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Introduction Your animals can be your best friends in life. Just like us, they also have their unique personalities. We may not always know their exact time of birth but we can still look at the chart for the day of birth and determine an incredible amount of information. If the exact time is unavailable a Sun sign chart will be used as the basis for the chart. We can benefit by knowing where our pets' full potential might be met. And like our human friends there may also be difficult areas of their personalities, which we must learn to accept or correct. Not all dogs are suited for agility or obedience. Some will do better at guarding their masters; others might behave well in conformation. By understanding the potential of our dogs we seek ways to improve what already exists and accept things that are sometimes unchangeable or a challenge. There are 4 basic elements that make up a chart; they are earth, water, air and fire. If Danny has 4 or more planets in one of these elements he is considered to have more than average. By giving a weight or number to these planets we can determine if the chart has tendencies that would be influenced by being overweighted in that particular element. The Ascendant, Midheaven and planets on the angles are also given a number, which is included in determining the makeup of a chart.

********************************* This birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below: Sun 15 Ari 35 Moon 19 Leo 55 Mercury 21 Ari 02 Venus 2 Ari 22 Mars 16 Pis 31 Jupiter 19 Aqu 53 Saturn 16 Vir 21 Uranus 23 Pis 54 Neptune 25 Aqu 43 Pluto 3 Cap 18 N. Node 6 Aqu 55 Asc 0 Ari 00 MC 0 Cap 00 2nd cusp 0 Tau 00 3rd cusp 0 Gem 00 5th cusp 0 Leo 00 6th cusp 0 Vir 00

Tropical Zodiac Daylight Savings Time observed. Lat. and Long. of birth: 51 N 54 8 W 28

Aspects and orbs: Conjunction : 7 Deg 00 Min Opposition : 5 Deg 00 Min Square : 5 Deg 00 Min Trine : 5 Deg 00 Min Sextile : 4 Deg 00 Min Conjunct Asc : 5 Deg 00 Min Above, 7 Deg 00 Min Below

Element Emphasis Fire Sign Emphasis: (Score of 18,3,4,3) Danny has an abundance of fire in his chart. The true hunter, explorer and leader of the pack. A pioneering attitude, the alpha male of the group. He may even try to control you. Danny needs plenty of exercise to get rid of all that excess energy he has. Since Danny can be dominant and controlling it would be wise to start obedience training early. Make sure he understands you are boss. Socialize early and show a lot of respect and admiration. Danny needs to feel like he is number one. The other animals will respect him, and so should you. Danny would run through fire to save you and your family members. He is fearless and will stop at nothing to protect you. Danny must be guarded from his own impulsive actions. Always place him on a lead so that sudden escape urges don't lead to injuries. Companion animals should be submissive. Always pay special attention to Danny and groom him often. This will give him a feeling of being adored and spoiled, satisfying his need of being number one. Danny needs your approval and praise for survival and will go through any challenge to receive it; even if it gets him disapproving attention, it's better than none.

Ascendant The ascendant, or sign on the horizon at birth, changes approximately every 2 hours. To get a true picture of an animal a time of birth is very helpful. From the ascendant, not only do we learn the appearance and characteristics of an animal, we also derive a pattern for the chart itself. The ascendant is the face we show to strangers, animal and human alike. We may view Danny as his Sun sign, but others will see the sign on the ascendant. The rising sign dictates how Danny portrays himself to others. These characteristics are entirely different from what we see on the home front. Learn more about how others see Danny. Aries Rising: If Danny's color isn't red he secretly wishes it were. His personality is very similar to the Martian energy we see associated with the planet Mars. The first to initiate play or war. The planet Mars influences every step, making Danny's reactions quick and not always well planned. This could lead Danny into problems with head injury due to his quick response. Reacts quickly to aggression and needs to be taught the meaning of "No" very early in life. His instincts to protect you could get him in trouble. Danny is also known for some pretty fancy footwork when playing with others. Often seen jumping straight up in the air to avoid contact, he could present quite a problem if capture is necessary. Danny will zig and zag in every direction to avoid being caught. Bored easily, Danny needs more than the usual exercise. Children can be his best friend, but toddlers may test his patience. Adult supervision must always be observed. A true leader of the pack, he may resort to showing you who's the boss and children might be considered littermates. This could get Danny into trouble if not supervised. Always ready for a new adventure he might wind up on the missing list if not contained in a safe area. The alpha male of a group, Danny is not a follower or submissive by nature. Make sure obedience training is started early so that Danny understands who's boss. "Notice me or don't enter," is the attitude Danny adopts, sometimes scaring a few visitors away. "Play with me 'til you drop and I'll still be ready for more when you awake." Being always observant and vigilant of any activity out of the normal keeps Danny busy all day. More than happy to run a marathon with you if necessary. Keep Danny happy by keeping him in constant motion.


