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(i)The particulars of organisation, functions and duties:HISTORY The Registration and Stamps Department is one of the oldest departments of the State Government tracing its origin to the year 1860. This Department

administers mainly the Indian Registration Act, 1908 and the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 along with eight other Acts like Marriage Act, Societies Act, Chit Fund Act etc.,


1. Registration of documents (Testamentary & Non-Testamentary) by

administering Registration Act along with enforcement of certain relevant provisions under Income Tax Act U.L.C., Act, A.P.Assigned Land Act, Agency Lands Transfer Prohibition Act Land Ceiling Act ,The Transfer of Property Act,1882, The Indian Contract Act 1872, The Indian Trust Act 1882, The Specific Relief Act 1877,The Contonment Act 1926,The Destruction of Records Act 1917, and The A.P. Cooperative Societies Act 1964 Etc., 2. 3. 4. 5. Collection of registration fee as per the table of fee prescribed. Collection of stamp duty administering the Indian Stamp Act. Prosecution of defaulters under Section 64 & 64-A of Indian Stamp Act. Audit of Public Offices to unearth the leakage of stamp duty and collection of the amount under Section 73 of Indian Stamp Act., 6. Adjudication, impounding and validation of documents under the provisions of Indian Stamp Act. 7. Calculation and determination of Market Value on local enquiries, post-facto spot inspections of properties through the enforcement of Market Value Scheme. 8. 9. Distribution and sale of stamps through department stamp sale counters. Collection of Transfer Duty and allocation of Transfer Duty to the local bodies.

10. Licensing of Document Writers and control of their activities. 11. Renewals of Licenses of stamp vendors, payment of commission and control of their activities. 12. Issue of certified copies for the documents registered. 13. Issue of encumbrance Certificates. 14. Preservation of copies of documents and title records. 15. Registration of partnership firm, administering of Indian Partnership Act and maintenance of records. 16. Registration of Societies under Societies Registration Act, 2001 and maintenance of records. 17. Registration of marriages under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and maintenance of records. 18. Solemnization and Registration of Marriages under Special Marriage Act and maintenance of records. 19. Preservation and maintenance of records under Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872. 20. Preservation and maintenance of records under Parsi Marriage Act. 21. Administration of Notaries Act, 1952, processing of issue and renewal of licences of Notaries and Inspection of notarial records and collection of deficit stamp duty and control notarial activities. 22. Administration of Non-Trading Companies Act, 1962. 23. Administration of A.P.Chit Fund Act.

(ii) The powers and duties of its officers and employees:STRUCTURE OF THE DEPARTMENT (a) The department is under the ministry of revenue and at Secretariat level it is under the administrative control of Principal Secretary to Government, Revenue who is assisted by Joint/Deputy Secretary. (b) The Commissioner and Inspector General is the head of the department who is assisted by one Joint I.G., three Deputy Inspectors General and five Asst.Inspectors General and one A.D.R. in head office, at the State headquarters 22 sections headed by Grade-I, Grade-II SRs assisted by 42

Sr.Assistants 44 Jr.Assistants 12 Typists manage the administration of department. (c) At the regional level there are six Deputy Inspectors General each assisted by one A.D.R., One Sub-Registrar, four Sr.Assistants, four Jr.Assistants and one typist and 2 Attenders. regional level. At the regional level there are six Flying Squads consisting of one Deputy Collector One A.D.R and one Dy.Executive Engineer. (d) There are 28 Registration Districts in 23 Revenue Districts. Joint Sub-Registrars and ministerial staff. At Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam there are posts of District Registrar (Audit) assisted by one Sub-Registrar and Sr.Assistant. (e) Sub District Level: there are 387 Sub-Registrar Offices in the State, each headed by Sub-Registrar, either Grade-I or Grade-II. The Sub-Registrar, is assisted by two Jr.Assistants, two Attenders, and three Temporary Section Writers in certain offices. offices. FUNCTIONS OF EACH FUNCTIONARY IN DEPARTMENT: 1. Commissioner and Inspector General of Registration and Stamps: He is the Head of the Department. He exercises general superintendence over all the registration offices and makes rules consistent with the Registration Act. He is the Chief Controlling Revenue Authority under Indian Stamp Act, 1899. He is Ex-Officio (i) Registrar of Firms (ii) Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages (iii) Registrar of Non-Trading Companies (iv) Registrar of Societies under A.P. (Telangana area) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 F, authority in respect of Assistant District Registrar. 2. All other officers in the Head Quarters office assist the Commissioner and Inspector General of Registration and Stamps in administering the various Acts by the departmental functionaries. 3. DEPUTY INSPECTOR GENERAL OF REGISTRATION AND STAMPS: He is the administrative head of the entire Zone. He is the appointing (v) Director of Chits (vi) Competent authority under the Notaries Act, 1952. He is the appointing Assistance of one Sr.Asst is also given in some The District Administration is headed by District Registrar assisted by A.D.R. and two A Vigilance Officer in the rank of District Registrar assisted by one Sr.Assistant, One Attender is also functioning at

