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DELPHINVS As one stands at the peak of the Eon of Cetus heading towards the second Age of Pegasus, one expects Revelation. Others wonder about their own guardian angel ascendant revealed. As old superstitions are left behind, the zodiac emerges intact by eons of falsity. Also, the eastern ascendant set revolves according to racial initiation, perfect.

THE SIGN OF JONAS Even at the gates of the Sign of Jonas, there will be some who’ll wonder about their own zodiacal sign as many have been deceived by the Devil as many false prophets have been unleashed into the world. Astronomy makes the best and only veritable horoscopes as it never deceived anybody. Even the biblical God is an astronomer preceding Genesis! STARLESS AND BIBLE BLACK While the Devil has deceived many, precession stood against the pest, plague and inorganic tyrant of this world. The planetary regent gets weak in the presence of science. Its schemes only lurk in dark corners where people never see the light of the stars. ZODIACAL JUBILEEE #1622 #1972 #2012 What is the zodiac today? Today is a good word in a world without tomorrow and without past. Namely, traces of zodiacality may be found through greater ancient China - Sikkim, Mongolia and Thibet including. Egypt had its seers. Novel civilizations were improvised through slaughtered Hypatia and Hipparchus aloof, but even at the times of Greeks there was no zodiac at all, not to mention ascendant system. It took 1972 for the zodiac and ascendant set to be calculated in minutes and set online. The academic Zodiac celebrates its jubilee in the year 2012. PAX ET LVX TIBI #2012 #2014 #2017 #1622 #16x16

How are the skies organized? We organized them into constellations that neatly fit with earlier systematizations by qualified seers. The skies are determined as a well-organized multidimensional spectacle – your own natal horoscope.


Plankton soars as guided by the Moon and tide and the stars. As any natural phenomena, plankton is astronomer, therefore true mind. No profit is seen from cheating upon one’s own race when it comes to feeding the totem of the Eon. ILLVMINATI MAYDAY A new universe enters our own as conjunct with the Sun on 1st of May. This event is larger than Sir Mordred, the Illuminati, Hitler or the USA. The peak of the Eon of Cetus has reserved a special Illuminati Mayday for those who have seen the light. The Moon balances all true Masonic architecture from Sextans while Mercury rules side by side with Uranus in Cetus. When we speak of eight planets in Cetus, we refer to the main ones. There is a swarm of events in this actual zodiacal ascendant of the present Eon. Note that 2014 makes for a traditional calculus while 2012 can be regarded as peak with Uranus in Cetus. Those looking forward to total purification along with revelation should address the Age of Pegasus III. What is true Masonic architecture? Suffice to say that a disoriented Mason does can not even figure out one’s own natal Sun-sign –such lodges are physically disoriented according to faux ascendants. Many have been deceived…
ORIGINATAL SELF #2012 #2014 #2017 #1622 #16x16

Did they tell you that there were several skies, one sadly astronomical along with different more “convenient” ones – all for your purchase? An Indian sky, a western one and others galore. You don’t need that many skies at all since one observable natal sky will do. Unfortunately, dealing with the visible natal skies has never been the business of mountebanks who prefer this or that subterfuge to the real thing, yes? Did you acquire “your own natal horoscope” model from people who don’t know that they never knew the Sun-sign of their own? Then – sadly - neither you nor people who “do horoscopes”

are entitled to any genuine natal skies at all, since that would imply astronomy in the observable and therefore real skies. As real natal skies imply your original mind, true self and ascending guardian angel; they are vital only in case that you want to be yourself. In other cases, please forgive any directness from above: your true natal skies only serve as interpreter of observable astronomic data. Whether being your own true self may or may not be found appealing in one is for you to decide. Inner beauty is not on the market. Beyond these lines lies your very first horoscope – your original natal self!

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