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Hey freshmen, Welcome to Slivka!

Prepare yourself for fun and excitement, and Ill try not to make this a boring story! (For the rest of the year after New Student Week, by fun and excitement, I mean mostly studying thats college for you.) To help you settle in during your first week here, we have put together a fancy Freshman Welcome Packet so that you know how we do. Finding information that you want on Northwesterns gigantic website is like looking for a needle in the hay, so we have compiled what we think is the most relevant information for you. Of course we know that there is a non-zero possibility that you will feel displaced, homesick, confused, lost, and simultaneously excited, optimistic, and giddy with your newfound freedom. If you are an international student who came in an airplane over the sea or you traveled 4000 miles over the vast spoils of America to come here, you already know that Slivka will be your home more than your parents house for the next year of your life. Never fear, the Freshman Welcome Packet is here so you can get familiar and get stoked for your new home away from home! In the packet, you will find some words from our Faculty Master, the history of Slivka, what to pack, campus maps, Slivkan traditions, restaurant directions, and more! Just visit
Youve got questions, weve got answers! Also included in the Freshman Welcome Packet are the email addresses and AIM screen names of the entire Slivka executive board. Dont be shy, just say hi there couldnt be a better place, a better time! Once you reach Slivka in the fall, dont forget our contact info. If the Boss man is getting you down of if youre starting to feel like another fall victim thinking October is eternal and Thanksgiving break will never come, you can always come to exec members for a sympathetic ear. We were once freshmen, too. You might be wondering how only 10 Slivkan Executive Board members can possibly pay attention to all 70 of you freshmen. Not to worry, itll be A-OK! Slivkan upperclassmen love helping! Youll notice when you get here that our residential college is one of the most open, chill, and accepting environments on campus. We embrace diverse interests; we have freshmen and upperclassmen alike interested in everything from vacuuming their rooms compulsively to rocking out to KC Accidental (and I am interested in both)! If you werent planning to contact us before arriving, too bad, youll have to anyway. In an attempt to tip the scales to maximum awesomeness, we are going to be matching you with an upperclassman as part of our Big Sib/Little Sib program. This year, were going to have big sib/little sib families where 2 upperclasspersons are grouped with 2-3 entering freshmen. Theyll take you out to eat, show you around Evanston, introduce you to the coolest profs at Prof 2 Peer (P2P) lunches, and make sure that you are feeling settled, safe and comfortable eight days a week at Northwestern. To facilitate this, please read and fill out the accompanying form asking for info and a picture. PLEASE SEND THIS FORM BACK TO LIZ ABRAHAMSON BY EMAIL before September 1. Thanks and I hope to talk to you in the summertime and meet you in September! A fond farewell until fall, Gillian Hsieh, President Slivka Residential College of Science and Engineering

Big Sib/Little Sib questionnaire: 1. School: 2. Major: 3. Home state/country: 4. Interests: 5. What is your favorite genre of food? 6. How do you feel about rabbits? 7. What is your favorite office supply (pens, staplers, sharpies, answering machines, etc)? Why? 8. After The Big Lebowski, what is the second most hilarious movie ever made? 9. What is the most unsanitary thing you have eaten in your life? 10. Dont forget to attach your photograph!

Please mail back by Sept 1 to Thanks, See you soon!!!!

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