README NHL® 09 PC 09/12/08 **************************************************************** I English **************************************************************** Thank you for purchasing EA SPORTS NHL® 09.

This README file contains information on features not covered in the manual, as well as more detailed information on certain features already covered in the manual. This README file also contains information on known issues, multiplayer issues and hardware issues. Content of Web Links within this document may not be under the control of Electronic Arts . ################################################################ 1. 2. System Requirements Installation a) Installing NHL® 09 b) Digital Retail Installation c) If your "Autorun" feature is disabled DirectX 9.0c Uninstalling Memory Requirements Performance Issues and Troubleshooting a) Video Cards b) Improving Gameplay Performance c) Improving Graphic Details d) Memory e) Sound Card f) DVD-ROM (disc Users only) g) Controller h) Modem i) Internet Dynasty Mode Gameplay Settings Game Controls EA SPORTS Online Requirements Stat Abbreviations

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################################################################ ============================================================= 1. System Requirements ============================================================= Minimum: 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent (1.5 GHz for Windows® Vista ) 256 Megabytes of RAM (512 MB for Windows® Vista ) DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D accelerated 64 MB video card or equivalent (see supported chipsets in section 6) 3.01 GB free hard disk space Additional space required for DirectX 9.0c installation and for saved ga mes) 8X Speed DVD-ROM (disc Users only) DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card Broadband connection for online activation and online gameplay

MS compatible mouse Keyboard EA Download Manager Users require 2. games are located in the Start > Progr ams > Games > Games Explorer menu.) If your "Autorun" feature is disabled If for some reason your "Autorun" feature is disabled. Windows® NT 4. and Windows® 2000 are not supported. click the install i con that appears and follow the on-screen Required Software: DirectX 9. * Once the game has installed you can launch it by locating the game through th e Start menu.EXE directly from the root directory of the DVD. Windows® ME. . c. *NOTE .0c ============================================================ 2. you can install the progr am by running AUTORUN. * Games on Windows Vista are located in the Start > Games menu and on earlier ve rsions of Windows in the Start > Programs (or All Programs) menu. Consult your Windows® XP/Windows® Vista documentation for more information.7 GB additional space for temporary installa tion files Required Operating Systems: Windows® XP SP2.eastore. In Windows Vista Classic Start menu or http://www. Installing the Game ============================================================ a.To install the game properly on Windows® XP/Windows® Vista . or Windows® Vista Note that Windows® 95.) Installing NHL® 09 Windows (disc users): * Insert the disc into your disc drive and follow the on-screen instructions. Windows (EA Store users): * Once the game has been downloaded by EA Download Manager. Windows® 98.) Digital Retail Installation Please contact the digital retailer through whom you purchased this game for ins tructions on how to install the game or how to download and reinstall another copy of the game. Note: If you d like additional information about your game as well as tips and pat ches please visit http://www. * Launch the game (once it is installed) directly from the EA Download Manager. b. you will need administrator access to your machine.

) Memory requirements in Windows NHL® 09 requires a minimum of 256MB of RAM (512MB in Vista) to run. we have included DirectX 9. ================================================================ 6) Performance Issues and Troubleshooting ================================================================ ---------------------------------------------------------------- .) Running the game under stressful Windows conditions At Electronic Arts we strive to bring you the best in graphics. Windows® Vista has a Programs and Features icon in the Control Panel that you can use to uninstall the game.EXE" Double-click on DXSETUP.0c ============================================================= Direct X 9.) Virtual memory We recommend that you let your operating system automatically manage the amount of virtual memory.) DirectX and supported hardware We recommend that NHL® 09 be run with DirectX 9. DirectX 9. Uninstalling NHL® 09 ============================================================= Windows® has an "Add/Remove Programs" icon in the Control Panel that you can use to uninstall the game. We also suggest you update your sound card and video card drivers to the newest release from the vendor or chipset website. a. While we have made every effort to ensure that NHL® 09 multi-tasks with all Windows applications. the better the game will perform in all areas.0c compatible sound cards and video cards. c. b. ============================================================= 4. For your convenience.EXE to begin DirectX 9. and access the following path on your DVD-ROM drive: "\DirectX\DXSETUP. b.0c installation.) Installing DirectX directly from DVD If you would like to install it manually.============================================================= 3. Note: The more system memory available. We are always pushing the envelope of computer performance. make sure the NHL® 09 Disc is in the DVD -ROM drive. we recommend that you shut down other applications (including virus scanners) and run NHL® 09 by itself when possible. audio and gameplay.0c on the NHL® 09 Disc.0c will be installed as part of the EA Sports NHL® 09 Installation on Windows® XP operating systems. ============================================================= 5. Memory Requirements ============================================================= a.

