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From the editor
Dear readers,
What kind of bead shopper are you? When
I asked Beading Daily readers that question earlier this
year, I was happily reassured that I am not the only
person who buys “extra” beads just in case and who sometimes buys
beads without any idea of how I’ll use them. One reader comment-
ed that she hated regular shopping, but she loved bead shopping.
When I mentioned this to a friend, she said, “Of course she does!
Beads always fit!”
I had never thought about it that way, but she’s right. With bead
shopping, not only can you can skip the dreaded trip to the fitting
room, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that fits your
personal style and your wallet. It’s no wonder
Be sure to check out
we love bead shopping!

page 3 for a handy wish
Inside this year’s Holiday Gift Guide,
checklist in case you
need to drop some
you’ll find lots of gift ideas for your beading
not-so-subtle gift hints! friends—and yourself. Whether you’re look-
ing for the perfect focal to finish a necklace,
a book on your favorite new technique, or enough wire for fifteen
rings, you’ll find it here. We’ve also included the top ten gifts that
beaders want, our magazine editors’ gift picks, and a stunning free
necklace project that you’ll want to wear to all the holiday parties
this season.

Happy holiday beading!

Michelle Mach
Editor, Beading Daily

your stash
5 Most Popular

top 10
1. Gift certificate (for bead-related goodies) Types of Beads
2. Beads More than 1,700 Beading Daily
3. Books on beading/jewelry making
beading gifts
readers voted for their favorite
types of beads. While sparkling
4. Beading classes glass beads claimed the top spot,
5. Organizers/storage chances are you’d love to receive all
Beaders love to shop! Need proof? Check out the top gift that 6. Tools the beads in the top five:
Beading Daily members hope to receive this year: a gift certificate for 1. G
 lass beads, including lampworked
7. Wire (for wirework) and pressed-glass beads
bead-related goodies. Choosing your own special beads, books, and
8. Clasps 2. Crystals
tools is almost as much fun as beading itself!
9. Findings 3. Gemstones
4. Seed beads
Results from Beading Daily poll, July 2008.
10. Metal clay 5. Silver beads

2 3
Top of our lists
editors’ favorite
picks My bead stash has tripled in size since
I became editor of Beading Daily. Fabu-
lous, right? That’s how I felt until the
moment I tried to find a specific bead
in my motley collection of bags and
boxes. My ideal gift this year would
be a sleek organization and storage
system. There are tons of options
in the latest Studios magazine—the
trouble will be choosing just one!
While I settle in with a cup of hot tea
and try to decide, take a look at the
favorite gift ideas from the editors of
Beadwork, Step by Step Beads, String-
ing, and Step by Step Wire Jewelry.

Michelle Mach,
Beading Daily editor
Jim and Amanda Sexton

Mixed-Media artist Amanda
Sexton’s storage system as
pictured in Studios Magazine

4 5
Pearls! Do you still
Crystals! want more?
Stones! At Interweave Bead + Jewelry, the creating never stops!

READ With five great magazines for bead and jewelry artists,
the resources are endless. Look for Beadwork, Step by Step Beads, Stringing,
Marlene Blessing, Editor in chief, Beadwork Step by Step Wire Jewelry, and Jewelry Artist on your local newsstand.
Or visit to subscribe. What about books that
Looking for cool jewels ideas for the holidays? Beaders have all the luck. ignite your creative fire? We publish new award-winning beading and
jewelry titles every year from your favorite authors and editors, including Lisa
Luminous freshwater pearls rank as the #1 jewelry-making bargain Kan, Carol Huber Cypher, Marlene Blessing, and Melinda Barta. More top-
with a luxury look and feel—and you can find them selling authors are in the pipeline! Visit to learn more.

in loads of colors and shapes, from ivory rounds to
midnight-blue keishi. Make a multistrand bracelet WATCH Interweave Bead+Jewelry is the new media sponsor
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from the pages of our magazines vividly to life. Our talented magazine editors and
crystals give you tons of sparkling options. Wirewrap book authors can be seen in more than 300 U.S. television markets. In 2009,
streaming video will make the series even more available, with content available
a few large rondelles as connectors in a chain necklace 24/7. For more information, visit
or simply string an asymmetrical crystal pendant on
leather. Can you resist semiprecious stones that won’t break the bank?
Choose jasper or Chinese turquoise beads and mix them into a nature- CLICK Beading Daily reaches out to beaders every weekday with engaging
columns, fun contests, and free downloadable projects. And since Beading Daily is a blog,

lover’s design with dark wood beads. Or create a pendant gift from three you can reach back, replying to editors’ posts
and making your own unique contribution to
stone dangles—one clear quartz, one peridot, and one amethyst, all the community. Visit
suspended from a metal loop. Look for more ideas and inspiration in my
Create Jewelry books—Pearls, Crystals, and Stones.
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Love Your
by Judy TOmsky
from July/Aug
2006 Step by Step
Beads Leslie Rogalski, Editor
in chief, Step by Step Beads
Though I label myself a seed beader,
I collect tons of my favorite accent and
focal beads so I always have plenty on hand
to add interest and dimension to my designs.
Resin (and Lucite) beads have yummy colors, unique
shapes, are lightweight, and their large holes allow for creative
stringing and macramé. I am inspired by many forms of clay: the
varied colors and surfaces of raku, porcelain, and ceramic beads
add earthiness and an aura of antiquity to a design. I love seeing the
mark of the maker in the clay. Lampworked and glass beads: is
Oh my! Where do I begin to tell you why I love these wearable works
of art? Metal is unique in that it can add either a modern, industrial
a beader’s community
edge or the look of history: bead designs gain a new dimension with that has something
tribal silver, hammered copper, or brass components. Natural
materials also add an earthiness to designs. I guess I want everything! for everyone.
Join us today for free!

