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CONTENT CHAPTER Preface... 1 Ordination... ....... ? The Real Teacher And His Wisdom... 3. Polygamy... cee 4. Those Who Can See God 5 Carnal Courts 6. Faith... ” v e a. zt % Truth And Sources of Man’s Problems... CHAPTER 1 ON ORDINATION: (1) People come in here so that they may be ordained, that they may be promoted, that they may have money and that they may be bestowed with all the carnal things of life. ) But no person comes in here to receive the true wisdom of lite. (3) Even when you come to Brotherhood today and are baptised and ordained you become infatuated with pride. (4) You stay at home.and do not attend service. If you are asked why you are behaving like that you say you are a big man. 6) You cannot sing neither can you offer any prayer. There is nothing you can do. And you do not even know why you are ordained. ©) Do you think that if ordination was an important .thing, | would ordain people as | do it now? ” Once you are ordained, you go back to your station and order that all the money should be brought to you. ® 7 If they should question your action, you would invite altention to your girdle and assert that you are an important person amongst them. Q) You are ordained so that you can start receiving the teachings the same way, that students matriculate only to start receiving their lectures. (10) The important thing in this Kingdom is for one to practise the Word of God. a1} prepared to call you a bishop. Maybe by so doing you may come and receive the Word of God. (12) | am prepared to call you archbishop or even pope if this will induce you to sit down and listen to the Word of God and practise it so that you may be saved. (13) | am prepared to call you Jesus or Christ's student or God; it may be because of this that you will listen to the Words of God and put them into practice.