Off-Play Player Detail -. The NVIDIA GeForce MX series are not supported. but are not officially suppor ted as they have not been tested.) On-Play Arena Detail -. www.the detail level of the players during gameplay. Click on Display Options and adjust the sliders up. ---------------------------------------------------------------b) Improving Gameplay Performance ---------------------------------------------------------------To improve gameplay performance. go to Display Settings in the Pause Menu. DirectX go to Display Settings in the Pause Menu. Please use the following links for additional support: www. www. Also make sure you run the game with the lowest resolution. Disabling Crossfire will prevent the flickering. . *Note: Users with ATI Radeon HD Crossfire cards may experience flickering on som e load screens. 3850. 2900. 3870 X2 NVIDIA GeForce3/Ti series NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti series NVIDIA GeForce FX series (FX 5900 is not supported in Windows Vista ) NVIDIA GeForce 6000 series NVIDIA GeForce 7000 series NVIDIA GeForce 8000 series NVIDIA GeForce 9000 series NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Intel 915 Intel 950 Intel 965 *Note: Laptop versions of these chipsets may work.a) Video Cards ---------------------------------------------------------------NHL® 09 Supports the following Video Chipsets: ATI Radeon 9000 series ATI Radeon Xpress 200 ATI Radeon X550 ATI Radeon X600 ATI Radeon X700 ATI Radeon X800 ATI Radeon X850 ATI Radeon X1000 series ATI Radeon HD 2600. Click on Display Options and adjust the sliders to minimum. 3450.) ---------------------------------------------------------------c) Improving Graphic Details ---------------------------------------------------------------To improve Graphic Details.c om.0c is required to run the game and is included on the NHL® 09 DVD. On-Play Player Detail -.nvidia.the detail level of the players during offplay sequences (whenever the clock is not running.ati.the detail level of the arena during gameplay.the detail level of the arena during offplay sequences (whenever the clock is not running. Off-Play Arena Detail -. It is recommended that you update your video card drivers to the ones most recently released by the manufacturer.

1 DVD/XL/LT/Pocket) Hercules Gamesurround Fortissimo II Hercules Gamesurround Fortissimo III Hercules Digifire 7.) You must have at least 3.) On-Play Arena Detail -.1) TerraTec Aureon (5. Off-Play Player Detail -.1 Audiotrak Maya (5.1/EX5.1/EX7. * Empty Recycle Bin * Run Disk Clean Up utility * Defragment your hard drive.1/ Theatre 7.the detail level of the arena during gameplay.1 NVIDIA nForce2 Audio AC 97 Compliant Audio Controller Intel High Definition Audio SoundMAX® Audio Controller SoundMAX® HD Audio Controller M-Audio Revolution 7.1 M-Audio Sonica USB (5.This will decrease your frame rate but improve the detail quality of the players and arena. ---------------------------------------------------------------e) SOUND CARD ---------------------------------------------------------------NHL® 09 Supports the following Audio Chipsets using DirectSound: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Creative Labs Sound Blaster MP3+ Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy Hercules Gamesurround Muse (5. ---------------------------------------------------------------d) MEMORY ---------------------------------------------------------------NHL® 09 requires 256 MB RAM in Windows XP (512 in Windows Vista ) and Virtual Memory Enabled.1/7.1) M-Audio Transit USB Audiotrak Prodigy 7.the detail level of the players during gameplay. On-Play Player Detail -. Suggestions to free up space: * Delete old Temporary Internet files and Temporary installation files.1 Hercules Game Theater XP 7.01 GB of free hard disk space to install the game. Off-Play Arena Detail -.the detail level of the arena during offplay sequences (whenever the clock is not running. We recommend you maintain more than 200MB of free hard disk space.1 Space) Turtle Beach Santa Cruz 5.) You may also increase the game resolution. We recommend that you let your operating system manage the amount of virtual memory automatically (the default setting.the detail level of the players during offplay sequences (whenever the clock is not running.1 Fun/7.1 *Note: Some issues may occur due to hardware/driver .

