Shadowbrook Restaurant: Where are you now? • Micki Durocher. Worked there as a receptionist and Wedding Coordinator.

1995-200 0. Loved working there for Ted (except for the smell of the schmeg tank!) I now live in Michigan and just opened my own coffee shop. Thanks for the memories and friendships! • Jake McLelan Schmeg pit! haha I remember that. Worked at SB as a busser from 200 1-2003. Used to row my boat to work every day. Now own a film and graphic animat ion production company called Dream Media. .. and bus tables at friends houses o ccasionally just to keep the dream alive • Corrie Baker I was a hostess when I was 19, 2004-2005. Met one of my best friend s while working there and have many fond memories of Sunday brunches. I now work with adults with disabilities and coordinate supported living services. Applyin g to nursing schools this fall. I give credit to the 'brook for my outstanding g reeting skills...I bet I still know all the table numbers too ; ) • David J Maciel David Maciel, I sold meat to the SB & Crows Nest, years of 80 to 84, with the Luce Carmel Meat Company. I live in Sonoma County now and not in th e food industry any longer. • Mark Wagner <prep cook in the 70's, graduated to line cook, occasional broilerma n, left town for affordable housing in the early 80's..landed in Bakersfield oil fields, went back to school to study instrumentation, currently a plant operator . • Dimitri Timm 1997 - 2007, Busser, Barback, to Expo, then Server. Now a Mortgage Banker, so there is "Life after Shadowbrook" but I still have my crumber just b ecause you never know when you might need it again • Paula McCrea Kudebeh My sister Sharon McCrea Gravance did in the 70's. Maybe she will see this and respond.... :) • Dan Pinkey Not what your asking but would have loved to worked there and live in that area :-). • Tiffany Leamer 96-2000. Made lasting friendships. Even married the bartender. • Sharon McCrea Gravance I worked at Shadow Brook Restaurant in 74 & 75. It was an incredible restaurant to work at!!! We usually had a 2 to 3 hr wait to be seate d and the customers never complained because it was sooo worth the wait! Everyth ing from the cable car down to the restaurant to the garden walk and even the pe acefulness of the river. The lounge was the perfect place to listen and relax to the music. I actually lived with three other people that also worked at the res taurant ...................I have to say that it was the one job in my life that I always reflect on..........good memories!! • Paula McCrea Kudebeh ** Yay! Sharon McCrea Gravance! ** I recall working on a Sha dowbrook Begonia Parade float with you one of those years.

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