authority in respect of Sub-Registrars Grade-I & II and Senior Assistants. He is the appellate authority in respect of service matters upto the level of Junior Assistants and in respect of licenced Stamp Vendors and Document Writers. He is the authorized Officer to undertake stamp Audit of Public Offices under Section 73 of

Indian Stamp Act. Notaries.

He is the Inspecting Officer of the records maintained by

4. DISTRICT REGISTRARS; They are In-charge of District Administration. They administer various Acts including Indian Registration Act and Indian Stamp Act. Officers of Sub-Registry Offices. They are the inspecting They are Appointing Authorities in respect of

Junior Assistants, Shroffs, Attenders and Section Writers. They undertake internal audit of Sub-Registry Offices and monitor the implementation of the Market Value Scheme. They are inspecting Officers of the notarial records. They are also entrusted with the regular enquiry under A.P.C.C. (CC&A) Rules, 1991 against the Sub-Registrars and their staff. 5. VIGILANCE OFFICERS: They are responsible for the Vigilance and enforcement in their respective zones. They undertake surprise visits in order to check the irregularities in SubRegistry Offices. They undertake preliminary enquiries into the complaints made by the public and maintain liaison between the public and the department. documents registered and Stamp Audit under Section 73 of Indian Stamp Act. 6. DISTRICT REGISTRARS (AUDIT): They conduct post audit of the registered documents and detect leakage of revenue. 7. ASSISTANT DISTRICT REGISTRARS; They assist the Deputy Inspectors General / District Registrar in day to day administration. offices. They are Drawing and Disbursing Officers in their respective They conduct Superchecks / post-facto spot inspection of properties and They undertake inspection of Notarial records, super checks of properties in the

inspect Notarial records as may be prescribed by the officer concerned. 8. SUB-REGISTRARS: They play pivotal role in the department. They are the officers at field level who serve the public and discharge their functions under various acts including Indian Registration Act and Indian Stamp Act. They are the custodians of records relating to the Title Deeds of properties, required to be preserved for eternity. They are Ex-Officio Stamp Vendors. They collect Transfer Duty and allocate the same to the Panchayats every month. respective offices. They are Drawing and Disbursing Officers in their


the Procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability: Sub-Registrar is a registering officer appointed by the Registration Act and he will have to take independent decision on the classification of the documents, chargeability of stamp duty and Registration fee. If he has any doubt regarding classification of the document, he may seek clarificatory orders from the District Registrar. If the District Registrar has a doubt regarding classification of the document, which were referred to him u/s 31 of I.S.Act, he may submit the reference to the CCRA u/s 56(2) of I.S.Act. If CCRA felt any doubt regarding classification of the document, he may refer to the Honble High Court of A.P. for final decision on the classification of the documents. At district level recruitment of Junior Assistant, Attenders, and the service maters will be dealt by the District Registrar and exercise over all supervision on all Sub-Registrar Offices in the district. He will conduct annual Inspection for every year and submit report to the Deputy Inspector General. The Deputy Inspector General in turn reviews the report and pass final orders on the paras of the Annual Inspection Report. Further he will supervise the work of Internal Audit Subregistrar and take final decision on the paras of the Internal Audit Report. Deputy Inspector General is the Regional Officer who will control and supervise all the districts in his region. He is the appointing and disciplinary authority on the Sub-Registrars and Senior Assistants. Vigilance Officers are specially appointed for arresting the corruption activities and see that Citizen Charter is implemented. He is directly under control of Commissioner & I.G (R&S). His Super Check reports will be submitted to the Deputy Inspector General and Commissioner & I.G (R&S). Audit Registrar will conduct the Internal Audit of some important offices and submit the report to the Deputy Inspector General. Deputy Inspector General will review the report and final orders will be passed. Commissioner & Inspector General of Registration & Stamps shall exercise general superintendence over all the Registration Offices in the state and shall have powers from time to time make rules consistent with the Registration Act. He is vested u/s 69 of the Indian Registration Act. All the officers in the Commissioner & Inspector General of Registration & Stamps office, Assistant Inspector General, Deputy Inspector General, Joint Inspector General will assist the Commissioner & I.G (R&S) in decision making process.

