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Celebration Birthday

Traveling through Time with Sandra Crosnoe
aka * Sandie *
Thanks for being here!
Crosnoe Family Tree
It all started in 1952
First family photo 1953
Is she cute or what? 1954
Polio takes its toll 1956ish
Queens Buzzette 1965
CF Boone Publications
summer jobs in the 1960s
Pasadena HS Graduation 1970
Bible Study - Derek Prince
Crosnoe Family 1972ish
Texas Tech 1970-1974
BS Degree Texas Tech
Microbiology/Chemistry 1974
Caswell Wedding 1980
MBA Amber 1983
ARCO CAP Award 1987
ARCO Spark Article 1990
Associated Conservatives
of Texas 1990s
Parents 50
Event 1993
Dinner Party 50
The Rat in the Hat 1996
Glamour Shots 1997ish
Cats Do Talk by Hanna 2006
Blogging Begins 2007
A New Years Eve Cruise
with Jim Boulet 2007
R3publicans 2008
Yes I am on Facebook
(over 4000 friends & I have a farm!)
Youtube since 2007
with over 176k view
Publishing Books & Docs
on Scribd since 2008
OKGrassroots 2009
Constitutional Liberty Coalition
Syndicated Blog in 2009
Recipe Treasures 2010-11
OK-SAFE Board 2011
Birthday Bash in Vegas 2011
A Life Goal 2012
Sandra is a lifetime Republican who
has served the party since 1970 by :
faithfully chairing her precincts in
both Oklahoma and Texas
volunteering on many committees
striving to grow the GOP
working to elect Republicans to all
levels of office
educating others through the new
social media
organizing Liberty events
Core PrincipIes:
Pro Life
Free Market
Second Amendment Rights
Secure Borders
State and NationaI Sovereignty
IndividuaI Liberty
Sandra's firm beIief in the need for a
ConstitutionaI foundation and Judeo/Christian
vaIues at the heart of our government give her
the strength to work tireIessIy to
Restore the RepubIic.
BIogs and SociaI Networking

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