Westminster International University in Tashkent Certificate of Foundation Studies

2009 - 2010

Report on Hardware and Software needs the Learning centre (Word count 679)

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Content:  Brief Introduction  Summary table  Justification 1) PC’s 2) Laptop 3) Projector 4) Multifunctional 3 in 1 machines 5) Key Board & mouse 6) Fax machine 7) Microsoft Office 8) Adobe Photoshop 9) CorelDraw  Price comparison table  Conclusion .

. This Laptop is powerful enough. also they may use Internet and some other programs which are needed for teachers and accountants. It is the best to use it at lab rooms. PC for IT room requires the same characteristics as computers for Design lab. PC for “MS Office” students shouldn’t be too powerful. This is the last version of Windows and it gives more opportunities for working on PC. because this person is needed to be mobile. That is why computers for Design students have powerful and fast Intel Core i5-750 processor and big RAM memory 2GB. it will be very helpful for deferent types of users and also very useful for design course students. I want to introduce multifunctional 3 in 1 machines for office. 1 machine per teacher’s room and 1 per lab and 1 at manager’s room. I think buying more expensive but more powerful PC isn’t necessary. Will be placed at manager’s room and one at reception. It may easily mount to ceiling. Brief Introduction Dear reader! Today it’s very important to equip any Learning Center with modern hardware and software so it will give the best quality of education and learning. In this report I tried to choose most effective hardware and software not to exceed the budget. users will not feel eye’s tiredness. It is fast for using Microsoft Office 2007 and Internet on it. Key Board & mouse: All computers at Learning Center will be provided with good quality and cheap price keyboards as well as with high quality USB optical mouse. It has big resource of printing. Projector: This projector allows big screen presentations even with a short projection distance. It is very important to use appropriate technique for its purpose so you will find here different types of all needed hardware and software. I think that Windows 7 is the best. fast scanning and coping. 1 machine will be placed at reception and accountant room. In my report I will show detailed information about appropriate hardware and software which was chosen for my Learning Center. so teacher may control projector via laptop. Justification 1) PC’s: 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Each computer will have 19” inch flat Samsung LCD Monitor which will provide comfortable conditions for using computers. It is also powerful enough compute all needs of accounting. OS: It’s very important. PC for Teacher’s room and accountant isn’t too cheap but still they can provide all needed services for teachers. Teachers and accountants may easily run MS Office on these computers. Summary Table You will find this information in attached Excel document or on the WIUT Intranet. It has many options of sensitivity. Fax machine: Modern fax machine for office purposes. Also because of its flat screen. It has remote control and also easy PC control. it has very good quality and it have big “lifetime”. especially when it used for academic and studying purposes. PC for “Design” students should have very good processor and RAM. Why I chose it? Because it’s “lifetime” 3 in 1 machine of Canon brand. Multifunctional 3 in 1 machines: Instead of buying scanners. Laptop: One laptop is needed for manager. printers and office machines.

60 www.ru $170.opentech.71 i5-750 2.0GHz) www.opentech.neta. 10) CorelDraw: It’s a program which will be used for design courses and vector graphics. motion graphics) Include Outlook $191.opentech. powerful and good for use.8Ghz.8) Microsoft Office: It’s a very important software that will be installed on computers for “MS Office” students and on staff’s computers 9) Adobe Photoshop: It’s a program which will be used for design courses.neta.66 www.uz Suite X4 : $ 172. 2Mb. Last version X4 is the best one.uz Socket AM2 OEM RAM: 2 GB DDR II SDRAM Hard Disc:500 Gb Cooler: GlacialTech Igloo 7223 Socket AM2 ASUS N61Vg $1300.68 www. image analysis. www.softline.42 Extended(Breakthrough www.66Ghz www.33 Core E2180 (2.ru $490.ru $1169.47 II X2 240 2. PowerTRACE X4 Processor: Intel Dual $464.1 Ghz RAM: 2 GB Hard Disc:250 Gb Build-in: WiFi.nuron.42 CorelDraw X4 www.14 www.ru $ 545.nuron.ru $1053 www.uz 3D.opentech.76 www.uz Pentium Dual-Core T4300 2.54 www. Last version CS4 is most stable.elektronika.51 www. Price comparison table Hardware & Software Name MS Win Pro 7 Adobe Photoshop Key Specification Improved MS Win Vista Price from Source1 Price from Source2 $230 www.uz RAM:DDR2 1Gb Hard Disc: 250Gb Processor: Intel Core $1408.neta.age.uz RAM: 2 GB DDR II SDRAM Hard Disc:1 Tb Motherboard: Intel DP55WB Cooler: Core i7 1366 Socket Processor: AMD Athlon $465.uz CS4 $677.ru $1328.45 .neta.elektronika.softline.74 Processor: Intel www.ru MS Office 2007 Pro CorelDraw PC (for "MS Office" students) PC(for "Design course" students & IT Room) PC (for accountant & reception & teachers) Laptop(for manager) Monitor $200 www.uz PHOTO-PAINT X4. BlueTooth Samsung 923NW $230 $516.softline.ru $197.

ru $229.uz( 24/11/09) Conclusion In conclusion we need to make three contracts with Neta.neta.uz $61053 www.nuron.27.nuron.nuron. and Softline.46 www.opentech.uz to buy all needed equipment.www.uz and Nuron. printer/copier/scanner Panasonic KXFT982RU Epson EMP-400W A4TECH PS/2 (KBS720+OP-620D Black) Microlab B-73 22W (11W x 2) $660.ru $15.opentech.opentech.cbu.ru $548. Total price for equipment: $51377.ru.uz www.uz $21 www.09 www.27 www.uz Multifunctional 3 in 1 Fax machine Projector Mouse.pc. So I didn’t exceed the limit.0347 USD www. keyboard Speakers LCD 19' Canon Pixma MX7600.03 www.opentech.43 www.uz $2103.37 www.55 1 RUR=0.ru $1675.23 www.42 www.ru 1 USD=1507.uz $301.ru. .ru $53.elektronika.A4.opentech.elektronika. Opentech.

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