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On behalf of Slivka Hall, we would like to welcome you to the Residential College of Science &Engineering. Our goals are to promote interactions between our students and the faculty outside of class; to offer our students a wide array of exciting intellectual, cultural, sporting, and social events; and to actively involve our students in a friendly living and learning community. Slivka Hall is a state-of-the-art facility with such features as high-speed Internet access, a cyber cafe, a music room, and a Discovery Center stocked with electronic and optical instruments, computers, digital video, a telescope, and robotics equipment for exclusive use by Slivka's residents. The large, kitchen-equipped, second-floor commons area is a favorite meeting place for students to unwind by playing billiards, table tennis, or foosball with professional-quality equipment, or simply to have munchies while viewing their favorite show on the large-screen TV. This room is also used to host weekly firesides by Slivka's Faculty Fellows, and other special events. Slivka's residents are some of the best, brightest, and most talented young men and women to be found anywhere. Included among our community are students pursuing academic majors in science and engineering as well in the humanities. A number of our students are in accelerated honors programs in collaboration with various Northwestern Graduate Schools. Slivka's official mission is to encourage a humanistic view of science and engineering. We interpret this in many ways. Our activities include trips to Chicago's renowned museums, theaters, and symphony orchestra. We also have fun camping, skiing, bicycling, and attending professional sporting events. Back within Slivka's walls, we have regular firesides with fellows. Additional activities for the academic year may include special for-credit tutorials (in the past, topics included American Sign Language, Visual Basic, and AIDS and Society). The key to all of our events is that they grow out of student interest. We encourage you to take advantage of Slivka's activities, and to personally get involved in organizing additional activities of your own choosing. We hope you will forge new and enduring relationships and have the time of your life while here at Slivka. We look forward to meeting you in the fall. Best wishes, Art Schmidt Master of Slivka Erick Bennett President of Slivka

A LETTER FROM THE MASTER This is my third year as the Faculty Master of the Science and Engineering Residential College. Among my goals are strong personal involvement with Slivka affairs and ready availability to Slivka residents as their advisor, mentor, advocate, and friend. In pursuit of these goals, I have an Assistant Master, Cynthia Pierre, who is in the Department of Material Science and an Associate Master, Dr. Owen Priest, who is in the Department of Chemistry. Cynthia is also in her third year associated with Slivka. She has proved herself to be an invaluable and dynamic resource and a good person to go to with any issues or problems. Dr. Priest has been with Slivka for several years and, like Cynthia, is always willing to help out Slivka in any way possible. So, feel free to contact any of us with your questions and comments. Usually, that's as easy as sitting down to lunch or dinner, since one of us will generally be enjoying your company at the Slivka tables in Sargent Hall! But, we're also readily available at other times via telephone, email, and person-to-person visits. We share an office in Slivka just to the right as you come in the main entrance on the west side of Slivka. Drop in any time, our door is open. Arthur Schmidt College Lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy Master, Slivka Residential College

Dr. Owen Priest

Cynthia Pierre

PRESIDENTIAL WELCOMING Hi Everyone, I wanted to take a few minutes to give a bit more of a formal introduction. My name is Erick and I am the President of Slivka. I will be a junior this upcoming fall and I am majoring in chemical engineering. My number one goal as President is to be as approachable as possible. I stress out a lot, but I am always available for talking and answering questions. I just wanted to write to tell you how excited I am for the upcoming year. The Slivka Exec Board and I will be working hard all summer to plan events for the fall quarter and we will be working especially hard to plan for Wildcat Welcome (the week prior to the start of classes). In this mailer, you will find some pretty useful information, ranging from information about Slivka Hall to Northwestern as a whole.

Id like a take a minute to introduce you to Slivkas Executive Board: Vice-President: Greg Go

Greg is actually a good friend of mine from high school and my roommate for the past two years. He is a junior chemistry major in WCAS He is in charge of points in Slivka. Secretary of Academic Affairs: Jim Fakonas

Jim is an awesome guitar player, a guitar hero some might say, but not in the video game sense. He is a senior material science major. His job is to plan firesides and other academic events. Secretary of Social Affairs: Tiffany Wu

Tiffany is a sophomore physics major in WCAS and tends to do really random things. Shes literally from the OC, but says not one ever calls it that Shes in charge of making college life (legally) fun. Secretary of Faculty Affairs: Jennifer Hobbs

Jen is a senior in the Integrated Science Program majoring in Physics. She loves the White Sox and baking. She is responsible for planning events with our faculty fellows. Secretary of Philanthropic Affairs: Lindsey Tengerstrom

Lindsey is also a friend of mine from high school. She is a pre-med junior majoring in Human Communication Sciences and Disorders. Her job is to organize philanthropic activities such as volunteering, Dance Marathon group and Relay for Life.

Treasurer: Peien Liu

Peien is a sophomore electrical engineer here at Northwestern. He is often under a lot of stress about the budget but still manages to be very helpful. Receipts to him for reimbursements go to him. Facilities Director: Dave Hunkins

Dave is a senior statistics major. He is also a sports fanatic (both real and fantasy). His job is to set up and clean up Slivka events and maintain all of Slivkas equipment.