Be ad
Em be lli sh ed
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JoAnne Zekowski M ic he lle M ac h

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Little Luxuries
Danielle Fox, Editor, Stringing
I just love the diamond-embedded charms from Nina Designs,! Starting at only $17.20, they are available
in over seven designs—small rounds, rectangles, and lotus petals,
for example—and come in both sterling silver and vermeil. These
jeweled charms make very special gifts, whether they are presented
a la carte or incorporated into a piece of jewelry. After all, diamonds
are a girl’s best friend!

10 11
Awl That and More!
Denise Peck, Editor in chief, Step by Step Wire Jewelry
I find that my favorite tools change regularly while I’m making jewelry.
I’m always discovering new ones and wondering how I lived without
them. For instance, I’ve tried a lot of pliers over the years, but when I
finally sprang for the ergonomic Swanstrom set of pliers, I thought,
wow, so this is what really good pliers feel like. If you want to make
someone really happy, start giving them
one pair of ergonomic pliers for each
special occasion! My other favorite tools
right now include a set of stepped bezel
mandrels, small and large. Five sizes on
each tool—there’s always a perfect di-
ameter for whatever job I need. I use it
consistently for making my own ear wires.
Plus, each section is long enough to wrap
several times, in order to make instant
jump rings. And I couldn’t live without
my scratch awl. A common tool in most
household toolboxes, but for jewelry
making—indispensable! I use it for mak-
ing decorative divets, as well as making
holes in metal and flattened wire.

12 13
I’m Sure
Melinda Barta, Managing Editor,
Stringing and Beadwork
My ultimate favorite one-stop-shop for the supplies
needed to make custom collage charms is With blank bezels starting
at under 50 cents each, the “World’s Tiniest” tarot
cards and assorted stamp packs used to decorate
and fill the bezels, and the Diamond Glaze or
Amazing Glaze resin needed to seal your
collages, you’ll be on your way to making
quick-and-easy holiday gifts in no time.
Plus, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see
their new line of artsy bezels created by
Susan Lenart Kazmer and yet another
nontoxic option for finishing charms—
Susan’s favorite, ICE Resin. Find
instructions for making these
charms in my new book
Custom Cool Jewelry.

14 15
Free project
Red and Gold Glamour Finished Size: 17"
(shortest strand)
SaraBeth Cullinan

Materials 1: Attach 16" of wire to one half of the
clasp using a crimp tube. Cover the tube
32 Siam 6×4mm crystal rondelles with a crimp cover. String 1 rondelle and
38 ruby 8mm fire-polished nuggets one 3mm round eight times. String
9 ruby 10mm fire-polished rounds 1 rondelle. String 1 daisy spacer and

1 ruby 18mm fire-polished round 1 nugget five times.
28 gold-filled 3mm rounds 2: String 1 filigree spacer, one 10mm round,
1 filigree spacer, and 1 nugget. String
2 vermeil 15mm filigree rounds 1 daisy spacer and 1 nugget four times.
32 vermeil 6mm daisy spacers Repeat entire step twice.
16 vermeil 7mm filigree spacers 3: String 1 daisy spacer. String 1 rondelle
1 vermeil 10×35mm S-clasp with and one 3mm round eight times. String
7mm soldered jump rings 1 rondelle, 1 crimp tube, and the other
half of the clasp. Pass back through the
4 gold-filled 2mm crimp tubes
tube; crimp and cover.
4 gold-filled 3mm crimp covers
4: Attach 19" of wire to one half of the
35" of .014 beading wire clasp using a crimp tube; cover the tube
with a crimp cover. String 1 rondelle and
Tools one 3mm round six times. String 1 ron-
Wire cutters delle and 1 daisy spacer.
Crimping pliers 5: String 1 nugget and 1 daisy spacer three
times, omitting the final daisy spacer.
String 1 filigree spacer, one 10mm round,
and 1 filigree spacer. Repeat entire step
twice, omitting the final filigree spacer.
6: String 1 filigree round, the 18mm round,
and 1 filigree round. Repeat Step 5,
reversing the stringing sequence. Repeat
Step 4, reversing the sequence.

Resources: Contact your local bead shop. Fire-polished nuggets: Raven’s Journey International. 10mm fire-polished
rounds: Michaels. 18mm fire-polished rounds: Shipwreck Beads. Swarovski crystal rondelles:
All other beads and findings: Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

SaraBeth Cullinan is a frequent contributor to Stringing magazine.

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