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Although he describes himself as "a simple Buddhist monk," the Dalai Lama has inspired millions of people around the world with his teachings on compassion, peace, and religious harmony. As Tibet's leader-in-exile and an international spiritual leader, he has worked for human rights and peace throughout the world and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. These Dharma Talks capture the Dalai Lama's personality and presence and represent some of his most valued teachings. Click on the links below.

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Old age is part of life 56K | T1

A realistic approach for an interdependent world 56K | T1

The right to a happy life 56K | T1

An audio tour of Rosary, Zazen, Walking, Kabbalah, and more.

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the "The spirit of dialogue" 56K | T1

"Religion is not necessary for happiness" 56K | T1

"The whole world is one body" 56K | T1

"Religious harmony is essential" 56K | T1

"The concept of war is outdated" 56K | T1

Read a transcript of these talks.

Video clips are excerpted from the Dalai Lama's public talks in 2003, at the Fleet Center in Boston and in Central Park in New York City, by permission of The Office of Tibet, the Mind & Life Institute, and The Initiatives Foundation. Fleet Center recording made available by the Mind & Life Institute. Copyright 2003 by The Office of Tibet. All rights reserved.

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