If your sound card driver does not support DirectSound. the DirectX setup program attempts to install a DirectSound supported driver for your sound card. the DirectX setup program attempts to replace your existing sound card driver. access the Device Manager tab in Control Panel > System. If your sound card driver does not support DirectSound. This is a list of all supported controllers for NHL® 09: . ---------------------------------------------------------------f) DVD-ROM (disc Users only) ---------------------------------------------------------------NHL® 09 disc Users requires an 8x DVD drive.SYS) to control your DVD-ROM. To configure a driver. *Please consult your sound card manufacturer for updated drivers if DirectSound drivers are not available in the included DirectX files from Microsoft. access the Control Panel.limitations. This controller will give access to all the gameplay features. BUT THERE IS NO SOUND *Make sure your speakers or headphones are plugged into the appropriate jack and the volume control is turned up. DVD-ROM PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS *Be sure that you use a 32-bit native driver of your Windows operating system to control your DVD-ROM drive. If this does not solve the problem make sure your sound card is installed correctly. If your sound card driver does not support DirectSound you may experience choppy or stuttering sound or sound that cuts in and out. Extra Notes: NHL® 09 requires a sound card to play. you must install and calibrate it in Windows. and launch the Game Controllers applet. *Do not use a DOS-based 16-bit driver (loaded in CONFIG. NHL® 09 recommends the Logitech Dual Action controller. INSTALLED SOUND CARD. GENERAL SOUND CARD INFORMATION *During DirectX installation. ---------------------------------------------------------------g) CONTROLLER ---------------------------------------------------------------CONTROLLER ISSUES Controller Calibration In order for your controller to work properly in NHL® 09. Note that some gaming devices use their own applets or software for installation and calibration. we recommend obtaining updated drivers from your sound card manufacturer. NHL® 09 supports DirectSound. To install or calibrate your controller in Windows. Performance may be significantly reduced. Support also depends on the Operating System in use.

Recommended for Internet Play: *DSL or Cable Internet connection. ---------------------------------------------------------------i) INTERNET ---------------------------------------------------------------Your game will require online activation the first time you start it. . This will require an internet connection. Dynasty Mode ================================================================ In this section you will find more details about certain Dynasty screens. ---------------------------------------------------------------h) MODEM ---------------------------------------------------------------NHL® 09 requires a Broadband connection for online play.Logitech Logitech® Logitech® Logitech® Logitech® Logitech® Logitech® Saitek P2900 Wireless Pad P2600 Rumble Pad P2500 Rumble Pad P990 Dual Analog Pad P880 Rumble Pad Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 2-in-1 Rumble Force Rechargeable Wireless 2-in-1 Dual Trigger 2-in-1 Dual Trigger Gamepad Wireless Dual Trigger Gamepad FireStorm Dual Power 3 FireStorm Wireless Gamepad FireStorm Dual Analog 3 Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows® ChillStream Cordless Rumblepad 2 Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback Gamepad RumblePad Dual Action Gamepad Cordless RumblePad Note: NHL® 09 does not support force feedback on controllers. ================================================================ 7. *Play with an opponent that is in the same general region as you.

Determines the general accuracy and power of the players on the ice. Upgrades affect your team in different ways. Augment this settings if you want the passes to happen more often. When a player has 0 years left that means they are going to need a new contract or they will be released to free agency at the end of the season. Players skate faster. The player's attributes will change with practice schedules. Augment this setting if you want the players to be more accurate when shooting. Determines the strength and effectiveness of the defense. Try to achieve what is expected from you and you will accumulate Trust Points to invest in new upgrades for your team. GAMEPLAY SETTINGS ================================================================ NHL® 09 allows you to adjust a variety of settings to customize how the game plays . CONTRACTS SCREEN: This screen is used to re-sign players or release players from your team. even if your team didn't make it or is eliminated. Your scouting upgrade level will determine how many ratings are visible and the accuracy of the information you have. You will earn or lose Trust Points in relation to those owner's expectations. PLAYOFFS CENTRAL : Now you can attend the playoffs. when their skills can change the outcome in a big way. ================================================================ 8. Determines the intensity of the best player at the end of a match. PROGRESS REPORTS SCREEN: This screen is used to track the progress of your team. Upgrades can be bought with Owner's Trust Points obtained by accomplishing owner's expectations. this makes for a speedier game.OWNER'S TRUST SYSTEM : Each game is evaluated by the owner of your team in relation to your capacity to achieve victory. player morale and injury. SCOUTING REPORTS SCREEN: This screen shows you the upcoming players available in the entry draft. This sets the amount and general quality of all passes. You will be able to sim rounds or the entire playoffs and follow the action by accessing the Playoffs Tree. PASSING DEFENSE INTENSITY . You can now follow the progress of potential rookies by marking them with an X. Keep an eye on your players attributes and see what you. upgrades. so make your decisions wisely. as the GM. See above for Owner's Trust System explanation. Once you save the upgrades you will not be able to reverse the decision. UPGRADES SCREEN: This is where you will decide how to upgrade your organization and team. The AI options and what they do are as follows: Master Settings SKATING SHOOTING Determines the rhythm and speed of the game. can do to keep everyone performing at peak levels.

