I would just like someone to see my story before I am dead, please, because it is clear to me that I have been made

sick on purpose to keep me from talking about what happened to me. It is real. I couldn’t make this up. Please say a prayer for my soul/spirit. My name is Cheryl, and I am a victim of Mind Control and Ritual Abuse. What was done to me can only be called a “Meta Crime”, because it mostly happened on a metaphysical level. To Save The Muse: A Case Study of a Mind Controlled Human Sacrifice Or How to Make Someone Sell Their Soul Against Their Will MU: “the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet”. SIC: "as written" (From Wikipedia: The adverb sic – meaning "intentionally so written", first appeared in English circa 1856); "unwell or ill"; or as in "sic the dog". Consider that “MUSIC” can be read as "12 AS WRITTEN" or “12 ILL ”. Of course, one can also consider that word in the form, “MUSE SICK”. “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life” – Oscar Wilde I will add to the above statement that, if you happen to be born on 12/12, it can be that your life imitates art far more than what you or anyone around you are willing to believe. I was involved in a mind control cult, in which the leader actually professed to using “mind-bending” techniques and to “harvesting human souls”. I saw this after I had actually made the deal myself, and now realize that it I couldn’t have done it of my own free will. I know this because of what I now know about mind-bending, in which one will hear their own thoughts change into something else despite their best efforts, but also because I now know that I was never truly given free will in the first place. I am very afraid because I am hearing voices saying that they are harvesting my soul. I don’t deserve this and I want this to stop. I ask you to pray for me because this was all done against my free will. Born into slavery, I am the victim of child trafficking via a catholic adoption agency. I was born into a cult and made a ritual sacrifice, to be raised like an animal for a slaughter to occur at a much later date. They used my birthday (12/12) and my initials (CAT) to manipulate my ego throughout my life (given the number 12’s high visibility in culture and in the bible), by tying me to the tarot and the word mu-sic (as noted above). They used separation anxiety by keeping me away from any stable caregivers throughout my life. They used the classic ritual drowning at 3 years old to make me extra sensitive and vulnerable to spiritual influence. They introduced certain people into my life to sabotage my career, like a person named “Skinner” with whom I went to art school (i.e. skinner box, and “ways to skin a cat”). I am now in horrible physical pain, and am living in fear for my life, my freedom, and for my very soul. I have seen how others who have become vocal have died, such as Anne Johnson-Davis, the author of Hell Minus One, and Aaron Russo who made the film

America: From Freedom to Fascism, and I am concerned since my own health has significantly declined since I learned of what has happened to me. I have become the victim of V2K (Voice to Skull Communication), Electronic Harassment, and GangStalking. Please pray for me. My name is Cheryl and I have aged rapidly over the past year alone. I have physical implants, resembling horns in front of each ear, which are used to harass me and convince me that I am the devil himself, when really I see that I have been made a scapegoat, if you pardon the pun. I have a larger version of this, but I kept this one short, so that someone would read it. If you are interested in the details, please email me. The longer version, which proves that I never truly had freewill, is included below:

Mind Control/Ritual Abuse/Meta Crime
I believe that I was mind controlled to sell my soul for the following reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I was involved in a cult email group, in which the leader actually said she was using "mindbending" techniques, was "altering people's merkabas", and was "harvesting human souls". I believe that this, combined with the following list, proves that I signed the contract not of my own freewill. Please say a prayer of protection for me. I am now living in near constant pain in my privates and in fear for my life, safety, freedom, health, and for my soul. In my mind, as crazy as it may sound to me now, I was looking for my higher power. 1) I was born 12/12/1967, and my adoptive mom's B-day was 4/4 (please see the12th and 4th trump cards from the Thoth tarot deck in the attached file- I tried links, but as soon as I post one, the image gets removed). It is known that secret societies will induce labor just to make sure that someone is born on a specific date. I believe my birthdate was induced because of the high visibility of that date in our culture, and in Christianity, but also because of the 12th trump of most tarot decks. 2) I have 3 palpable implants: one located in front of each ear, at the top, where the ear joins to the head, and one located just above the ankle, on the shin of my left leg. 3) I was adopted through Catholic Charities. Ritual Abuse often happens to adoptees, and they rationalize it by the thinking that adopted people are just bastards, so it’s okay to torture us. They are probably the ones who gave me the implants. 4) I was drowned at 3y/o, and rescued by my brother, and drowning at 3 is a common pattern for MC/RA survivors. Another common pattern is the sensations of pain. I have excruciating pain in my private parts, well as underneath my fingernails and toenails, and also as hotspots throughout my body. I have also felt the sensation of a hot poker burning through the left side of my back, through my left lung. 5) My mother used the Dr. Spock method of child-rearing, which advocates leaving the baby alone in the crib to scream/cry themselves to sleep. My mother was also caught