Sun Signs give the basic identity of an animal. This is the real side you will see once he trusts you enough to show it to you. Although not always apparent to strangers, to those he lives with, there is no question what Danny is really like. The basic needs and patterns in life are strongly governed by the Sun. Where it is found in the chart will influence that area of your dog's life strongly. He will put his best paw forward in this area, being noticed by all. Sun in Aries: Danny is impulsive and often gets in trouble by sudden unthinking acts. He is often the leader of the pack or alpha dog, never faltering when new additions are added to the family. Often having shades of red in his coloring; it matches a fast and feverish pace. Danny's actions seem like lightning bolts, often taking people by surprise. Danny could win a race hands down. "Me first, look at me, here I am, please notice me, watch me do my dance for attention." These are expressions you can actually observe. Danny can't wait to get out and run and be noticed for being the special animal he is. Exercise is very important for the Aries dog. Danny can get along well in groups but would prefer the lead position. Adventure is Danny's primary motive and escape could result in loss. Be sure to have adequate protection of the home front to prevent curiosity from getting the better of Danny. His lust for adventure makes him always the first to venture out into new territory. Sun in the 1st house: Here is a dog with a strong and forceful nature. Yet others are strangely attracted to Danny. He projects a powerful and confident nature that portrays the feeling of "Don't mess with me, I can be friends as long as you respect me and acknowledge me for who I am." Pioneering spirit evident, Danny is the leader of the pack. Things always look sunny at his house. "Come home with me and I'll show you how to enjoy yourself. Indulge me and put me in the public eye for I am a vision to be recognized." Danny can receive honors in conformation ring numerous times during his career. Sun Trine Moon: Danny is quite a popular dog bringing smiles to many. Canine good citizen title is one he might complete with satisfaction. Give Danny plenty of attention or he might change loyalties. Often seen at the neighbors while you're away, Danny returns to you with tail wagging and there's no doubt that you'll forgive him again. Danny has true potential competing in conformation ring. Show him off and he'll reward you. Steak and caviar are not beneath Danny. Sun Conjunct Mercury: Danny's intelligence far surpasses that of the average dog. Don't let Danny waste time at home when he could be of service to so many. Easy to train and wanting to be involved in all you do. Danny understands any form of communication and will attempt to talk back when prompted. Danny thinks he is human and will try to make you understand what is important to him. Danny needs the company of others and to communicate with them.

Moon The Moon tells us how dogs bond with us on an emotional level. Now, we all know dogs have emotions but they show it in different ways. The Moon demonstrates what he really loves in life. This is the treat to their humdrum day. If wanting to know what to buy for a pet look to the moon sign to

