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Pape eee eee eee eee eee eee Hee 2 “BROTHERHOOD OF THE CROSS AND STAR ur oF ts NEW KINGDOM SPECJAL DAIRY WITH TEXTS AND SUNDRY REFERENCES FOR NEW KINGDOM MISSIONARIES DAILY GUIDE COMPILED BY: = THE SOLE SPIRITUAL HEAD OF THE «. UNIVERSE, THE SUPERNATURAL TEACE “TEACHER - LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA L. OBU e Oe EB EIR EI IR 7 z WE HAIL THEE PAPA PERK N EEK EHS RHR KE HHA KKM KEKER "Sut the Comforter, which is ths Holy Ghost whom the Father will send in my name, he shall you all things, and bring all tninos to yoaur remembrance, wh sccver I have said to you." (Jehn 14: 26) "He thet evercemeth shall in- herit @ll things, and I will be be his God and he shall be my son." -Rev. 21: 7. THANK YOU FATHER. Thro. Sis..Aja:Oby E. Olumba (His Divine Vessel chk hp ee sh RP AA aR: 4 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am very grateful ts the Holy Spirit for His love, care, protect~ ion and guidance towards His child. I am immensely thankful to Him fir’ providing His child with this un- Fathomable wisdom and zeal to record and compile these anc cther refs. into this form fer tns salvation of many. I am grateful to the Holy Trinity as a whole for theisc unceasing care and opportunity for ae to serve in ' their government. 4 The efforts of my househoid is highly acknowledged in the success af this Guide as they assist very much in handling ie domestic chore during the period of compilation. Most Special appreciation is - solely reserved to my Father énd Goc LEADER. OLUMBS OLUMBA O8U, the divine inspiration.bengnd this work, for choosing to ssrve Him-in this end of Time, my sgns and iniquities wiped out and forgotteg by Him. Pap, may Thou coninue to guide | and reveél more mysteries and abilit to open same to world, Thy will be done now and ‘aver more, Amen, PREFACE NEW KINGDOM SRECIAL GUIDE WITH GOSPEL TEXTS AND “SUNDRED REFERENCE Texts compiled by the Holy. Father, Leader U. O. Obu. © ; “ .THe guide contains Father's extracted Texts at yarious teaching sessions, Order of conducting s services/meetings and Sacraments carry out in BCS; Current existing Fellowships aS well BCS meeting #ay days and Event. ; a : "The Guide also answers frequent and doubtful questions impose by the people of the World im connection of His Reverence 4d Gcc; Nis mission His name Name, weers ong their significance liséwise His New govt, . mantle of rulership now esteblished. Besidas, it lays bear the great eward awaiting markénd according to individuel or collective work 3). The correction made by the Super- Natural Tegcher on the issue of “aann FAaroAY and the resurrection or Christ on Sunday morning (1st Day of the week) is not left out in thisccontent. E There are elso Texts and Songs page reference for Specflal Events: Love Feast, Child Blessing, Marriage Blessing, Memor ial- Blessing, Easter Monday etc.