(iv) The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions:Citizens satisfaction is most important in Good Governance. In order to

propel the Good Governance. Citizen Charter is introduced in all the Departments having large public interface to achieve the objective of Good Governance. The following steps have been taken to implement the Citizen Charter on top priority basis. 1. Citizen Charter is placed on Notice Boards at all offices of Deputy Inspector General (R&S), District Registrar and Sub-Registrar Offices particularly at May I help you counter besides at places of large public interface to create public awareness and to invite their suggestions. 2. Suggestion Box is installed at each Sub-Registrar Office as a sort of feedback mechanism on deficiencies, if any. 3. Public awareness is created by distributing the brochures / pamphlets / feed back forms on Citizen Charter. 4. Website address is popularized among the Citizens to know more details about the department and to go through Frequently Asked Questions on services. 5. Information is displayed with the following details like; (a) Our department has a Citizen Charter / Feed back form. (b) In case of difficulty or delay in services pleases contact District Registrar / Deputy Inspector General (R&S) / Vigilance Officer and give a complaint. (c) Visit our Website for more details our Website 6. The service standards regarding registration of Marriages, Societies and Firms shall also be put on Notice Board at all District Registrar Offices. 7. District Registrars in the Districts and Vigilance Officer in the Zone are appointed as Nodal Officers to monitor, coordinate and integrate with field level functionaries.

8. Small stamp with brief details of Citizen charter is affixed on all the deliverables to clientele, like receipts, check slips etc., 9. Feed back forms duly filled in shall be obtained from the registering public. 10.Wide publicity is given on the availability of document writing software at Sub-Registrar Offices. 11.Citizen Charter is being modified from time to time, based on the study of implementation of Citizen Charter in the field offices viz., Sub-Registrar Offices. 12.Top priority is being taken on the exit poll results communicated by the Centre for Good Governance and immediate remedial action is taken over deficiency is pointed out and strive to improve the image of the Department.


The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it

or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions: The department deals with the following Acts: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) Registration Act, 1908. Indian Stamp Act, 1899 Notaries Act, 1952. Hindu Marriage, Special Marriage and Indian Christian Marriage Acts. Indian Partnership Act, 1962. A.P.Societies Registration Act 35 of 2001. A.P.Non Trading Companies Act, 1962. Appointment of Director of Chits, Inspecting Officer, Registrar and Chit Auditors: (1) The Government may, by notification appoint a Director of Chits and as many Inspecting Officers and Registrars as may be necessary for the purpose of discharging the duties imposed upon the Director of Chit, the Inspecting Officers and the Registrars by or under this Act. (2) The Director of Chits may appoint as many Chit Auditors as may be necessary for the purpose of discharging the duties imposed upon the Chit Auditors by or under this Act.

(viii) A.P.Chit Funds Act, 1971


All Inspecting Officers, Registrars and Chit Auditors shall discharge the duties imposed upon them by or under this Act, under the general superintendence and control of the Director of Chits.


If the Registrar is of the opinion that accounts of any chit are not properly maintained and that such accounts should be audited; it shall be lawful for him to have such accounts audited by a Chit Auditor. It shall be the duty of the foreman of the chit concerned to produce before the Chit Auditor, all accounts, books and other records relating to the chit, to furnish him such information as may be required and to afford him all such assistance and facilities as may be necessary or reasonable and may be required in regard to the audit of the accounts of the chit.


The foreman shall pay to the Chit Auditors such fees as may be prescribed for the audit of the accounts of a chit under sub-section (4).