shaking my brother, so I think it's safe to assume she did the same to me. She called me stupid to create a negative self-fulfilling prophecy, causing me to go from above average in grade school to being lucky to graduate high school with a C. 6) I was originally inclined to write with the left hand, told it was evil to be left-handed, so I learned to write with my right. Studies on stroke victims have shown that the rightbrain controls the left side of the body. I believe that forcing me to write right-handed had a detrimental impact on my life. 7) My initials spell CAT, even though my mother was not particularly fond of cats (as she told me), and I find it ironic that it corresponds to words such as: pussy cat, scaredy cat, catastrophe, cataclysm, etc., and that my whole life has been such a mess. Specifically, regarding the word pussy cat, I am reminded of how my mother had me selling hotdogs at construction sites wearing a bikini, at the age of fourteen. Also, it is interesting to note that I went to art school with a person with the last name Skinner (“skin the cat”?), who somehow was able to get ideas straight out of my mind without me telling her, and who introduced me to heroin, at a time when I was particularly vulnerable (I had placed a son for adoption). This so-called friend, Mary Jane Skinner, looks just like the character on one of the Magus cards from the Thoth tarot deck, the one with a woman who has the winged disk in front of her crotch. 8) My daughter's initials spell LAW (which speaks to the “order ab chaos” plan, which one can look up online), and was delivered via C-Section, which is when I believe some sort of device was implanted in my uterus to cause me extreme pain when the time would be right, about 3 years ago, when I began posting things to certain groups about the government, but it might also have been right around the time that my mom's classaction lawsuit against the tobacco companies was won. One month after my C-Section, I had a cervical biopsy done, during which, I had general anesthetic, so I don’t know exactly what was done to me during that procedure, and I have had flashbacks of something horrible being done to me with my mother present. She is the one who brought me to my procedure. 9) About 3 years ago, I lost my job, was abandoned by my family, and was left in a house that was in foreclosure, with no car, no power/water, and while I was in excruciating pain. During this time, it seems that my daughter was turned against me. There was also a point when a hellicopter was harassing me in the middle of the night for almost 30 minutes. 10) As a child, I was much neglected, and mentally/verbally abused, and was allowed to play on the woods by myself at the age of 6, which is when I believe some of their mind control programming and sexual abuse might have happened, but I would need some sort of therapy to uncover these memories. 11) I was a cutter, which is common among survivors of MC/RA.

12) I have memories of traumatic abuse, involving a doctor and my mother, holding me down, and a blender-like (or could it have been a laser?) instrument was inserted into my vagina. In this memory, I could hear the instrument, feel the pain, and I even heard my own voice screaming, and I heard my mother say, “you’re being such a good hero for your country”, but I cannot imagine what this meant. I believe that this event must’ve happened at the hospital where I had a cervical cone biopsy done, because I was under a general anesthesia for the procedure. 13) I tried to commit suicide at 17. An event that I am now wishing had been successful, because of what I have been experiencing ever since I started to discover what had happened to me. It's as if someone purposefully set me up to be a mess, so they could justify mindcontrolling me to sell me soul. I have even heard people mutter under their breath that I am not worth saving! Well, perhaps, if I wasn't being tortured, I might be worth saving! 14) I have a tattoo on my back that looks suspiciously close to the image of the wingeddisk found on many of the cards in the Thoth deck I mentioned earlier. I believe that I was mindcontrolled to do this tattoo as I drew it out in about five minutes. Please see the Devil card (15th trump) of the Thoth deck: It seems like the devil is actually screwing the winged disk, as it looks like the character on the magus card (mentioned earlier) is also doing, which is symbolic, because that is what my so-called “friend”, Mary Jane Skinner was doing, although I didn’t know it at the time. Well, if there is any way you can help me, it would be much appreciated. At the very least, could you at least pray for me? Thank you. God Bless, A Victim

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