God's Word is Treasure to the Heart of the Believer
Psalm 119:162 I rejoice at Your word, As one who finds great spoil.

This week, we are going to finish up our section of meditations where we have been thinking about what the Word of God is - and we are going to do so with a challenge from the Psalmist. In Old Testament times, Israel was sometimes directed by God to attack His enemies - the godless peoples who rebelled against Him, worshiping blocks of wood and stone, sacrificing their children to hideous, man-made gods and living lives that were totally self-absorbed. When God granted Israel to win those engagements, they were often permitted to keep all the treasures and possessions of the defeated enemies - these were the spoils of war. In our mind's eye, we imagine an Israelite entering a tent in the enemy camp after the battle and finding an article of gold, or a fabulously expensive woven garment. We see his eyes light up as he examines this beautiful object, and sense his joy that this treasure is now his own possession! This is the kind of event the Psalmist has in mind in our text, except that for him, the spoil that lights up his eyes and causes him to rejoice so much is the word of God. Now let's come to two more modern scenes. First, you enter your own den or living room at home one day and your eyes scan the books on the shelves, coming to rest on the Bible. Do your eyes then light up, and does your heart rejoice that you possess such a treasure? Second, you enter the church building on the Lord's Day and you remember that in just a little while, God will speak His Word to you through the Pastor. Does your heart leap for joy, relishing the fact that this Word is now yours, within your very grasp? Why did the Psalmist get so excited about God's word? Could it be that he knew (as we have been seeing) that it is inerrant, inspired, pure and upright, absolute truth, powerful and effective, authoritative, completed, special revelation? Had he realized it is unique and priceless? Have we lost the wonder that the Psalmist had in possessing such a treasure as God's Word, and in hearing it preached? Has this become a routine, even run-of-the-mill thing for us? How wrong we are if that is our attitude! Could we possess anything of greater worth in the whole world than the book that God caused to be written in order to reveal Himself and the Savior to us? We are going to go on in our series to consider what the Word of God does, but for now let's relish it for all that it is, and let's read it with joy, as we certainly should! www.graceopcmodesto.org

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