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Its a FRAUD!

Said the Guy on the Phone, Julia was my mother, they must have found the outline for the book she was going to write, and put in their own facts. Barack Obama and liberal policies ruined my moms life. Julias son (her last name was NoPunim) began to tell me his moms real story.

Julia NoPunim Was Born in Chicago. The fact that she survived her first week of life at all was a miracle. She was born alive despite a botched abortion. Sadly she was born without a face. Even worse, thanks to the work of State Senator Barack Obama The Born Alive Infants Protection Act was rejected and poor faceless Julia was refused medical attentionjust left in a closet to die. A nurse took pity on Julia, brought her home and raised her.

It is now 2010, the faceless girl is now 17 and a genius. She would like to go to college but her family is having financial problems. A great nurse, Julias mom lost her job during the first year of the Obama presidency, because his economic programs have failed so miserably her mom hasnt found work since. There is the college loan program but who needs that kind of burden, besides the President says everyone has the right to go to college. In the end she decides to take on the burden, confident that she would never have to pay off the loans, her President will bail her out.

Infirm ary

Julia spends the summer before her freshman camped out in a park with Occupy Wall Street. She wasnt sure if she should join them but because President Obama endorsed the group Julia decided to go ahead. Sadly the weekend she left the group to go to college a male occupier snuck into her tent while she was sleeping and brutally raped her. As she entered her second semester of college Julia began to feel ill . The nurse at the infirmary told her the occupy rapist gave her HIV.

Finally good news! Julias mom gets a great job with wonderful benefits. Thanks to Obamacare she is covered at aged 22 with no pre-existing conditions (a must for an HIV patient). After a year on the job, Julias mom discovers her company is dropping the coverage (its cheaper to pay the penalty). Their new insurance is a state-run coop. Because of the Obamacare rules, the new policy is not as good as the old. Julia now has to pay a lot more out of pocket up to $10,000. To pay for the extra fees Julia sells free government-issued condoms to illegal immigrants who dont live in sanctuary cities.

Julia gets a part-time job as a web designer for the Obama administration. Strangely the other part-time designer, a man without her qualifications gets paid twice as much as Julia does. Apparently that is common in the Obama administration.

Julia Graduates from college. Because Obamanomics has screwed up the economy so much, even though she graduated at the top of her class and worked at the White House, she cant find a job. Julia has $25K in student loan debt---her graduating class has the highest student loan debt history .

Julia finally has a jobbut has to quit because of the high commuting costs. Under Obama (who has been President for 11 years so far) gas is now 27 dollars a gallon. Because the country is approacing insolvency everyone who makes more than $40,000/year has to pay 80% of their income in taxes (and its not helping). On the bright side, she still has health coverage (although the premiums have skyrocketed) and still gets free condoms.

Julia is now 31 and Obama has been President for 14 years. Desperate to turn her life around she goes to law school. In her second year of school, Julia testifies before a pseudo-congressional committee complaining about the cost of birth control and demanding that the government pay off her student loans.

Julia is now a mom. Her son is gifted. Unfortunately thanks to 20 years of Obama sell-outs to the teachers unions the local public school district is almost bankrupt. Now everyone gets the same educationa mediocre one. Before Obama was elected the district had a voucher program, but they were banned as being unfair at the beginning of Obamas fifth term.

Obama has been President for almost 50 years. Julia quit her law practice 20 years agothe taxes were so high, it didnt pay to continue. Her new career was off the books. Since her 45th birthday she had been working as a phone sex operator. And the best part of it was her healthcare was still free and she still made extra money by selling free government condoms (but now to the formerly rich who are not allowed to participate in the government program as punishment for being successful). Julia would had to quit her new job this week because she had a sore throat that wouldnt go away.

Remember that sore throat Julia had? It was throat cancer. It was discovered very early. But with the US government now bankrupt, Heath and Human Services had to make some cutbacks. If you were diagnosed with cancer and over 65, the government could not afford to allow you to get chemotherapy. Despite having a very treatable case of cancer she went out the way she came inbeing abandoned to die all because of Barack Obama.