Passing Clouds

Written By: Anjana

Episode Two – Another Bad Day

Chapter one
Hatred is what I have towards school now. It‟s been just two days since school has begun and I dread on it already! It‟s not that I hate school! It‟s the people in it. And by people, I mean Tiffany! Tiffany is the most cruel person on this planet! Is she even from this planet? I bet she is an alien from Jupiter, the last planet of the universe which is always cold since she is so cold hearted. Wait, is it Jupiter or Pluto? Who cares… My point is that she is cold hearted! How could someone do that to me? How could anybody do that to me? How could anybody do that to anyone? Tiffany is a bitch and I hate her… to the core! It was lunch time and I was sitting alone since Alex and Bella were in cheerleading practice. I was enjoying my cheese sandwich when I heard Tiffany‟s voice say “Hey fishy” “Don‟t call me that” I had said. “Too bad” she‟d said sitting opposite to me. I didn‟t have the nerve to ask her why she was eating lunch with me. If we were in Middle School that would have been a social suicide. Eating lunch with me, I mean. But I just assumed that we were in High School and maybe Tiffany wanted to be more friendly or maybe she didn‟t have anywhere else to sit. The latter seemed more reasonable since cafeteria was crowded. “So what have you got for lunch?” she‟d asked like any kind person would‟ve and she even had the fake smile. “Cheese sandwich” I said smiling. “You want some?” I asked. “No thanks” she said putting on a disgusted face. “So how is High School so far?” she asked “It‟s good” I said looking at her but she was looking at something on top of me… Like someone was standing behind me. I turned back to look at what she was looking at and

I found myself staring at Chloe Darren and another person from the clique holding a big blue bucket on top of my head and before I realized what the hell was going on, they tilted it over spilling water over my head! I was soaking wet in no time! “What the hell?” I squealed “say cheese, fishy” said Tiffany and a flash went over my face. Tiffany took a picture of me, soaking wet in my uniform. I was embarrassed in front of almost the whole school but at that moment I wasn‟t worried of the Whole School. The only thing I was worried was John Weber who was seated just two tables away from me and he was laughing at me with his friends! John became popular in school by joining the Baseball team. It was the third most embarrassing moment of my life. “You do not take bath in middle of the cafeteria, Miss Lingate” I heard a voice behind me after Tiffany, Chloe and the other girl had left. I turned around to see our English teacher frowning at me. “I didn‟t do this” I say gesturing at myself. “Why would I pour water over myself?” I asked keeping my wet hair from my eye. “For attention? Now I don‟t know what your excuse is! You‟re in detention for the rest of the week.” He said and there wasn‟t anyone who was going to say anything against Tiffany since she was part of the Clique. Nobody would say anything against any member of the Clique. So yeah, that was how yesterday went! And my dad wasn‟t very pleased when he found out that I had gotten myself in detention. “High school just began!” My dad said when he came to pick me up. Everyone likes High School except for me! Alex and Bella do because they got in the cheerleading squad and Tiffany definitely loves school! I shake my head trying to shake off the bad memory. I‟m just going to pretend like yesterday‟s incident never happened. And I‟ll never talk about it to anyone. Not even Alex or Bella! They don‟t have to know.

“Have a nice day” says Dad as I get off his car. “I wish” I mutter. “And stay out of trouble if you can” he adds as I make way towards the building. „If you can‟ ? does he think I purposely get in trouble? Why would anyone want to do that? I make my way towards my locker and I see Alex and Bella giggling and talking. “Hey” I say as I near them. “Hi Gina” says Alex still giggling. “Somebody seems to be in a good mood, today” I say. “Because somebody thinks that she has found the life of her life” says Bella. “Is that true?” I ask Alex “Your heard her” says Alex who is still smiling! “Who is the lucky guy?” I ask hoping that it‟s not someone lame again. Alex always finds the lame guys attractive. Once she thought that our Middle School English teacher was attractive. That was kind of weird… “You won‟t know him” says Alex. “Is he from our school?” I ask “Yes” “Our year?” “Yes” says Bella. “How do you know him and I don‟t?” “Because I met him in the field” says Alex and I look at her blankly. “He was at baseball coaching and we had cheerleading practice” explains Bella. Cheerleading practices are mostly after school and so are the other extra sports practices. “He asked me for my number!” Alex squeals. “Yeah, they were talking through out the night” says Bella. “Not through out the night. It was only till two in the night” says Alex defensively. “Good for you” I say opening my locker and taking out my history books. I have history today and I hate it. I don‟t know why I chose History in the first place! Today is my first History class of the week.

We disperse to our classes as the bell rings. I make my way to History class and take a seat in the middle of the class. I take out a notepad and set it on my table next to my history text book to take notes, even though I don‟t take notes. I keep my pen ready. I stare at the empty blackboard as I wait for Mr.Cannon, our History teacher. The class gets half filled and I stare at the door and see John walk in! Oh my god I‟ve History with John? That‟s just great! Can I get through this period without getting embarrassed in front of him? I think I will since Tiffany isn‟t here. Thank god for having History with John than English! I just don‟t want to be embarrassed in front of my father‟s enemy‟s son! I blankly stare at my book as I hear the droning noise of the chair next to mine. Is he taking the place next to mine? “Hey” I hear John‟s voice. I wish to ignore him but that would either mean I‟m deaf or It‟ll be a way of admitting I‟m embarrassed. Why is he even trying to be friendly with me? Shouldn‟t he be like my enemy or something? Since our fathers are enemy! “Hi” I say looking up at him and he gives me the million dollar worth smile. “How have you been?” he asks. Terrible. Abashed. Horrible. “I‟m good” I say instead and smile. I just hope that the memory of yesterday‟s incident in cafeteria is somehow erased in his brain or something!

