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MANUAL TESTING Testing is done manually..

Producer Company/ devt. Company


Requirements Release software

Develop software and test software

Software testingTesting is conducted to validate the appln is working according to customer reqs. Testing is conducted to find defects/bugs/issues/incidents. DEFECT: any functionality not working according to customer reqs. Testing is conducted to access the quality of software. Quality(Developer point) If the project/product is developed as per customer reqs. (Customer point) If the project is satisfying customer needs it is quality. ProductA s/w developed and used by any customer. Project/applnA s/w developed for a specific customer. SDLC: Phases are analysis design Code/construction Testing/validation

MANUAL TESTING Release and maintenance Analysis phase: It is the responsibility of project managers, business analysts to discuss with business users and collect the reqs. Reqs are 2 typesfunctional reqs (behavior of the appln) Non functiona reqs(chars and features of the appln) Design phase: After the reqs are collected it is the responsibility of developers or system architect to prepare the design for the appln. High level design Low level design Coding phase: After the design is approved the developers will write coding Testing : After coding is complete, testing is conducted to check the appln is working as per customer reqs. Release and maintenance: After testing is completed, we release the appln to production, business users can use the appln. If any changes or issues,they are handled by the maintenance team. Software development models: waterfall model,spiral model V-ModelVerification Business reqs System reqs High level design Low level design validation user acceptance test system testing integration test unit testing


MANUAL TESTING Verification- these are conducted from beginning to end of project to ensure: Are we developing the right product or not. e.g: Reviews, static testing validation- this is conducted after the code is developed to check developed product is right or not. e.g: System testing, dynamic testing, Testing phases in v-model: 1. Req reviews- After the reqs are prepared; reviews are conducted to ensure the completeness and correctness. 2. Design reviews- After the design is prepared, reviews are conducted for completeness and correctness, verify the design is prepared as per the reqs. The design logic is good; the design is possible to develop etc. 3. Code reviews- During code reviews, reviews are conducted to verify the logic of the code, standard etc. 4. Unit testing/ Component testing- Testing is conducted by developers or white box testers. Testing is conducted based on program. During this test verify, A) Each statement in the program is working correct i.e. run the programs such that each line in the program is tested atleast once. [Basis path testing] B) Verify the conditional statements [if], loop statements, syntax of the program etc. Drawbacks: During this test, programming knowledge is required. If already developer misunderstand the functionality, defects are not possible to find.

MANUAL TESTING 5. Mutation testing-conducted by developers, during coding change the program and once again test the functionality. This test is conducted to check the performance, application stability. 6. Integration testing- conducted on multiple components. This test is conducted by integrating 2 or more components in the same application or 2 different applications are integrated. During this test, i) Verify the data communication between the components or systems. ii) Performance (request and response time) iii) Functionality of the application Following are the approaches in integration testing: 1. Big-Bang Integration- multiple components are tested together. e.g
M1 M2 M3 M4

Tested together

-when all the components are tested together detailed testing is not possible, if any defect is found it will take more effects to analyze the defect. 2. Top-Down Integration- Testing is conducted from main module to sub module. i.e. main modules are tested first.