The concerned officers are followed their duties as per A.P Chit Fund Act, 1971. (vii) A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control Sub-Registrar Office level:-The following documents are available at Sub-Registrar Office level and shall get copies of such documents by paying the requisite fee fixed by the Government and subject to the restrictions laid down in the Registration Rules. Book I documents: Documents of which registration is compulsory u/s 17 of I.R.Act. Book II documents: It is register of refusals. Book III documents: Will and Authority to adopt. Book IV documents: GPA: Adoption Deeds and other documents which registration is optional and miscellaneous in nature. Market Value guidelines are available with Sub-Registrar and open to public, to elicit the information regarding the Market Value of the lands. It is an important document to the public. Will enquiry reports and file of appeal orders and judgements are maintained in the Sub-Registrar Office. District Registrar Office: All Annual Inspection Reports are maintained by the District Registrar. Appeals against the orders of the Sub-Registrar in case of refusal to register will be entertained by the District Registrar and he conducts further enquiry and such enquiry reports are available with the District Registrar. Sealed covers (Will) be preserved by the District Registrar under his direct supervision and copies of such Wills after opening of the Sealed cover available to the public subject to the Registration Rules. V.O.& District Registrar (Audit): Vigilance officers surprise inspection reports of Sub-Registrar offices will be available with Vigilance Officer and Internal Audit Reports will be available with District Registrar (Audit).

Commissioner & I.G (R&S)s office:-,The following documents are available at Commissioner & I.G (R&S),s office:1.Appeals u/s 56(2) of I.S. Act. 2.Notary Inspection Reports of the District Registrar. 3.Register of sale of stamps in Commissioner & I.G (R&S),s Public Counters and Vendors counters. (vii) The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof. The market value assistance is made available to the public in all registration offices. The market values were fed into the systems, and a citizen can access the same in any office and the duty payable on the instruments therein. These values are placed on web site also. The particulars requiring for registration, i.e. Market Value and the Software required for chargeability modifications by citizens. (viii) A statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public. The Committees constituted vide G.O.Ms. No.301, Revenue (Registration.I) Dept., Dated 4.5.1998 for the purpose of the rectification of anomalies in the market values fixed by the Committees. If any anomaly noticed by the departmental officials or representation from any public, the Convenor shall make a note to the Chairman of the Committee and other members too for their appraisal. The decision of the Committee shall be sent to the Commissioner and Inspector General of Registration and Stamps for its approval. The following authorities competent to prepare the Market Value Guidelines in different areas.

etc. are incorporated in

the systems.


mechanism was also provided in the Website for giving any suggestions or

Urban Areas : -

i.e. areas falling within the jurisdiction


Municipality/Municipal Corporations, Urban Development Authorities, Municipalities and Notified areas including the Gram Panchayat falling within their master plan areas and Urban Agglomeration areas.

Chairman:- Joint Collector of the District. Members:(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Commissioner of representative:Municipal Corporation Development or his authorised or his

Vice-Chairman of Urban authorised representative;


Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Parishad (Chief Planning Officer in respect of Hyderabad District). Commissioner of Municipality.

Convenor: - Assistant District Registrar, Office of the District Registrar concerned. (b) In respect of Secunderabad Cantonment: Chairman: - District Collector, Hyderabad. Members:-(i) (ii) (iii) Joint Collector, Hyderabad Chief Executive Officer of Secunderabad Cantonment Board. Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Praja Parishad, Ranga Reddy District.

Convenor: - Assistant District Registrar, Hyderabad. (c) Rural Areas: i.e., areas falling within Gram Panchayat (other than the Gram Panchayat falling within the areas covered by the master plan of any Municipal Corporation or Municipality, Notified Nagar Panchayat falling in the Urban agglomeration of any Urban Development Authority).

Chairman: - Revenue Divisional Officer concerned. Members: (i) Mandal Revenue Officer concerned. (ii) Mandal Development Officer concerned.

Convenor: - Sub-Registrar concerned. d) For revision of construction rates of buildings, apartments and structures for the entire State.

Chairman: - Joint Inspector General, Office of the Commissioner & Inspector General of Registration & Stamps, A.P., Hyderabad. Members: -Superintending Engineer, Office of the Chief Engineer (R&B) A.P., Hyderabad. Convenor: -Deputy Inspector General (Market Value), Office of the Commissioner & Inspector General of Registration and Stamps, A.P., Hyderabad.