Determines how quickly your players tire. Determines how quickly your players recover from fatigue. Move the slider to the left/right to decrease/ increase the difficulty of lining up a body check and hitting an opponent. A soft dump is a tap of the button. Move the slider to the left/right to decrease/increase CPU assistance in completing passes. Sets how fast the puck will travel when dumped in.DUMPING INJURIES Determines the frequency of the AI controlled players dumping the puck. of interceptions. Determines the speed of the puck when dumped in softly. Determines Determines Determines Determines how how how the often the effective effective frequency CPU blocks shots. Adjusts how fast players accelerate from a standing position. hooking a player is. . poke checking a player is. Move the slider to the left to decrease the game speed or to the right to increase it. Adjusts the speed of passes. Determines the height of the puck when dumped in. Adjusts the power of shots. NOTE* This setting does not affect gameplay unless the Injuries option on the Rules screen is set to ON. Determines how fast saucer passes are. Adjusts the percentage of your player s speed burst. Sets the level of aggressiveness. the more power his speed burst has. The higher the value. Adjusts the power of players hits. Skating GAME SPEED SPEED BURST FATIGUE RECOVERY PLAYER ACCELERATION PUCK CONTROL FATIGUE EFFECT Checking HITTING POWER HITTING DIFFICULTY AGGRESSION Passing PASS ASSIST PASS SPEED SAUCER PASS SPEED GOALIE PASSING Shooting SHOT ACCURACY SHOT POWER Defense SHOT BLOCKING HOOK EFFECTIVENESS POKE EFFECTIVENESS PASS INTERCEPTIONS Dumping DUMP SPEED DUMP HEIGHT SOFT DUMP SPEED SOFT DUMP HEIGHT n softly. Determines how well your players control the puck. Adjusts the accuracy of shots. Sets the accuracy of goalie passes. Determines the height the puck will travel when dumped i *NOTE: The difference between a soft dump and a normal dump is how long you hold the shoot button down. Determines how often players get injured.

Stat Abbreviations ================================================================ The following are explanations of the stat abbreviations used in NHL® 09: Team Standings GP W L T OTL P GF Games Played Wins Losses Ties Overtime Loss (also known as RT. Cycle through them by pressing NUMPAD4 or NUMPAD6. please note that the characters displayed are based on an English keyboard layout. Regulation Tie) Points Goals For . please ensure that all critical Windows Updates have been installed. Game Controls ================================================================ Additional info on game controls: The following controls are mapped to the keyboard and cannot be changed: Defensive and Offensive Strategies are mapped to NUMPAD4 and numpad6. press NUMPAD8. the following TCP/IP ports must be open in the outbound direction: HTTP 80 TCP/IP HTTPS 443 TCP/IP MsgConn/IM 13500-13599 TCP/IP Roomsvr 32600-32699 TCP/IP The following UDP ports must be opened for game packets. To change lines. Firewalls Note that if you have a firewall and want to play online. On the Configure Controller screen. for the outbound and inbound connections Game Packets 3658 UDP When attempting to host or join an Internet or Network game under a Windows XP Limited User Account.================================================================ 9. ================================================================ 10. you have to ensure: a. Failure to have these updates installed could cause the game to crash or hang when connecting to another user. EA SPORTS Online Requirements ================================================================ To play online. ================================================================ 11. Cycle through lines by pressing NUMPAD8.

Regulation Tie) Points Goals For Goals Against Powerplay Goals For Total Power Play opportunities Powerplay percentage Shorthanded Goals Against Powerplay Goals Against Times Shorthanded -.GA L10 Team Stats GP W L T OTL P GF GA PPGF TPP PP% SHGA PPGA TSH PK% SHGF Player Stats GP G A P +/S S% H PIM PPG SHG GWG GTG FOW FOT GV TK m Min Goals Against Record in their last 10 games Games Played Wins Losses Ties Overtime Loss (also known as many times did he give the puck away to the other team Takeaways many times did he take the puck away from the other tea Minutes Played Goalie Stats GAA W L T GA SA SO Min PIM Save% Goals Against Average Wins Losses Ties Goals Against Shots Against Shutouts Minutes Played Penalty Minutes Save Percentage .how many times did the team have to kill a penalty Penalty Kill percentage Shorthanded Goals For Games Played Goals Assists Points Plus/Minus Shots Shooting Percentage Hits Penalty minutes Powerplay Goals Shorthanded Goals Game Winning Goals Game Tying Goals Faceoffs Won Faceoffs Taken Giveaways -.