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STATE of EMERGENCY. It would be hard not to see that there exists an (albeit officially not yet declared) state of a globally wide emergency. This emergency is unprecedented in the entire history of humankind. Humans have run out of physical space. Until relatively recently the wise way to solve disputes and the lack of fields to grow crops on was to pack up one's family and move onto a new, by other humans not occupied, territory. To employ this stratagem of solving intergroup differences is no longer possible. The landless and persecuted ones can no longer go to a "New World"; the proverbial "young man" of New England can no longer "go West", and no islander can any longer set the sail for a new, of humans devoid island. Yet, while the habitable space is limited for humans, the problems and disputes that humans are creating for themselves continue compounding themselves in the crucible of the hermetically sealed world in which the precious and base substances stay inseparably together to react together again and again, with outcomes that are impossible to foretell. The only sure prediction that can be made is that along with increasing wisdom, the suffering of the Earth's inhabitants will also increase, - the suffering generally affecting much larger number of beings

than the number of those who benefit by the increased wisdom. The more smarter computers and bombs we have, the more homeless, hungry, criminal, imprisoned, and desperate ones we have also, and their fate interests us less and less in an inverted proportion with their rising numbers. We, the academically trained people, are directly responsible for this state of things in the world, because it is us--the magisters--who administer this world (most state-persons are academically educated) and thus, directly and indirectly, we are also creating all the misery that seems to be impossible to get rid of. Those two aspects of actions performed by university educated people imply that the hands of "Alma Mater" do not know of each other's doings, but the Alma Mater should know! The state of affairs in the world is the direct result of the woefully inadequate education of those who lead humanity. At universities to care about the welfare of the world is a subject at the bottom of a list that is headed by learning about how to excel in subjects whose objectives are held to be important only in order to decide who are going to be the leaders, and who is going to wash the dishes. It is time to indeed "subvert the paradigm" and put first things first - there is a state of an acute emergency in the world that is being inexcusably ignored.

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