Elizabeth Kingsley Esq.

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January 3,2012

Confidential Settlement Offer Re: Aaron Worthing Dear Ms. Kingsley: Please take this letter as an offer to settle issues between me and your client known as Aaron Worthing. This settlement will allow Mr. Worthing to maintain his anonymity. 1. I will withdraw my subpoenas for Comcast and Google to identify Mr. Worthing filed in Kimberlin v. Allen. 2. I will forgo any future litigation concerning Mr. Worthing, including bar complaints, sanctions, civil suits, criminal complaints, peace orders and other administrative actions. 3. I will not make any public statements about Mr. Worthing, and will not ask others to make any public statements or posts on the Internet about him. 4. I will not make any future attempt to identify Mr. Worthing in any manner.
In exchange, your client will do the following:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Withdraw his motion filed in Kimberlin v. Allen. Remove all posts and comments from his blogs about me. Refrain from posting any information about me in the future. Refrain from discussing me with other people. Issue a public apology to me for his conduct regarding me, which includes a statement urging others to leave me alone.

This settlement agreement must be signed in writing, and I will accept Mr. Worthing's aka in lieu of his real name if you also sign the agreement. This settlement offer is on the table until 5:00 pm Tuesday, January 3,2012. If! do not hear from by that time, I will take that as a rejection and will proceed accordingly. And even though the actual drafting and signing of the settlement may take another day, as long as I know that this offer is accepted by COB today, I will abide by the conditions of the settlement pending actual signing. However, if accepted, the motions to withdraw must be filed no later than Noon Thursday, January 5, 2012. I am available all day today and can come to your office if necessary. Thank you,

Brett Kimberlin [phone number redacted]