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QUOTATION FOR ADCOM ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Subject :- 80 Doors Access Control with IP Enable software. Product Pegasus Item Description Name Model 1. Standalone Controller Cum Reader with LED & Keypad PP-85 Access control system with integral Proximity/RF/reader into one unit, Up to 2,000 cards capacity for Access control function, Reading range from 5 to 15 cm, Programmable door release & monitoring time, error trials, alarm time, Nonvolatile EEPROM to store system parameters for 10 years. Rate / Unit Qty. (in Rs.) Amount (in Rs.)




2. PP 110 Exit Reader Proximity reader to send out 26 bit PP110 standard Wiegand output. PP-110 is a mini proximity reader which reads EM compatible 125 KHz /ASK contactless card/keytag etc. then send out some standard data format, such as Wiegand, RS232, RS485, ABA ,USB etc. for ID collection. 3. Pegasus 1037 Communicator 1037 Pegasus Communicator, with 32 input. Model 1037,







Branch Offices: Gurgaon. Greater Noida. Mumbai & Jaipur . Chandigarh.

Power Supply U-Type Bracket for PML1100/PML-1101. 900/51 (To be decided after visiting site) I. IP Enable Software IP Enable Software (Access) 27.A Option 1 PG-BLO-110A L-Type adjustable bracket for PML1100/ PML-1101. POWER SUPPLY 2 ampere 24 Volt 790/- 51 40.A Option 2 PG-BUO-110 (only for Glass Door) 5. 750/01 (To be decided after visiting site) PML-1100 3.950=00 4. 2. For mounting the iron unit on the Glass Door.0Kgs ±1% 600 Lbs/250 Kgs Holding force 500mA 12VDC/AC of Relay dry contact rating 4.990/- 03 8.75.450/51 1.M Lock 550 LBS / 250 Kg Holding Force Magnet Size: 250*47*26 LXWXD(mm) Armature size 185X38X11 LXWXD (mm) 2.M Locks (if required) 4.290=00 6. POWER CUT OFF MODULE IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.A The Brackets for E.970=00 II.990=00 . E.4.

Branch Offices: Gurgaon. Mumbai & Jaipur . Greater Noida. Chandigarh.

(as per actual) 32/. 8. Greater Noida. fright charges to be bear by customer as per payment 80% advance and 20% after installation.per meter. Installation and Commissioning Charges Installation and Commissioning Charges for Outstation. Warranty: One year (On site) For ADCOM SECURITAS PVT LTD Tarun Sharma (Marketing Manager) 08882959876 Branch Offices: Gurgaon.000=00 Note:-Delivery time 25 days. TERMS & CONDITIONS Taxes: 12.per meter (as per actual) 30. CABLING 10 core Cable PVC Conduit Pipe -1” (if required) 35/. Chandigarh. Mumbai & Jaipur .5% VAT on total billing Payment: 80% advance and 20% after installation.7.

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