determine the perfect gift. Moon in Leo: Danny lives for attention. He doesn't mind being fussed over prior to showing in breed ring. He adores all that extra effort to make him feel special. Adorn him in a fancy collar and see how impressive he looks. Danny likes to strut his stuff. The true leader in the pack. Alpha male dog without a doubt. Although Danny seems to take a back seat during littermate scuffles, have no doubt that he is the one in charge and will make the others be submissive when necessary. Littermates look to him for direction. Obedience classes early for this born leader. Just let him think he's boss once in awhile, while you sit back and observe. A born protector and leader of all, Danny carries himself like royalty demonstrating a loyal nature under a beautiful coat of fur. Moon in the 5th house: Danny can be wonderful with children. Entertaining in all he does, Danny lives to bring joy into your life. He feels content in knowing that fun is just around the corner. All he has to do is initiate play and there are many that are game to join him. King of his domain you will always find this dog sitting in the place of honor. Moon Trine Sun: There is nothing that bothers this fine dog. It's as if Danny were always smiling. Happy go lucky, he rides with the tide, sharing your ups and downs. Contented to just let things be. Never in a hurry - just content to be alive and with you. Bringing harmony everywhere he goes, Danny would make a wonderful companion pet and canine good citizen. Take Danny to visit nursing homes where he can bring joy to those he visits. Moon Trine Mercury: Danny knows how to behave instinctively. He often senses your thoughts before you express them; words are not necessary. Teach Danny obedience through reward and praise. If you are happy it will reflect in his abilities. Danny's comprehension and ability to perform difficult tasks are remarkable. He can impress many by completing duties above and beyond the expected outcome. Moon Opposition Jupiter: A little extra training would be wise to start with for Danny. Known for taking foolish risks, Danny will need to be taught about dangers. Strangers are not always congenial and travelling the neighborhood has its own set of hazards. Keep Danny streetwise and leashed when travelling for protection purposes. Never allow Danny to roam free. Danny's lust for adventure is too strong to contain him. Keep Danny entertained with a constant array of sensory stimuli that make his daily activities more enjoyable and dampen his wanderlust. Other animal companions would be helpful.

Mercury Mercury in the chart shows us a little bit about the intelligence of an animal. For every human that is a little slow and methodical in their thinking there is another who is quick and intelligent in their response. Although a dog can't write or talk to us, there is a certain communication that he shares with other animals and humans. Some are quick learners while others take a more practical approach to

learning. Mercury shows you strengths or obstacles that may occur in the process. Mercury in Aries: Danny learns quickly and is ready and willing to try any new trick you may have in store. The leader of the group, he will be the first on the trail ready to fight any intruder that might cross your path. Always on the hunt and ready for battle should it present itself, he will not be the one to initiate it but may be the one to finish it. Danny may require high maintenance to avoid boredom. Always seeking adventure in the wild, Danny may surprise you with a sudden escape. Protect him from danger and teach him to return to your call by rewarding with praise and food. Frequent exercise will calm that wanderlust. Give him a job as a guide dog for trails and hikes in unusual and new terrain. There is no path too wild or dangerous for Danny. Mercury in the 1st house: Mercury's placement here adds increased intelligence. You may have noticed Danny's ability to excel at any task you teach him. A keen sharp look is what he presents because in his mind he is saying, "When will this human ever understand me?" He will find a way to communicate even though you may not understand. He may even try to imitate talking by making certain sounds or howls. Provide him with adequate social stimuli. If sufficiently bored Danny could develop bad habits. Company, whether animal, bird or human, would be helpful if long periods of absence are necessary. Mercury Conjunct Sun: Highly intelligent and intuitive, Danny shines in all that he does. There isn't a trick or job too hard for him. The hard part may be in getting Danny to do it. Easily bored once a trick or job is mastered he is ready to move on to the next one even though you may not be. Keep Danny's mind active by communicating how special he is. Make him feel like he is the smartest dog in the world and he will do anything to prove you right. Mercury Trine Moon: Danny remains close to you throughout his life. He feels your thoughts and emotions making every effort to go with the flow and comfort you or show you what he can do. He is smart beyond belief because he intuitively knows what you want, although getting him to concentrate on what you want could be difficult if he is not reminded of how important he is to you. Shower him with affection and Danny will be like putty in your hands. Get ready for kisses and licks - Danny loves attention and will go to any means to obtain it. Mercury Sextile Jupiter: Danny knows when to act. Like clockwork he can be seen in all the right places at the right times. Danny will never be happy just hanging around the home front. This dog needs adventure and activity to get his blood boiling. A love of all sports is evident and Danny will be the first to encourage you to get out and join him in some play activities. He won't mind sharing you with other dogs in the neighborhood as long as they know who's boss. Submissive if necessary, Danny will make changes to adapt to the situation. If it involves outdoor activity he will submit to almost anything to join you.


