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Course cost $350

Basic Surveillance Operations February 13-15, 2012

The Surveillance Operation Course was designed to familiarize students with counter intelligence surveillance methodologies. The method of instruction is intended to introduce students to proven techniques used by intelligence agencies such as the FBI, CIA and MI5. These proven techniques were integrated with law enforcement investigations to provide the highest level of relevant surveillance training available to the law enforcement community.

Location Gainesville, Ga Training provided by: Surveillance Ops LLC 770.356.5802

Day 1 First half of day in classroom Lunch Instructor led vehicle/foot drills Hot washes after each segment We will spend the first day laying the groundwork for a proper surveillance mission. Instructors will guide students through various segments of surveillance, emphasizing key teaching points. Day 2 Practice Set ups and other techniques Address any operational concerns Brief for exercise Begin exercise utilizing role players Students will be closely monitored during the exercise. They will be given a mission brief with a target (rabbit) to follow and operate as they would in a real world scenario. The role player will run a specific route and operate as a properly trained criminal with a counter intelligence background. Students will be challenged in all aspects of mobile surveillance. Day 3 Continuation of exercise. The students will complete their mission and the exercise will end. Final Debrief. This will be conducted with instructors, students and role player(s). All will review video of the students in

Students will learn and demonstrate the following: Plan and execute a surveillance operation Proper mission considerations and logistics Area familiarization with physical reconnaissance and mapping Credible cover stories and cover for action Specific methodologies to conduct a discreet mobile surveillance Proper set ups and take-aways of the target (floating box) Controlling the target. Reacquire the target after lost contact occurs Effectively transition from foot to vehicle and vise versa Properly analyze targets patterns and behavior Identify counter intelligence tradecraft

Classroom Practical exercises Final Exercise Real world type scenario with role players and instructor guidance Final Debriefing with instructors and the role player(s) Certificates of completion Instructor/student critique

Basic Surveillance Operations February 13-15, 2012


Basic Surveillance Operations February 13-15, 2012