My Heart Will Go On (LoveTheme
from,Titanic') from the Paramount and rwentiethcentury Fox Secondo Moderato MotionpictureTtrANtc

Use with Affred's Basic piano Libra LESSONBOOK 4, after page

Music JamesHorn by LyricbyWiltJennin

Arr.by MarthaMie



copyright 1997by Famous @ Musiccorporation, Ensign Music corporation, Musicpubrishing, FoxFirm TCF Inc., Musiccorporation Bruesky Ridersongs and All Rights BlueSky RiderSongs for Administered lrvingMusic,. by -' Inc. Internationat Copyright Secured Ail RighisneslrueO

by Inc. FoxFilmMusicCorporation BlueSky RiderSongs TCF Inc. MusicPublishing. .. ----:- mfrhat is how I Copyright 1997by Famous @ MusicCorporation.v dreams I see you. Ensign Music Corporation. LESSONBOOK 4. Martha by Mier d - l Ev - 'ry night in 'i. and All Rights BlueSky RiderSongs for Administered lrvingMusic. after page 7.3 My HeartWill Go On (Love Themefrom'Titanic') from the Paramount and rwentiethCenturyFoxMotionpictureTITANIC Primo Moderato Both hands 8va 4 Use with Alfred's Basic Piano Library. Music James by Horner LyricbyWillJennings Arr. I feel A m f 3 "f you.

Secondo tr Al. lieve that the heart does go ...4 My Heart Will Go On . mf- 1 5 1 %f*"^. 2tT.

My Heart Will Go On primo 5 have come to @ @otn handsBva) .

6 My Heart Wiil Go On Secondo heart. and My Heart Will Go .

. a A .7 My Heart Will Go On Primo (BothhandsSva)- .-r tr e' A BothhandsSva4 ...-l A pp A / a rit.

A_ Secondo Disco u 3 Use after pa1 Jacques nenri Morati. Arr. e#lJffilrl[ls\.T All RightsReserved Usedby permission .M. A.12 Y. C.Copyrighr 1978by CAN. M. by SharonAaror Y. It's fun to stay at the 4 @ STOPMUSTC .C.

mf lt's fun to stay at the 1 1 o l Y. Primo Disco RH 8va throughout 5 Use after page 15. placeyou can go. Henri Belolo Victor and Willis Arr. It's fun to stay at the Y.self off the ground. I said.A. Words and Musicby Jacques Morali.y and I'm sure you will find l L t t t I be have 1 3 2 1 un a - hap-py. I said. there's no there's a need to feel down. youngman. stay there 'cause you're in a new town there's no . n * 1 2 3 3 Copyright 1978by CAN'TSTOPMUSTC @ All RightsReserved Usedby Permission . You can 3 1 3 ' Tln need ways r to to 3 O L l t L A ll youngman. Sharon by Aaronson 'nr-- Young man. M. Young man. C. when you're short on your dough. pick your. . I L l A.l Youngman.13 Y. t- A. young man. good time. l-J C.M.C. I said. M.

A.C. 5 3 1 Secondo It's fun to stay at the It's fun to stay at the 3 Z .Y.M.

t a t a / . It's fun to stay at the Y. I M. 2 1 a Av It's fun to stay at the l'-T-t 1 2 L l Y.joy.M. I- A. c.er .er ta )n- you ) feel. t you can a have a good meal.A. ) You can a a a a t U hang out with all A l L t a ) ^ t the ) - boys.y .thing t) t) /) foryoung men to en .15 Y. Primo o A l L ! They have ) ev . A. 2 5 2 1 . l-J C.C. M. r You can - 2 r) A I T get your-self clean. a t a a t You can a do what-ev .

God Help the Outcasts OF from WattDisney'sTHEHUNCHBACK NOTREDAME Secondo Use after page 47.. George by Moderato ___2._ *p/. by Music AlanMenken Schwartz Lyricsby Stephen Peter TingleY Arr. MusicCompany. l_ (. andWaltDisney @ 1996Wonderland Usedby Permission All RightsReserved ._ MusicCompany Inc.

andWaltDisney Inc. 3 @ 1996Wonderland MusicCompany. MusicCompany All Rights Reserved Usedby permission . - illf.by George Peter Tingley hun - gry from don't find on -\ earth. lcqd hetp my mp still. God Help r the I Out . Musicby Alan Menken Lyricsby StephenSchwartz Arr.casts or no oo dy will.43 God Help the Outcasts from WaltDisney'sTHEHUNCHBACK NOTRE OF DAME Primo Use after page 47.

God Help the Outcasts Secondo 5 simile 2 1 2 1 5 2l 5. a ' 1 l l & tempo 3 .

God Help the Outcasts primo 45 a J r . less . A r + I H But I know so m a n . s e t by.Y --.

l trtf r simile . the poor and down- mP t thought we a-}.- 46 God Help the Outcasts Secondo 1-\ ' 12 \ i Pleasehelp my peo .' -mpl t l '- i t r 4 l t l .ple.

47 God Help the Outcasts Primo luck - y _lhan chil - dren of Pq O 6va. r.- A ll J ?r ' J ?l ' ? I ? ? ' t * 1 i atemoo ?I | - l n u rit. mp nlai*.i. pp ..

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