Venus specifies the object of desire in a chart. This could be another dog or a favorite toy - it could even be you or another member of the family. When Danny sees this object there's no looking back. Venus placement could help you find a suitable match for Danny someday. There are soul mates out there for everyone including dogs. Dogs' souls also stand the test of time. Humans are not the only ones governed by karma. Let Venus lead you and your dog to happiness in finding true love. Venus in Aries: Danny is looking for a strong aggressive mate and probably demonstrates these same qualities when he finds something he likes. He is always looking for new connections; there isn't much that gets by his watchful eye. Always curious and exploring unknown territory for that one special scent that obliterates all else. Danny wants to dominate and lead the way but will submit to the same qualities in a mate. Venus in the 1st house: Danny is not only beautiful but quite elegant and graceful in movement. If you haven't signed up for conformation ring, do so early. There isn't a judge around who can resist how Danny looks especially as a pup. Not only does he look good but he has a personality to go with it. Everyone loves Danny and he responds to them with equal affection. Venus Square Pluto: Danny will need to determine that you are the boss early in life. Obedience training is required. Learn how to treat Danny with respect; he will perform much better with reward than punishment. It might be a struggle of wills to get him to behave well. Entering him in contests and shows can be a way to get to his heart. Danny will enjoy the attention and power trip he gets upon winning.

Mars Mars in a chart allows us to see where your dog's energy is and how he might use it. Will he be quick and aggressive or passive and resistant? Let Mars help you decide what activity your dog best qualifies for. Mars in Pisces: Danny will be so close to you, you may need surgical intervention to be separated. Always at your side, he doesn't even allow you time out in the bathroom. He senses what you do. Danny will do everything in his power to please you. Keep him close to your heart and body for his bond is beyond comprehension. If possible include him in all you do and if absent leave a piece of clothing that smells like you on his bed. Better yet, leave him use of your bed. Sensitive and emotional beyond belief Danny looks like he is crying when you do. Draw Danny out of his shell by including him in all you do. Develop a trusting relationship so that he knows that you will return. There is nothing you can do that would make Danny love you less. Danny worships the ground you walk on. Mars in the 12th house: Danny may have spent some time incarcerated or confined to a kennel. His freedom is very important now and he will kindly remind you of that when it comes time to place him in a crate. This may not be an easy task but one that is nonetheless necessary in some situations. Remind him it is temporary

and that a reward will be granted if he is cooperative. Mars Opposition Saturn: You'll have to reward and praise Danny often if you want him to perform. Danny makes it look like any effort on his part is just too much. Encourage Danny to walk daily. It could be the answer to preventing arthritis as he ages. It pays to continue with obedience training despite his being slow to learn Danny will soon surprise you, often far surpassing others. Danny's only pleasure in life may be the rise he gets out of you every time he completes another goal you've set for him. Not easily excitable, Danny is as laid back as you can get. Danny enjoys visiting the elderly, sometimes preferring their calm nature to a child's exuberance. Although loyal and steadfast Danny would prefer just lying by your side over physical activity anytime.