IT Director: Chris Liman

Chris is a junior materials science and engineering major. He is the Exec Boards computer guru. His job is to maintain the Slivka website and listerserves. He organizes LAN parties too! Historian: Allie Zhang

Allie is majoring in biomedical engineering here at Northwestern. She is a very creative person. Her job is to take minutes at all the meetings and take pictures at Slivka events. She also writes the bathroom reader every week, where she gets a chance to show off her creativity while informing residents of whats going on in Slivka. So there you have it. That is the Slivka Executive Board. On behalf of the entire Executive Board, I want to welcome you to the Slivka community. We are looking forward to meeting you this fall. Sincerely, Erick Bennett President, Slivka Residential College IMPORTANT RESOURCES Slivkas website is It has a ton of information for you and your parents. Under the Information tab at the top of the screen, there is a section entitled New Students. Here you will find some of the information included in this mailer. We will also be updating this section over the summer as we think of more information that might be helpful to you, so be sure to check it once and a while. In addition, this website has some additional information about the building, the Executive Board, and Northwestern as a whole. The Wildcat Welcome website is: Here you and your parents will find lots of information regarding orientation, Essential NU, and other activities associated with preparation for the transition to college. Check this site frequently as it is updated as schedules are made official and/or are revised. Two other important websites are: This is a website that many students use because it has direct links for many Northwestern websites, including access to Northwestern e-mail, Blackboard, and Caesar (you will learn more about the last two once you are on campus). It also has helpful links to student groups, restaurant information, and student services of every type. It even has a calendar of upcoming events in the week, which is very useful. Here you can find campus maps, local hotels, and driving directions to campus, which are all good things to have access to before coming to campus. Most of you have been to this site before, but in case you havent its Northwesterns home page. It is not quite as useful as the above link (because the above link is designed for students) but Northwesterns main page is still useful for searching for information. LOCAL SHOPPING LOCATIONS

Norris Bookstore - official University bookstore: Ground floor of Norris. o Norris provides a convenient location for college dorm needs. Featuring Northwestern apparel, face care, snack foods, even computer accessories, Norris has just about everything that will make Northwestern your home. Target - retailer: Take Sheridan south (toward downtown Evanston), turn right onto Dempster, left onto McCormick Blvd., and left onto Howard. Complex is on the left. Jewel - grocery store: Take Sheridan south; store is on the right past Main Street, opposite Blockbuster. Dominick's - grocery store: Take Sheridan south which will merge into Chicago. Turn west (right) onto Dempster and take it to Dodge Avenue. Office Max - office/computer: Same shopping complex as Target, see directions above. D&Ds - corner grocery: Take Noyes, off of Sheridan. Store is on the right just before the El tracks.

Clothes (casual and formal) Cold weather apparel Toiletries (hand soap is provided Shower Slippers/Sandals Shower Caddy Computer/Laptop Charger Ethernet Cable Laptop lock Headphones Printer Paper (bring at least 2 reams per room) Ink Camera Film Charger and Data Cable Alarm Clock Refrigerator (less than 3 cubic feet) Phone and answering machine Fan Bulletin Board (cork is preferred) Hamper Duct tape Calendar Cooking Utensils (pot, spoon, pan, kettle, etc. if you cook) Cups, plates, plastic-ware Food (canned goods, fruit, candy, cereal, etc.) Coffee or caffeine equivalent Social Security Card (if you plan to get a job) Spare cash Plastic bags Can opener Pillow, Blanket, 80" sheets, comforter Old textbooks/notes Notebooks, paper, binders (whichever fits your study needs) Plastic shelves Book ends

Extra lighting (floor lamp, desk lamps, etc.) Flashlight Hangers White board (small size for outside the door)

Bike, roller blades, or scooter for convenience Kryptonite long U-lock or other strong bike lock Pictures, posters, tape Musical instrument

A Marlok is one of the keys used in Slivka. It is an electronic key that grants the holder access to the building and to their suite. A regular key, however, is used to lock and unlock rooms. Last year, Slivka voted to try a universal Marlok system, meaning that the Marlok would open every suite in the building and not just the suite that the individual lives in. This change went well and since there were no major problems with the new system, the residents voted to keep it in place. So, the Marlok you receive will grant you access to your suite and to all the other suites in Slivka. It is asked that you do not abuse the system, as it can always be changed back. If you have any questions, comments, or issues about the universal Marlok system, feel free to e-mail Erick Bennett at BIG SIB/LITTLE SIB PROGRAM This is a program that we have used in Slivka for several years because it is a great way to get new students to interact and learn more about the upperclassmen in the building and vice-versa. You will be paired up with an upperclassman (and there might be a group of people assigned to one upperclassman) and that person will be there to help give you advice throughout the year. You even get a meal with your Big Sib paid for by Slivka. If you would like to participate in this program, send Natalyn Wong an e-mail ( and provide us with the following information: Name: School: Major: Home state/country: Interests: Do you know anyone in Slivka that you would prefer to be your big sib? Whats your favorite food? What kinds of social activities would you like to see Slivka host? Dont forget to attach your photograph! We will be using them to create a nice colleague of all of you! It can be a funny picture or a serious one. BRIEF CLOSING Thats it. You are set and ready for the experience of a lifetime at Northwestern! The Slivka community will be there to help add to this experience as much as possible. And remember, we are also counting on you to be a contributing member of our community and we will give you many opportunities to shine. We look forward to seeing you this fall!

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