(ix) iv)

a directory of its officers and employees; IN CASE OF DEVIATIONS FROM CITIZENS CHARTER

If there is any delay in the delivery of our services as committed through this charter, we want to know about it contact, or the following officers. Please help by contacting.
Name a) Sri S.K.Sinha, I.A.S. Designation Commissioner and Inspector General of Registration and Stamps , Joint Inspector General(R&S) FAC I/c. Deputy Inspector General(R&S) Visakhapatnam. Vigilance Officer, Zone-I. Visakhapatnam. I/c.Deputy Inspector General(R&S), Eluru. Vigilance Officer, ZoneII, Eluru. I/c. Deputy Inspector General(R&S), Guntur. Vigilance Officer ZoneIII, Guntur. I/C Deputy Inspector General(R&S) Kurnool Vigilance Officer-ZoneIV, Kurnool I/C Deputy Inspector General(R&S),Zone V, Warangal Vigilance Officer Zone-V, Warangal Phone/ Fax 040- 23449157 Address H.No:1-7- 10, N.B.K. Estate, Golconda X Road, Musheerabad, Hyderabad-500 020. H.No:1-7- 10, N.B.K. Estate, Golconda X Road, Musheerabad, Hyderabad-500 020. H.No: 50-50-35/10, Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam.530 016. H.No: 50-50-35/10, Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam.530 016. H.No: 24-A-15-7, Ashoknagar, Eluru-2. H.No: 24-A-15-7, Ashoknagar, Eluru-2. D.No.3-27-13, Ravindranagar, Guntur-6 D.No.3-27-13, Ravindranagar, Guntur-6 10/101, Sri Krishna Nagar, Kurnool 518 001. 10/101, Sri Krishna Nagar, Kurnool 518 001. H.No.2/725/1-3, Sridhar Complex, Circuit House Road, K.L.N.Reddy Colony, Hanamkonda, Warangal - 506 001 H.No.2/725/1-3, Sridhar Complex, Circuit House Road, K.L.N.Reddy Colony, Hanamkonda, Warangal - 506 001 6th Floor, Chandra Vihar, M.J.Road, Hyderabad-1. H.No:1-7- 10, N.B.K. Estate, Golconda X Road, Musheerabad, Hyderabad-500 020.

b) Sri C.Tirumala Rajan


c) Sri V. Ravi Kumar,

0891- 2569329

Sri A. Subramanyam Naidu

0891- 2569329

d) Sri K.Jayarami Reddy, Sri K. Samba Murthy, e) Sri J.Lokanadha Reddy, Sri C. Sundaraiah, f) Sri B. Narasimha Murthy, Sri D.Prashantha Kumar, g) Kum. Sk. Ashrafunnisa Begum,

08812 252968 08812 252968 0863 2232591 0863 2232591 08518- 230723 08518- 230723 087023449155

Sri A. Giri Kumar ,


h) Sri G.Subba Raidu Sri M.Udayabhaskara Rao,

I/c. Deputy Inspector General(R&S), zone VI, Hyderabad. Vigilance Officer Zone-VI, Hyderabad.

040-23449166 040- 23449155

i) Web-site Addresses:


The monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations


Name of the Employee/Designation CPU-I

Gross Salary

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

Sri Lal Rosem, C&I.G of R&S Sri M.Syam Kishore, Jt.I.G Sri C.Tirumala Rajan, D.I.G(R&S) Sri C.Padmanabha Murthy, D.I.G(Law) Sri K.Ram Babu, A.I.G-I Sri J.Narsa Reddy, A.I.G-II Sri M. Udaya Baskar Rao, V.O Sri M. Venkatarajesh, A.I.G(Firms) Sri A.Ravindranath, A.I.G(Card) Sri K.Gundu Rao, S.R/Supdt., Smt Ch.Gnana Kumari, S.R/Supdt.,