Jupiter Wherever Jupiter falls in your dog's chart is where he is most likely to find good luck and abundance. Here is where the route to all adventures begins. Follow Jupiter around the chart for an idea of where you can bring Danny the most enjoyment. Let him show you how to have fun and enjoy life in his own special way. Jupiter in Aquarius: Danny should be in a group home or one that houses a large number of animals and birds. The life of the party, Danny lives to be with others. His intuitive nature is seen with other animals as well as humans. Danny knows when the neighbors return and will leave home to greet them. He has a way of making everyone stop and pay attention to the silly antics he displays. Talkative in his own doggy way, Danny may howl or whimper as long as he gets your attention. Keep Danny surrounded with the activity of both children and other animals. Jupiter in the 11th house: Danny's friends follow him everywhere. The leader of the pack, Danny often initiates play with others including you. Everyone is his friend and many follow him on travels through the neighborhood. A bit self-centered but willing to share if pushed. It could be hard getting Danny to change his patterns. Danny's friends are important to him and feed into his sense of self-worth. They let him feel important and he allows them into your home as if they belong there. Jupiter Opposition Moon: Danny is not always sure how to show you he loves you. He may do this by bringing you treats that he finds along the way. This could be a dead animal or someone's boot he hopes you will find attractive enough to praise and reward him for. He is not sure how to win your approval but will keep trying until you're completely his forever. Loyal and at your side, Danny will show you he cares by being supportive of you. It may take him a little longer to win you over but once he does there is no turning back. Jupiter Sextile Mercury: The talker of the group, Danny will let you know when he needs something. Keep him in an active household where the stimulation is constant and he can never be bored. Danny needs to

communicate with other animals as well. Danny enjoys obedience and agility classes where he can communicate with other animals and humans. Always ready to make friends, his love of mankind is seen in many ways. The smartest of the litter or group, Danny will make you proud that you entered him in any contests that demonstrate his intelligence. Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: Those large eyes staring at you beneath the layer of fur so needing a trim is bound to win your heart forever. Danny sees right through you and right into your soul. He reads you like a book and there's not much you can get away with. He is always in your presence; you'll need a pair of scissors to cut him loose. Danny feels what you do and wants to be with you every moment of the day. Guarding you from any intruders by day and sending you to pleasant dreamland at night, Danny makes you feel secure in his presence.

Saturn Saturn in your dog's chart represents the disciplinarian or authority figure. This could be you or his own canine mother. This is the person who sets the limits on obedience and how Danny behaves. The rules learned here become known as Danny's personal boundaries. Boundaries and limits are meant to be challenged - Danny instinctively knows how far he can push you. By learning where Saturn is in Danny's chart we find how to manage behavior with a disciplinarian approach he can live with. Saturn in Virgo: Danny makes you feel guilty when you reprimand him. The only way to get him to behave is to make him feel like he is helping you. The reward of your praise and love is more appreciated than any other treat you can offer him. Keep Danny busy caring for others in you family. Danny will make sure they tow the line or they will also feel guilty for not obeying. Saturn in the 6th house: Danny wants to prove to you how well he can perform. A good worker by nature, Danny can be seen helping other animals to behave by example. Danny may even take the blame for their shortcomings. Reward him with praise and love and you could be surprised at the results. Saturn Opposition Mars: Danny is not the most enthusiastic dog, but his efforts do not go unnoticed. Working hard for long periods of time, Danny makes it all look easy despite obstacles. He never tires once started but convincing him to get started may be a problem. Danny would much prefer the comforts of his home and bed to being out running the trails or pulling a sled. You can keep the agility for other dogs - Danny is not about to do things your way when he sees an easy way out.

Uranus Uranus, the planet of change and excitement, remains in a sign for approximately 7 years. For this reason it is considered one of the generational planets, affecting large groups of dogs born during the period. Uranus shows us where individualism is strongest. Genius abilities can be evident with the right training. Independence is also strongest here. Change in this area can be accomplished only by

communicating on a different level of understanding, for example intuition, natural forces, habit, or other unconventional and inexplicable methods. Information is processed with lightning speed showing a higher intelligence at work. Uranus in Pisces: When Danny looks at you it's not because he is observing your actions. He sees right through you down to your basic soul intention. He sees the plan and is aware of why you do everything before you are aware of what he is doing. Danny loves to play mind games with you and his thought transference is probably perceived of as coincidental. You, being the wise master that you are, know better. Danny can truly read you and others as well without difficulty. There will be no hidden agendas as far as Danny is concerned. He knows your motive and will obey you only if it does not hinder his independence. He is often seen staring off into space. Receiving messages from inanimate things might be how you explain this. You've wondered if Danny could also see other things that you were not able to see. Danny will be your guardian through all sensing impending doom before it occurs. He can protect you from others on this plane as well as from unforeseen disaster. Uranus in the 12th house: Danny sees right through you and knows things before you think or speak them. He will have the leash ready before you even rise. Keep your brain waves open to the thought transference you'll experience with Danny. He will continue to surprise you with his understanding of things that goes far beyond what a dog should comprehend. Often spending time in shelter or confinement, he will never forget you for rescuing him. Danny would do well visiting hospitals or institutes where he can bring cheer to those confined there.

Neptune Neptune gives you a view into your dog's soul. It shows us the mystical magical side to him that makes him tick. What is Danny's soul purpose in life? Is it to belong to you or does he have a greater mission? The house that Neptune is found in is where Danny will sacrifice all to obtain a higher position in your eyes. Neptune takes about 14 years to complete its cycle through one sign. Many generations of dogs will have Neptune in the same sign therefore house placement will be more important, with emphasis on the activities of the house. Neptune in Aquarius: Danny's conception of others is derived from his intuition as well as his other senses. He communicates by telepathy and does not understand why you cannot understand. He feels a part of all beings and the connection he makes with others is quite interesting. Danny desires to help others and belong to the group. This is quite evident. Activities that are done with large groups of animals can be something Danny enjoys and looks foreword to. Enjoying the feeling of being a part of the masses, Danny performs best with others. Neptune in the 11th house: Danny can be seen as part of the group. Often seen in multiple pet households, Danny loves the constant activity that this provides. Always a happy contender in activities he participates in. He feels attuned to others and their needs - this can be your family or the animals he shares the house with.

Neptune Conjunct Jupiter: Danny's wishes always come true. He already has you, what else could he possibly want? All the food and treats that any animal could possibly want is in the past. Danny knows no limit when it comes to food. Keep Danny's diet in check for it would be very easy for him to gain weight in this type of environment. He never needs to worry - luck is around every corner for this dog. Even strangers take easily to Danny, thinking of him as a good luck charm. Preventing harm to others and helping strangers is not uncommon for this rescue dog. Danny senses where there's trouble and immediately lends help.

Pluto Pluto in Danny's chart shows where he has the greatest potential. Through instruction and sometimes change he can achieve mastery of any skill you teach him. Instinctively Danny knows, as if from a prior lifetime, exactly how to do things, even if he was never taught before. Never having experienced a specific activity before and without prior knowledge, Danny can be an expert at this activity expressed by the house in which Pluto is located. Pluto in Capricorn: Danny is probably the first dog that knows how to barter and he can be seen carrying toys or bones in exchange for treats and affection. His supply never ends; Danny can provide you with many delights. Danny's love of family is widely seen. He takes extra care of the elderly, animals as well. Since his previous home or owner may have been less than adequate, Danny now shows appreciation for any little praise or treat that you provide for him. Pluto in the 10th house: Danny has to run the show. It's his way or no way. Danny wants to make all the moves first. Success does not elude this hard working assertive dog. After a life of dog shows Danny finally shows them how it's done and done right. Dare to follow in his footsteps. This powerful leader of dogs will make it all worth it, taking control of all and earning the respect of handler and judge alike. Pluto Square Venus: Danny pushes his way into your life, like it or not. He is sometimes owned by another but he adopts you. You may not have thought Danny was your dog but with forceful determination Danny has made his way right into your heart. Always at your side just in case you decide you need a dog.