INTRODUCTION: SerDoc is a company that is into the business of manufacturing customized medica l equipment for hospitals.

Based on a request order from a hospital, they are ab out to initiate a project of building a new machine for the request. To accompli sh these, the project will involve the following phases: initiating, requirement gathering, design, development and testing, documentation, deployment and testi ng. This project is scheduled to start on October 15. THE PROJECT PRECEDENCE RELATIONSHIPS AND ITS ACTUAL DURATION PHASE TASK NAME TASK ID DAYS ACTUAL DAYS REQUIRED FOR THE TAS K 1 Initiating Defining the scope of the project 1 5 days Initiating Analyzing the existing product which is being produced b y SerDoc 2 10 days 10 2 Requirements Gathering Preparing the requirements document and a high-l evel design 3 15 days Requirements Gathering Conducting a proof of concept to validate the ap proach 4 7 days Requirements Gathering Signoff of requirements and a high-level design from the customers who have ordered the machine 5 4 days 22 3 Design Design of hardware components 6 20 days Design Detailed of product specifications 7 30 days Design Detailed program design 8 20 days 50 4 Development and Testing Manufacturing of the shell of the machine 9 40 days Development and Testing Assembling of the electronic components of the m achine 10 10 days Development and Testing Testing of the circuit for accuracy of responses 11 40 days Development and Testing Testing of the manufactured machine and calibrat ion to standards 12 15 days 95 5 Documentation Preparing an installation and user manual 13 30 days 0 6 Deployment and Testing Installation of the machine at the hospital 14 5 days Deployment and Testing Conducting trials and checking all functionality at the hospital after installation 15 10 days Deployment and Testing Getting client signoff 16 0 days Deployment and Testing Training hospital technicians for using the mach ine 17 15 days Deployment and Testing Commissioning of the machine at the hospital 18 9 days 39 216 PRECEDENCE RELATIONSHIP 1. Initiating: Task 1 and 2 have at the same time as they have start-to start de pendency. 2. Requirement Gathering: Task 1 and 2 must have to finish before task 3, and Ta sk 3 also must have to be completed before tasks 4 and 5. Therefore, they have f inish-to-start relationship. 3. Design: Tasks 4 and 5 have to finish before task 6 starts. Therefore, they ha ve finish-to-start relationship. Task7 can start immediately after task 5. There fore, task 6 and 7 can start together, so they have start to start relationships . 4. Development and Testing: task 8 and 9 can start when task 7 is completed. The refore, they have finish-to-start relationships. Task 7 precedes task 10. Task 9 and 10 precedes task 11. Task 11 precedes task 12. These show that the above ta sks have finish- to-start relationships. 5. Documentation: Task 13 finishes with tasks 8 and 12. So, the three tasks have finish-to-finish relationship.

6. Deployment and Testing: Task 14 starts when task 18 is completed. Task 12 and 14 must be completed before task 15 starts and also task 16 can start when task 13 and 15 is completed. So, they all have finish-to start relationship. Task 17 can start when task 12 is completed and also task 18 depends on task 8 to finish before it starts.

MICROSOFT PROJECT PLAN Based on our precedence task and predecessor relationship the project end date i s November 15, 2013. The critical path PART 2 TASK ID NO. OF ADDITIONAL RESOURCES COST/RESOURCE ($) 9 4 500 2000 10 1 700 700 11 3 300 900 12 1 200 200 TOTAL 3,800.00 . Total additional cost shall be $3,800.00 COST ($)

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