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Differentiation Quiz: True or False?

T (rue)or Why or why not? HDYKT?
F (alse)?
1. Differentiation False Differentiation allows all students What is Differentiated
is individualized to access the same classroom Instruction? ,
instruction. curriculum by providing entry http://www.k8accessc
points, learning tasks, and
outcomes that are tailored to ources/readingdifferen
student needs. tiation.asp
• Teachers may conduct
whole-class introductory
discussions of content big blications/ncac/ncac_
ideas followed by small diffinstruc.html
group or pair work.

2. Differentiated True The goals of differentiated Strategies for
instruction instruction are to develop Differentiating,
means having challenging and engaging tasks
high for each learner (from low-end ca/priscillatheroux/diff
expectations for learner to high-end learner). erentiatingstrategies.h
all students. tml

3. In False In differentiated Instruction, What is Differentiated
differentiated students are grouped in Instruction? ,
instruction, response to a student’s http://www.k8accessc
students are readiness, interest or learning
always grouped profile. ources/readingdifferen
homogeneously tiation.asp
(based on

Nunez September 26, 2008 Page | 1 Readability Grade Level: 11.1
4. Differentiated True Differentiated assignments
assignments should be offered at all times ca/priscillatheroux/diff
should be because students’ with different erentiating.html
offered at all needs should always have the
times. opportunity to learn in an
adequate way to fit their needs.

5. Differentiation False Each student’s work should be Reading Rockets,
means equally focused on essential “What makes
assigning more understandings and skills. Differentiated
work to some Instruction
students and successful?”
less to others. http://www.readingroc

6. A True In determining student interest, Strategies for
differentiated teachers can ask students to tell Differentiating,
classroom them what specific interest they
provides choice. have in a topic, and the teacher ca/priscillatheroux/diff
can try to incorporate the interest erentiatingstrategies.h
into the lesson to engage the tml
student in the curriculum.
7. A learning False A learning contract gives Strategies for
contract is used teachers a way to differentiate differentiating,
with students instruction in the classroom
who have instead of teachers dictating how ca/priscillatheroux/diff
behavior students will learn. erentiatingstrategies.h
problems. • Students are able to tml
decide in what way their
education will be
• Learning contracts vary on
specific student needs.

8. Tiering False The curricular content and What is differentiated
assignments objectives are the same but the Instruction,
means that they process is varied according to http://www.k8accessc
are watered the students’ level of readiness.
down for slow ources/readingdifferen
students. tiation.asp

Nunez September 26, 2008 Page | 2 Readability Grade Level: 11.1
9. Pre- and True Significant pre-assessment Differentiated
ongoing naturally leads to functional and Instruction,
assessment successful differentiation.
guides • Assessments may be
differentiated formal or informal, blications/ncac/ncac_
instruction. including interviews, diffinstruc.html
surveys, performance
assessments, and more
formal evaluation
• Incorporating pre and on-
going assessment informs
teachers to better provide
a different approaches,
choices, and options for
the varying needs,
interests and abilities that
exist in classrooms of
diverse students.

10. Anchor False Anchor activities are purposeful Strategies for
activities are activities that deepen student differentiating,
busy work. understanding of content and
enrich skills need to acquire. ca/priscillatheroux/diff
• These activities must be erentiatingstrategies.h
worthy of students time tml
and appropriate to their
learning needs.


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