42,317 27,205 28,592 23,964 28,885 25,810 19,852 19,531 16,606 18,242 18,766

Smt.A.Venkateswara Kumari, S.R/Supdt 10,392 Sri Abdul Karim, S.R/Supdt. Sri G.V.K.Murthy, S.A Sri Md.Ishaq, J.A Sri Md.Zaheer Ahmed, Sr.Steno Sri A.Madhusudhan Rao, J.A Sri K.Prasada Rao, S.A Sri M. Kareem, S.R/Supdt Sri G.Venkata Swamy, Attender Sri Khaja Afzal, Driver Sri Vijaya Ratna Kumar, S.A Sri R.Tulasi Das, J.A Sri K.Bhaskar Rao, J.A Kum. Y.Rajamani, S.A Sri E.Pandu, J.A Sri B.Yadaiah, J.A 13,360 9,493 8,112 8,829 6,533 8,192 13,350 9,198 8,130 9,503 7,354 6,854 7,905 13,315 12,916

28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43

Sri A.Satyanarayana, S.A Sri V.Venkateswara Rao, S.A Sri G.Tyaga Raju, S.A Sri N.Chandraiah, R.A Sri A.Sudarshan, R.A Sri V.S.M.A.R.Krishnamacharyulu, S.A Shaik Nazeer Ahmed, Roneo Operator Sri M.A.Jabbar, J.A Sri M.V.Ratna Sarma, J.A Sri R.Satish Kumar, J.A Sri N.Sree Ramulu, S.A Sri T.Hanumantha Rao, Attender Sri K.Yadaiah, Attender Sri G.Sravan Kumar, Attender Sri Shaik Ahmed, Chowkidar Smt P.Manemma, Attender CPU-II 4,139

9,273 9,523 12,563 9,193 8,361 7,401 8,912 8,609 9,815 7,905 9,553 5,964 5,239

8,361 7,865

44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54

Sri B.Govinda Rao, Attender Sri A.Brahmaiah, J.A Smt.B.Shanta, Shroff Sri M.Bikshapathi, Driver Sri M.Purya, S.A Sri K.Chandu, Attender Sri P.Yadagiri, Attender Sri G.Satyanarayana Prasad, Shroff Sri Y.K.Nanda Kishore, S.A Sri P.Chandra Sekhar, Shroff Sri B.Sanjeevaiah, S.A

7,865 8,112 12,070 11,228 7,021 5,964 5,964 6,694 9,523 6,573 7,657

55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79

Sri Md.Yaseen, J.A Sri D.Kodandam, Shroff Sri G.Paradesi, J.A Sri J.Shyam Rao, Attender Sri T.P.Alwar Swamy, S.A Sri T.S.N.Prasad, S.R/Supdt., Sri B.Narasimha, J.A Sri C.Agamaiah, Shroff Sri S.Nasir, J.A Sri G.V.S.S.Shastry, S.R/Supdt., Sri J.Suraj Singh, Shroff Smt Y.V.D.Koteswaramma Sri Md.Sayeed, Shroff Smt.M.B.Hemalatha, S.A Smt.R.Tulasi, S.R/Supdt., Sri P.Adinarayana, S.A Sri R.Satish, J.A Smt.P.Girija, S.A Sri M.Yadagiri, Attender Sri S.Vidya Sagar Reddy, S.A Sri P.Issac, S.A Sri M.Penchala Raju, S.A Sri K.Narayana, S.R/Supdt., Sri K.Ram Chander, R.A Smt.M.Subba Laxmi, S.A Sri Bashumiya, S.A CPU III 9,193 7,220 6,294

