield good fruit. If you want to join the police force, have you asked yourself if that is your gift? You want to join the Army, have you asked yourself whether that is your gift? You want to serve under someone, is that the thing to do? You want to be ‘on your own, have you asked yourself whether that is the right decision? Others receive counsel or advice, is it for you to receive counseling? You find people who act independently from others, without seeking anybody's advice, is it meant for you to be independent? You should spend your time and energy in discovering what your gift is. Itis not something you should rush into for a conclusion. Many of you like to become a millionaire, but have you asked yourself if that is your destiny? You want to be a prominent person in your community, is that what is right for you? You should now realize that this is your problem and it has brought problems to the whole world. People are forced into doing things that they cannot do. You tell your children that they need to become a doctor or engineer Are they gifted for that? Amongst us are many vegetarians. Those who do not eat meat or fish. Some live entirely on fruits. When you say you want to become one of them, have you asked if that is right for you? John the Baptist lived on locust beans and honey. Before he was born this was prophesied. When he arrived he had no problem eating that kind of food, because that was his gift. He taught his disciples how to pray and fast, but they did not know if that was their calling. Christ came eating and drinking. He did not say, since John did not eat and drink, He should do likewise. People often ask why a person does this or that. There is only one spirit, but diversity of gifts. Many church denominations clap hands, play drums and light candles. None of those things are done in Brotherhood, Till eternity, we will not do such things. Some people pray on the mountain, others in the forest, or by the seaside. Some grow long beards, or put on certain clothing. We here in Brotherhood do not do those things In some countries they force you to marry, or you are forced to fast. Those things are done, because they don't know themselves. There is only one God, but the talents are different. Every person should hold fast to his gift. Do not force yourself to attend church service. Do not force your wife or husband to come with you. Do not force anybody to do anything in any way. Because we have different gifts from the hands of God