Chapter Two
Even if I‟m the most Unlucky girl in this planet! I‟ve some luck. I do. I get away with History without being embarrassed in front of John. That‟s a good thing! Definitely, a good thing. I walk out of the History class after the bell rings. I make my way to my locker but there is a huge mass of students crowded before my locker. I can‟t make my way to the locker. Wait, are they staring at my locker? Or at something else? “Excuse me” I say trying to make through the crowd and I hear someone say “Oh my god there she is!” and all heads turn towards me and they erupt into laughter. I finally get to see what they‟re all laughing at! I gulp hard as I see an enlarged picture of myself where I‟m soaking wet and with the most idiotic expression on my face. I look so retarded. I can‟t believe Tiffany would go this far! I can‟t believe she printed the picture of me and stuck it on my locker so everyone can have a laugh at me! This is the worst day of my life! No, actually yesterday was. Today is just a continuation. “Gina, what is this?” I hear Alex behind me. “When was this?” I hear Bella. “Yesterday… At lunch” I say and burst into tears… *** “Here” says Bella as she hands me another tissue. I explained what happened yesterday to Alex and Bella. “Why is she doing this to me?” I ask as I wipe my eyes with the tissue. Now I don‟t even feel like going back to class. I‟ve ruined my make up and I‟ve mascara lines running down my face. “Because she is heartless Bitch! Don‟t worry, Karma will get her.” Says Alex trying to convince me but I‟m not convinced! “why?” I ask again. “Honey, You don‟t deserve this” says Bella handing me another tissue. “ I

know, I don‟t!” I say tempting to stamp my feet on the bathroom floor like a kid. I look at myself in the mirror and I look like Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Except, Natalie Portman was prettier. “You don‟t deserve any of this” says Alex. “I don‟t!” I say with gritted teeth. I don‟t feel like leaving this bathroom! I just want to stay here and spend the rest of my day. Rest of my life, if I can. “You‟re better than this, you know” says Alex leaning on the bathroom sink. “What do you mean?” I ask looking at her doubtfully. “You‟re so much better than this” says Alex and I continue staring at her. “You‟re Gina Lingate. You can be the kind of girl any guy would want but you‟re just letting Tiffany be the boss of you! Which you‟ve to stop! Stop being afraid of her and take control of yourself! She‟s not the boss of you! You are!” Alex‟s words gets me inspired but let‟s face it, I‟m Gina Lingate. I‟m shy and I can‟t exactly not be afraid of Tiffany. “You need a makeover” says Alex. “I don‟t!” I say throwing the tissue into the trash can. “You do. You‟re haircut is so eighties” says Bella. “You‟ve beautiful hair but you decide to make it look „not beautiful‟” says Alex. And I suddenly feel that Alex and Bella are right. I do need a makeover! And I need a change of attitude! I need to change myself because I‟m growing sick of Tiffany‟s behavior. Like Alex said, I‟m better than all of this! I‟m better than Tiffany and I know I‟m better than her! The bell rings again and I shake in fear.”I‟m just going to bunk this class too” I say. I definitely don‟t want to go to class! I‟ve English with Tiffany! “No you can‟t stay here! If you do, Tiffany is going to know that you‟re afraid of her and she is going to take advantage of you!” says Bella. “I hate it when you‟re right” I say and inhale deeply This is it, I tell myself. I‟m going to show Tiffany that I‟m the boss of

myself and not her. I get all my courage back and open the bathroom door and make my way to English class. But I hear laughter as I make way down the hall. I sit in my usual seat which is in front and Devon is already in his place. I try not to make eye contact with anyone. I just look down at the floor and put on a „Look-at-me-I‟m-not-embarrassed-I‟m-strong‟ look “I heard what happened in cafeteria yesterday” I hear a male voice. I turn to my left and see It is Devon who is talking to me! I thought Devon wasn‟t friendly… maybe he isn‟t! Is he going to make fun of me too? “So what?” I try to sound as Bitchy as possible. He stays quiet. “I feel sorry about it” he says after awhile and makes an eye contact with me which makes me cringe. His eyes are so beautiful. “You feel sorry for me?” I ask “Yeah. I think Tiffany is a bitch” “Oh she is” I try smiling. He opens his mouth to say something but stops midway as he sees Tiffany making her way in. “Hi Fishy” she says to me but I ignore her.

Chapter Three
I didn‟t make it through the first half of the day without being laughed at. But by putting on a fake „I-don‟t-care‟ façade helped me not to be bothered. It is lunch time and I‟m sitting with Alex and Bella and eating pasta. Thankfully Alex and Bella don‟t have cheerleading practices in lunch anymore. I really don‟t want to go through another embarrassing lunch. I just want to eat in peace. But I can‟t eat in peace because I keep noticing John looking in my direction and talking something to his friends. Something tells me that he is talking about me. Is he mocking me or something? “Oh my god! That‟s him” says Alex in delight. “That‟s who?” I ask “Alex‟s crush” explains Bella. “Where? Who?” I ask looking around the cafeteria. “At the Jock table” says Alex. Jock table is where… Oh my god does Alex like who I think she does? Jock table is where the baseball team and the football team have lunch. “I don‟t want to point” says Alex. “Just show me!” I say in anxiety. “That one” says Bella pointing. “Bella, don‟t Point” Alex Hisses. I look where Bella is pointing and it leads right to John… Alex has a crush on John? OH MY EFFING GOD!


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