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Here at ITU we are well known for our Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Training services, but most of our clients are surprised to find out that our training services go beyond just safety training. We have proudly become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Hands-On Vocational Training Equipment in the United States. Our Vocational Training Equipment is, by far, the most affordable on the market. Often several thousands of dollars less than our competitors, while still offering an equivalent, if not a better learning experience for the student. Our durable Hands-On training systems are built with safety in mind. They are powered by a standard 110 volt power supply but, the HandsOn components utilize a modified voltage (24.0 VAC) which allows a student to work with actual powered circuits yet protects the student from shock or burn. All of our Training Systems include all the training material required to familiarize the instructor with the educational material associated with the training system. As well as an easy to use full color educational Power Point Presentation and a full color student Workbook. The Automated Controls Troubleshooting Training System (featured to the right) is the most recent addition to our line of Vocational Training Systems. This is the only training system on the market today that features real simulated 3 phase power, but requires only 110 volt power supply. This Lab size

training system is actually several training systems in one. It has all the training components seen in both of ITU’s Programmable Controls and Electrical Controls Training Systems plus the 3 phase power capability and a linear actuator with limit switches and an optical sensor. This large training system stands 6’ tall and is 4’ wide. It is built from heavy duty steel square tubing and features a wide base with heavy duty locking swivel castor wheels. The frame folds in half horizontally making it easier to store and more mobile. When folded down the unit stands only 40” tall. With this electrical training system students will be challenged to use what they have learned in this class to troubleshoot and find real world failures in these training systems used in class. This is the best and fastest way to learn this technology. Hands-On! Featuring real components that are used in operating real electrical devices all over the world.

More Hands-On Vocational Training Systems
As mentioned before ITU offers many more Vocational Training Systems. We have developed a training system for nearly every electrical device found in industrial facilities today. Training Systems such as: Electrical Controls This Award Winning electrical training system teaches the basic wiring and troubleshooting of an electrical controls system. This technology is often found in escalators, conveyor belts, and elevators. This training panel is so effective it will have even entry level maintenance personnel using multi-meters like professionals to find and troubleshoot even the most difficult problems in electrical control systems! Programmable Controls (PLC) With this training system students will spend time learning how the Programmable Logic Controller is connected in common circuits and will actually wire input and outputs on a real working PLC. This panel is great for teaching students the automation of electromechanical processes. Processes used in assembly lines in the automotive industry, stop lights, railroad systems, rides at amusement parks, and automatic lighting, just to name a few. PLC technology is used everywhere every day. They are so common that we take them for granted and rely on them more and more ever day as we become more dependent on technology.

Electrical Wiring (Branch Wiring)
While using this training system students will learn the basics of branch wiring in a Commercial or Residential setting. This training panel is perfect for teaching construction trades students the basics of electrical wiring. It is also good for brushing up the skills of the pros and is actually quiet enjoyable for them. It gives them a chance to show off their knowledge about basic electrical wiring. This panel has also became popular for the electrical employee

hiring process. It is a great way to test electrical workers before you hire them to see if they really have the skills to wire in circuits and troubleshoot problems.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) (shown with new desktop frame)
This electrical training system is designed for working on real powered electrical circuits that include a Variable Frequency Drive to control the three phase motor (included). Also known as adjustablefrequency drives (AFD), variable-speed drives (VSD), AC drives, microdrives or inverter drives. This technology is used to control the rotational speed of electric motors. Often seen in ventilation systems in large buildings to control the variable-frequency motors on fans to manage the volume of air moved to match the demand of the system. Also commonly used on pumps and machine tool drives. Robotic Automation This Robotic Automation Training Panel makes use of a mini industrial robot (defined by the International Organization for Standardization as an automatically controlled, programmable, mulitpurpose manipulator in three or more axes) and is designed to teach a student how to set-up and control a standard RIOS (Robotic Arm Interactive Operating System) robotic platform. This fully functional 6 axis robotic training unit features the ability to instruct robot motions such as base rotation, shoulder function, elbow, wrist, wrist rotation, and grip. Using standard building blocks, the student will pick and intelligently place the block in position to simulate many robotic actions commonly found in the industrial automation areas. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Maintenance personnel come face to face with hydraulic & pneumatic systems almost daily. From compactors to plant air, from basic assembly fixtures to complex machinery, fluid and gas power is found all over our facilities. This class arms your maintenance staff with the tools they need to understand and identify failures and malfunctions in these complex systems. The Hydraulic side of the panel teaches the student the fundamentals of hydraulics. This technology is all around us. You used it this morning on you way to work or school when you applied the brakes on your vehicle to stop or slow down. You may also have even seen it in action when the garbage truck came to pick up your trash this morning. It is literally used everywhere from lowering the landing gear on air planes to splitting firewood to harvesting crops. It is most common and truly put to the test in the use of heavy machinery such as an excavators. The Pneumatic side of the panel teaches the fundamentals of Pneumatics technology by using the pressurization of gases to affect mechanical motion. It is just as common as hydraulic technology if not more so. It is used daily in construction with the use of pneumatic Call 866-851-9993 nail guns, jackhammers and various other tools. It is also used for or visit air brake systems on buses, trucks, and trains as well as in mining, dentistry, surgical tools, vacuum pumps and much more.

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