Course: research Methodology (Qualitative


Assignment on Observation

Submitted to: Dr. Savitree Subrhamaniun. Submitted by: Vikram Singh.

M.Phil (Semester-1st)

Centre for the Study of Law and Governance Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi.

Than trainee observed that two boys on the right side of the trainee are discussing something related to the admission procedures in different universities. 7:35 pm people presented in the mess have occupied two rows the very first row and the last row which are distinguished in a manner first for males and last for females and also the age groups of people presented that time are young respectively they are students from graduation. but due to occasion of IdUl-Aza the supply of chicken was not there so they are serving only vegetarian meal only. After this trainee came outside and sited in the very first row than simultaneously during the meal started observing the things. protest. Day: Wednesday. the pamphlets on food distribution counter was not there (i.H.A.) Generally they has been kept by the volunteers of different political parties exist in JNU. of people increased in the mess specifically the no. Furthermore when trainee entered in the kitchen to take chapatti he observed that like other day’s mess workers are not making fresh chapattis they have already prepared and they are kept in big hot pot. Through the dialogue delivery between them trainee came to know that both are from North India specifically from UP and in UP they are from Western UP which trainee observed through dialects they are using in their conversation and after confirmation find it true. By the mean time trainee observed that five female members have get their dinner packed and gone.e. Date: 17/Nov/2010. Post dinner talk etc. Second thing trainee observed that one thing which is very common in mess i. for public meetings. trainee also participated in the discussion and came to know that both are in graduation (i.e. Trainee entered in the mess at 7:25 pm before the mess started take a plate from the food distribution counter. of girls have been increased. Slowly –Slowly the no.U. French) respectively in first and third year. In discussion senior one is asking his junior that if he is not interested in graduation from language than along with Delhi University he may also apply for B.e. and the very first thing observed that day was Wednesday that day meal’s are supposed to be differentiated i. Than a group of five people have entered in mess among them two are female and three female they are from south India this observation made by trainee on the basis of language they are using . Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian.Timings: 7:25 pm-9:20 pm Place: Lohit Hostel Dining Hall.e. B. if want to opt Physics. Trainee observed that there are three rows in the Dining Hall but at the starting time of dinner approx.

Apart from this the trainee observed that the posture in the student sitting in the mess was gender specific approx. Certainly the voices of two male students seek attention of the trainee they are talking very loudly during their meal they are talking about their diet (i. Than trainee looked up at the kitchen entrance and saw that worker started making fresh chapattis and the dining hall was full with students all the three rows have been occupied. no. Second during the bites of meal females have continuous focus on the bite till they put it in mouth but males do not do the same. They went to the food distribution counter and three of them have purchased food coupon from the counter which are mandatory for the guest student who are residing in the hostel. People who have taken coupon among them one is male and two are female. of chapattis they consume at present have been decreased comparing to their past diet) one of them is also appreciating the dal. Lastly trainee observed that guard entered in the room for his dinner and three of the mess worker also having their meal. Than trainee observed that a boy entered in the dining hall with his bag and also putted earphone in his ear may be he is coming outside from the Hostel. Than a boy entered in mess roaming here and there and looking to everybody sitting in the dining hall may be he is searching for someone and without having his dinner he gone. Additionally trainee observed that the boy sitting on the left side of him sitting from last 45 min. all the females are sitting in cross leg posture and males in simple posture. than certainly one mess worker came from inside the kitchen and started cleaning the table he started from the last row because no one is sitting over there like this he came to second and first row all the student have gone only the trainee was there with his plate.during their conversation. of dinner because the time is 8:20 pm now. Trainee observed that the crowd which is presently having food is diverse in terms of age group. . in the mess and having his food trainee observed that he is eating very slowly. than he asked trainee have trainee done with his meal or not than finally trainee get back to his room at 9:20 pm. Along with this trainee observed that the person who is distributing the food have been replaced by a lady who is also a mess worker this replacement have taken place after 50 min. Than trainee observed that two boys arguing with mess manager regarding to the meals than certainly two mess workers (females) entered in the dining hall after putting their bag they have entered in the kitchen. Moreover trainee observed that two students sitting in the front of the trainee having discussion on Religion they are discussing that in Islamic country the celebration of Id is different compare to India.e. The mess is going to close till students are entering and most of them are getting their dinner packed all of them are females.

of student who has brought the pickle bottles are females.Furthermore the packed dinner has been taking by the female members only and also the no. Last but not the least the time expenditure is more among boys comparing to girls. .

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