--> Refreshing HKDEV with HKSIT backup --> Mount HKSIT data volume (sjc1qd01 /d01) to HKDEV --> Put an entry in /etc

/exports folder in sjc1qd01 (HKSIT data volume i s on qd01) /d01 sjc1pa01(ro,no_root_squash,sync) --> run exportfs -a under root on sjc1qd01 above 2 steps will enable volume share from qd01 to pa01 --> login to pa01 and connect as root --> create mount point at /mnt/qd01_d01 (if it is already exists use it) --> Use below command to mount the volume mount -t nfs -o (options are optional) sjc1qd01:/d01 /mnt/qd01_d01 --> above command will mount the volume Issue "mount" command and make sure it shows the above mount point. --> Copy data files from qd01 to pa01 /b01/oradata/hkdev folder ----------------------------------------------------------------HKDEV refresh Port Pool : 40 all context files are already existed. So, just need to run config with context files. ----------------------------base location for all stacks /b01/app/oracle/hkdev Appl top --> <base>/hkdevappl comn top --> 806 top --> ias top --> 10g top --> data top --> /b01/oradata/hkdev -----------------------------If the env doesn't exists then we need to run adcfgclone.sh with dbTechStack opt ion Set the hkdev db environment. go to scripts dir /z01/appsdba/refresh/hkdev run ccf_hkdev.sql sqlplus> startup nomount sqlplsu> @ccf_hkdev.sql SQL> recover database using backup controlfile until cancel; ORA-00279: change 25661046295 generated at 06/07/2010 07:24:20 needed for thread 1 ORA-00289: suggestion : /b01/app/oracle/hkdev/hkdevdb/10.2.0/dbs/arch1_1341_719774290.dbf ORA-00280: change 25661046295 for thread 1 is in sequence #1341 Specify log: {<RET>=suggested | filename | AUTO | CANCEL} cancel

SQL> exec fnd_conc_clone. Note: Above command will clear all configuration settings in database related to old instance.0/appsutil/h kdev_sjc1pa01. --. Tablespace altered.After DB Started.sql --> go to application level set linux32 bash emulation copy gcc and g++ 32 bit version --> set apps environment b'coz we have environment files already existed.sql sql> @post_apps_temp.sh <current apps pwd> <system pwd> <new apps pwd> --> validate by logging as apps with new apps pwd. make sure all below temp.Restart database one time sql> shutdown immediate sql> startup -----------. .sql --> Set dba_directories with proper paths related hkdev by connecting as system sql> post_prod_refresh_system.sql to clean the pending concurrent requests from old instance under apps. sql> @cm_clean.2. log and out variables are properly set . ------.xm l to clone directory.sh and ch_cpass_standard.xml appspass=appshk5it Above command finishes the DB configuration. --> go to comn_top/clone directory and copy the Appl_top/admin/<context_file>. (we can see it in fnd_nodes table an example) -> perl adconfig./ch_cpass_apps. --> go to scripts directory and execute ch_cpass_apps.pl contextfile=/b01/app/oracle/hkdev/hkdevdb/10. we can directly set the apps password and then run adcfgclone with new password. SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE TEMP2 ADD TEMPFILE '/b01/oradata/hkdev/temp02..sh <changed apps pwd> <system pwd> <new stdrd pwd> --> run cm_clean.s h commands .dbf' reuse./ch_cpass_standard.setup_clean. SQL> commit. ---Hence all context files existed in system. initiate step by step for app level refresh ----> connect as apps and cleare conc manager and app node information.Media recovery cancelled.sql --> hence db is copied from hksit we may not need to run full version of post_re fesh_apps.App side configuration. SQL> alter database open resetlogs.

The program is going to ask you for information about the new system: Provide the values required for creation of the new APPL_TOP Context file.xml ------------------apps tier perl adcfgclone.0/appsutil/hksit_ sjc1qd01.pl appsTier Enter the APPS password [APPS]: superb0wl First Creating a new context file for the cloned system.pl on app tier.local]: Does the target system have more than one application tier server node (y/n) [n] ?: Is the target system APPL_TOP divided into multiple mount points (y/n) [n] ?: Target system APPL_TOP mount point [/u02/app/oracle/oadiagappl]:/q01/app/oracle/ hksit/hksitappl .pl database /q01/app/oracle/hksit/hksitdb/10. Do you want to use a virtual hostname for the target node (y/n) [n] ?: Target system database SID [oadiag]:hksit Target system domain name [corporate.pl appsTier /b01/app/oracle/hkdev/hkdevcomn/clone/hkdev_sjc1pa01 .xml Enter the APPS password [APPS]: [oracle@sjc1qd01 bin]$ perl adcfgclone.s_applcsf = /b01/app/hkdev/admin s_appltmp = /b01/app/hkdev/temp s_applptmp = /b01/app/hkdev/temp s_reptmp = /b01/app/hkdev/temp s_logdir = /b01/app/hkdev/admin/log/hkdev_sjc1pa01 s_outdir = /b01/app/hkdev/admin/out/hkdev_sjc1pa01 s_temp = /b01/app/hkdev/temp Make sure below process status value set to disabled s_tcfstatus s_metcname s_icsmstatus s_jtffsstatus s_icxblkstatus s_discostatus s_mwastatus --> run adcfgclone.local]: Target system database server node [linux-dba5]:sjc1qd01 Target system database domain name [corporate.2. perl adcfgclone.

.0 (y/n) [y] ?:n Target system Display [sjc1qd01:0.0.6]: Target system JRE_TOP [/opt/java1.5. /usr/tmp 2.0/appsutil/outbound/hksit_sjc1qd01 4.lst Verifying Database Connection. 1..Target system COMMON_TOP directory [/u02/app/oracle/oadiagcomn]:/q01/app/oracle/ hksit/hksitcomn Target system 8.6]:/q01 /app/oracle/hksit/hksitora/8. Database Connection on Port 1551: Successful Target system proxy port [80]: UTL_FILE_DIR on database tier consists of the following directories. /q01/app/hksit/temp 5.0. /q01/app/oracle/hksit/hksitdb/10.xml. /usr/tmp Choose a value which will be set as APPLPTMP value on the target node [1]:2 Backing up /q01/app/oracle/hksit/hksitappl/admin/hksit_sjc1qd01.0/appsutil/outbound/hksit_sjc1qd01 6.2. Enter the port pool number [0-99]: 30 Checking the port pool 30 done: Port Pool 30 is free Complete port information available at /q01/app/oracle/hksit/hksitappl/admin/out /hksit_sjc1qd01/portpool. Clone Context will validate the port availability. /q01/app/oracle/hksit/hksitdb/10.0.xml to /q01/app/ oracle/hksit/hksitappl/admin/hksit_sjc1qd01.0]: .2.0]: Location of the JDK on the target system [/opt/java1. /q01/app/hksit/temp 3.6 Target system iAS ORACLE_HOME directory [/u01/app/oracle/oadiagora/iAS]:/q01/app /oracle/hksit/hksitora/iAS Do you want to preserve the Display set to linux-dba5:0.bak Do you want to reset custom variable settings(y/n) [n]:y Value for c_MARKVIEW_TOP[/q01/app/oracle/hksit/hksitappl/markview/11.6 ORACLE_HOME directory [/u01/app/oracle/oadiagora/8.6]: Do you want to preserve the port values from the source system on the target sys tem (y/n) [y] ?:n Clone Context uses the same port pool mechanism as the Rapid Install Once you choose a port pool.

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