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Alexis Park Inn Americinn Baymont Inn & Suites BPO Elks Country Club Camp IO-DIS-E-CA

Number licenses Address

1 1165 S. Riverside Dr., Iowa City 2 2597 Holiday Rd., Coralville 1 200 Sixth St., Coralville 1 637 Foster Rd., Iowa City 1 3271 Sandy Beach Rd., NE, Solon

Closed by Health Inspector

Positive pathogen test

Pool closed 3/16/11 for shock after positive E. coli test

Positive test for E. coli and coliform 3/16/11

Pool closed 7/13/11because chlorine levels off Spas (2) 5/10/11 because don't have compliant covers; spas closed 3/31/10 for non-compliant covers and chlorine too high

Best Western Cantebury Inn Capitol Street Apartments

3 704 First Ave., Coraivlle 1

Clarion Highlander Comfort Inn Comfort Suites Coralville Fairfield Inn Coralville Recreation Center Country Inn & Suites Emerald Court Hampton Inn - Coralville Heartland Inn Holiday Inn Express Marriott Hotel & Convention Center Melrose Meadows Mercer Park Aquatic Center New Life Fitness World North Dodge Athletic Club North Liberty Aquatic Center

2 2525 N. Dodge St., Iowa City 2 209 W. Ninth St., Coralville 3 2431 James St., Coralville 2 214 Ninth St., Coralville 3 1506 Eighth St., Coralville 2 2571 Heartland Place 1 1010 W. Benton St., Iowa City 2 1200 First Ave., Coralville 1 87 Second St., Coralville 2 970 25th Ave., Coralville 2 300 E. Ninth St., Coralville 1 350 Dublin Dr., Iowa City 6 2701 Bradford Dr., Iowa City 2 2220 Mormon Trek Blvd., Iowa City 1 2400 N. Dodge St., Iowa City 4 5 E. Cherry St., North Liberty

Pool closed 3/24/11 because no chlorine; Pool closed 2/28/11 because too much chlorine; Spa closed 3/18/10 because of chlorine levels Pool closed 2/15/11 because too high chlorine; Spa closed 2/15/11 because broken outlet cover

Pool & Spa closed 3/5/12 because no chlorine

Pool closed and shocked after coliform test 7/28/11

Positive test for coliform 7/28/11

Pool closed and shocked 8/4/10 after crypto report Hot tub closed 7/13/11 for pseudomonas, shock required; Hot tub closed Tested positive for pseudomonas 9/9/11 for pseudo, shock required 7/13/11 and 9/9/11

Oaknoll Christian Retirement Oakwood Village Condos River Ridge Place Robert A Lee Recreation Center

2 1 Oaknoll Ct., Iowa City 1 100-1800 21st. Ave. Pl., Coralville 1 4 220 S. Gilbert St., Iowa City

Seville Apts Sheraton City Plaza Hotel Sleep Inn

2 900 W. Benton St., Iowa City 4 210 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City 2 485 Madison Ave., N., North Liberty Pool closed 7/25/11 because of coliform, shock needed; Pool closed 6/11/10 because chlorine too high; Pool closed 7/8/11 because chlorine too high Spa closed 3/23/11 because chlorine and pH too high; spa closed 3/18/10 because chlorine and ph out of balance

Sleepy Hollow Campground The Lodge Apts/Hawks Ridge Travelodge U of I Recreation and Wellness Center University Athletic Club Uof I Athletics Uof I Field House Valley Forge Apts Western Hills MHP Westgate Villa

Oxford 1 100 Hawk Ridge Dr., Iowa City 2 2216 N. Dodge St., Iowa City 5 2 1360 Melrose Ave., Iowa City 2 1 1 2048 Ninth St., Coralville 1 3701 Second St, Coralville 1 600-714 Westgate St., Iowa City

Tested positive for coliform 7/25/11

Source of Columns A, C and D: Johnson County Department of Public Health Addresses compiled by The Gazette and KCRG.

Iowa County Amana Clarion Inn CCA- Amana School City of Marengo East Iowa Bible Camp Quiet House Williamsburg Family Aquatic Center Williamsburg School Total Louisa County None Muscatine County City of Wilton Pool Mark Twain HOA Total February July 2 1 3 0 A2, A3 NONE Yes Yes August, March-S December June June December July December 5 1 1 1 2 3 1 14 5 5 NONE NONE D2, H5 A3, B4 B1, F10 A2, F3 NONE Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes