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University of central Punjab

Subject: Business Communication

Assignment topic: Six stages of Developmental plans

Presented to: Prof. Uzma Noreen

Submitted By: Abdullah Saeed Reg. No: ll1f10bbam0301 BBA (Hons) Semester: 3rd

Make an organization of your own and decide its culture. Assume that the firm declining earlier and you have bought it the flows were already there, now you have to bring about changes think of a development plan.

We are taking Pakistan railway, one of the largest state owned organization .Recently suffering massive financial losses.

Six stages:
Diagnostic stage:
The basic reason behind the failure of this massive organization is mismanagement of operations of the organization. The other factors adding material to declining trend includes; Increase in oil prices Cutting down routes Corruption Non maintenance of trains Intake of ineligible persons Political influence Costly fuel consumption no other possible cheaper source of energy

Future Scenario:
Keeping in view the current situation of the organization the fore coming trend is not hopeful. To revert the progress of the organization on expansion and growth side measures need to be adopted. Such as; Changing Current Management of the organization Hiring of skilled and competent labour force Professional Management Opening of more profitable routes Proper Maintenance of trains Usage of alternate cheaper energy sources Use of latest technology

Present Scenario:

In present scenario the railway is going for a collapse due to mishandling of affairs. Recently the management decided to close cargo carriage trains which were a major source of income of the organization. Closing of several routes also contributed part as declining trend of the organization. In recent few months strikes of labor union also affected the profitability of the organization. The other major cause behind failure of this organization includes non-provision of oil for running trains. Also corruption at higher hierarchy level is affecting the structure of the organization. The other major drawback in culture of organization due to which the organization is not running properly is use of old methods and techniques for running the operations of the organization. However with the passage of time other countries are using latest technologies and developing techniques for growth of their railway system however in our country old techniques and methods are being used which are not coping up with the need of hour.

Identification of Gaps:
As mentioned above the basic cause of loss suffered by the organization is due to inefficiency of management and staff of the organization. Being a government organization there is a lot of political influence and interruption in various affairs of the organization which is acting as hurdle in way of profitability and growth.

Closing of gaps:
To turn around the current performance of the organization massive changes need to be brought about which can possibly restrenghten the organization. This may include hiring of professionally qualified & highly skilled workforce at all managerial and operational levels. The political influence can be aborted by changing the structure of the organization and declaring it autonomous body with its own board of directors. Privatization of certain percentage of shares with managerial controls can also revolutionize the organization. Innovation and use of latest technology is also need of the hour.

Monitoring and evaluation:

There should be a well-qualified staff which should monitor the operations .Training should be given to staff so that they can effectively perform their duties for achieve their goals.