7,419 6,374 10,035 7,905 10,279 10,812 11,309 11,709 6,863 13,346

9,503 6,129 9,223 11,429 11,108 6,294 7,905

8,126 9,503 7,250 11,934

8,112 10,747

80 81

Sri Kazim Ali Khan, S.R/Supdt., Sri M.Murali, J.A

13,773 8,221

82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111

Sri A.Raghava Rao, J.A Sri T.Rama Krishna Prasad, J.A Sri M.Srinivasulu, Attender Sri G.Dhananjay, J.A Sri K.Satya Gnana, S.R/Supdt., Sri N.Vasudeva Rao, S.R/Supdt., Sri K.Satyanarayana Murthy, S.R/Supdt Sri K. Taviti Naidu, S.R/Supdt., Smt.B.Rama Devi, S.A Sri E.Ananta Rao, J.A Sri K.Venkata Narayana, S.A Sri P.V.Ramapathi Rao, S.A Sri Shaik Ismail Shareef, S.A Sri D.Srihari Naidu, S.A Sri A.Sravan Kumar, S.A Sri B.Narender, J.A Sri D.Venkata Swamy, J.A Sri K.Sudarshan, R.A Smt P.S.V.Subba Lakshmi, J.A Smt.N.Jarina, S.A Sri R.Ram Babu, S.A Smt.K.Seetha Kumari, S.R/Supdt D.Narsimha Raju, S.A Smt.T.Kamala Devi, Attender Sri V.Narasimha, Attender Smt.Ch.Nagamani, Attender Sri N.Srinivasa Chary, worker Sri M.Ramesh, worker Sri M.Ram Kumar, worker Sri M.Benhur Samuel, worker

7,800 7,214 4,848 6,863 17,269 12,533 11,270 10,695 9,223 9,473 6,358 9,673 8,179 8,927 7,021 5,569 5,838 6,129 5,534 6,786 8,401 17,718 8,152 7,865 7,865 7,865 8,912 8,912 5,187 5,068

112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122.

Sri K.Yadagiri, worker Sri Sk.Sadiq Ali, worker Sri V.Ravinder, Staff Sri P.Vamana Rao, staff Sri G.N.Ravi Kanth, Operator Sri A.Srinivas, worker Sri P.Srinivas Reddy, worker Sri M.L.Krishna, worker Sri N.Raju, Worker Sri K.Suresh Kumar, worker Sri D. Laxmi Narayarna SR/ Supdt

5,107 5,107 10,035 11,309 10,035 9,193 9,193 9,193 5,187 8,361 9,579

The budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursements made:nil

(xii) the manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and details of beneficiaries of such programmes:There are no subsidy programmes in the Registration and Stamps Department and no amount was allocated for such programmes. (xiii) particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorisations granted by it:Stamp section: Separately enclosed (Vide Annexure-I) (xiv) details in respect of the information, available to or held by it in an electronic form:- This department has created a web site with detailed information for citizens in electronic form like; To know Market Value for his/her property; with details of unit rate and Stamp duty, and Registration fee etc., To know the jurisdiction for the property to be registered along with Sub-Registrar Office, location etc., Citizen can know the details of previously registered document particulars of property which he/she intended to purchase and; Citizen can also know the encumbrances if any, on the particular property by giving the details of the property on web site. The time frames prescribed for various services rendered by this department to the citizens in the Citizen Charter were kept on the website.

(xv) The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use: All relevant information of the Department was kept on the website. The information kept on the website is as follows: - The timeframes prescribed for various services to the citizens in the in the Citizen Charter were kept on the website and also displayed in 387 Sub-Registrar Offices across the State. This Department is having the functions and duties on the following Acts and some of the acts are kept in web site along with Schedules and Table of Fees. i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Registration Act. Stamp Act, Hindu Marriage Act, A.P.Society Act. Special Marriage Act. Notaries Act

And also placing the information like Amendments and G.Os, Circulars. (xvi) The names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers.
Name of the Office

Public Information Officer Name/Designation/Address

Chief Public Information Officer

Name/Designation /Address

O/o Commissioner & I.G (R&S), O/o Dy.Inspector Genera l(R&S), O/o Deputy Collect or(F.S. )


Commissioner & Inspector General (R&S), or Joint Inspector General (R&S) O/o the Commissioner & Inspector General of Registration and Stamps, N.b.K.Estates, Golconda X Roads, Hyderabad.

Dy.Inspector General (R&S) of concerned Zone: Viz., Vizag, Eluru, Guntur, Kurnool, Warangal & Hyderabad.
Deputy Collector(F.S.) of concerned Zone:

Viz., Vizag,

Eluru, Guntur, Kurnool, Warangal & Hyderabad.

O/o District Registrar O/o Vigilance Officer Sub Registrar Office

District Registrar of concerned Districts.

Vigilance Officer of concerned Zone. Sub Registrar of concerned SubDistrict.

(xvii) Such other information as may be prescribed and thereafter update these publications every year. All the update information is available in Department website

Sd/Commissioner & I.G (R&S).

For Commissioner & I.G (R&S), A.P.Hyderabad.