All Nations Christian Reformed Church

Announcements for the Week of December 16th – 22nd , 2007
Calendar: Monday Wednesday Saturday Sunday 9:30am Coffee Break 8:00pm Choir meets at the church 6:45pm Neighbourhood Carol Sing; meet at the Porters’ 10:00am Matthew 12:15b-21, “Hope in Troubled Times (4): All Nations” No evening worship

It is Advent: “Advent” means coming. In this season (4 Sundays before Christmas) we do remember the 1st coming of Christ, but especially express our longing and prepare for his 2nd coming. Our theme this year is “Hope in Troubled Times” (Psalm 9:9, 18). We’ll be hoping our way through some current issues. Here is a schedule for December: Dec 16 am: “Hope in Troubled Times (3)” Dec 16 pm: no worship; 5 pm Christmas dinner, followed by Offerings of Music and Gifts Dec 23 am: “Hope in Troubled Times (4)” Dec 23 pm: no evening worship Dec 25, Christmas: 10:00 worship Dec 30 am: Karen Norris preaching (communion) open-house lunch at Walkers’ Dec 30 pm: no evening worship “May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.” (Psalm 33:22)

 In our church’s prayer cycle, pray for those on page 13 of the directory: Nikki Mohle; Teri & Jeff
Murray (and babies in womb); Naomi Pleizer; Dale & Carolyn Poel; Doug, Jane, and Jesse Porter; Vartan Pour Nickghalb.  Continue to pray for those struggling with long term health: Mary Joseph, Margaret Henry, B.J. Fullerton, Deloris Boutilier, and for Teri & Jeff Murray who are expecting twin boys.  Pray for Judith Howe, whose sister, Tootsie, is near the end of her life.

 Pray for our church’s budget – particularly our Debt Reduction and Building Funds – as we
approach the end of the year.  Pray for our Deacons – at this time of year their ministry becomes so crucial, and at times, demanding. Thank God for their hearts and talents!

 From the Abuse Prevention agency of the Christian Reformed Church: Victims often lament,
“Where was God when I was being hurt?” Do you wonder if the offender asks a similar question, “Where was God when I was hurting this person?” One voice cries out for mercy; the other, even if regretful, hopes mercy and justice will stay away. Pray for mercy and justice in all situations of violence and abuse. Halifax House of Prayer: All are welcome to come to pray for the city with other Christians, on Friday, Dec. 21st (starting at 12 o’clock midnight and running all day until 12 midnight). This month at: Halifax Victory Church, 12 Hillcrest St., Halifax. (For more information or how you can become more involved, call Grace at 453-4379.)

Neighbourhood Carol Sing: Come and join friends and neighbours for an old-fashioned Carol Sing. On the evening of Saturday, December 22nd, you are invited to come and share tidings of comfort and joy with the church neighbourhood. This is an outdoor event. Dress very warmly with boots and bring a flashlight. We will meet at 6:45pm at the Porters, 2350 Clifton Street, and start the walk at 7pm. Warm cider and goodies afterward back at the Porters. Last week’s offerings: General Fund $5436.50 Rent 62.50 Back to God Hour 257.30 Benevolence 315.00 Peter Fish 88.52 ARK 20.00 Debt Reduction 1120.00 Building Fund 50.00 Total: $7349.82 Christmas Shoe Box Challenge: The Metro Non Profit Housing Support Centre is asking for donations of Christmas Shoe Boxes. At the centre people deal with housing, finance and health issues or simply meet with friends. For many people at the centre, a Christmas Shoe Box will be the only gift they receive. You are invited to prepare a shoe box full of personal items for men or women: toiletries (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs), socks, scarves, mitts, underwear, playing cards, wallet, bus tickets, Tim Horton’s gift certificates, etc.. (The ratio of men to women boxes that are needed is 5 to 1). Last year we were able to bless 40 people with a gift! The shoe boxes can be brought to church by Sunday Dec. 16th. Contact Elna for more info.

News from our Denomination
WORLD MISSIONS: Go for a summer... be changed forever! Visit for information about Christian Reformed World Missions’ Summer Mission Program 2008. Young adults can learn about cross-cultural ministry with CRWM missionaries and their national ministry partners in China, Eastern Europe, Guatemala, Japan, Mali, Mexico or Nigeria. Applications are due Feb. 15th. Don’t miss this great opportunity! MARY’S MIRACLE: What would it be like to meet an angel for the first time? What would it be like for an unmarried virgin to be told she would become pregnant and give birth to the Saviour of the world? Join us for the special Christmas drama “Mary’s Miracle” on the Dec. 23rd Back to God Hour. Go to for local stations and times. DIACONAL MINISTRIES CANADA (DMC): DMC’s board and staff praise God for your support during 2007. This support enables communities in Canada to be transformed with the love of Christ. For more information on how DMC equips deacons and churches for community ministry, visit READING WEEK PROJECT: (Feb. 16 - 24) for College & University Students! do justice, love kindness, walk humbly… come spend “A Week With Micah 6:8” on a special service & learning project in Toronto geared specifically for you! Live in a diverse community and experience in a very special way God’s call for your lives and for his people. For information contact ServiceLink Canada or Fred Witteveen at Friendship Community Church CRWRC: Come see and experience Honduras and the ministries of CRWRC on a ServiceLearning Discovery Tour from March 7-15. Tour participants will visit various ministries and partners of CRWRC on this nine day tour. Costs are $1,026 per person, plus airfare. Don’t delay-the application deadline is Jan. 22. Contact ServiceLink at 800-730-3490 or
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