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Incorporated In Victoria A0050667C The Honourable Mr. Melse Zenawi Prime Minster of Ethiopia, The Honourable Mr. Murad Abdulhadi Harari Regional State Presidents, Wednesday, 19 December 2007 Dear Honourables Edul Mubrak and Salaam to all, The intention of this writing is to extend our best wishes and congratulate you and loved ones on this solemn day Wednesday, 19 December 2007 of celebrating one of the most important Islamic holidays, Edul Adha (Arafa), and the forthcoming the new Islamic year, 1429, Hijriyah in the context of current Ethiopian Afffairs. To Muslims Edul Adha marks one of the most important Islamic holidays. It is important because it signifies the end of the holiest ten days of the month of Zulhija with profound sacrifices, prayers and meditations; and the fulfilment of one of the five pillars of Islam. In this month millions of Muslims from around the world travel to the birth place of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be up on him) to renew their commitments and dedications to the fine precepts of Islam: unity of God, brotherhood of mankind irrespective differences in creed, social or economic status, colour, language and ethnicity or nationality, and equality of mankind in the presence of God They proclaim and testify loud and clear to that effect saying: Here I am my Lord, Here I am! Very, Thanks giving, Grace and Sovereignty belong to You, Oh my Lord; Thou have no partner. Oh, here I am!!! The completion of Hajj ceremony marks two important symbols: the prayer and meditation at mount ‘Arafat’, which is the self realisation and practical understanding of the solemn precepts of the holy Quran, and scarifies of live animal marking the wilful submission of the life oneself in protecting and defending the fine precepts of Islam. The month of Zulhija also scores the completion of an Islamic lunar year; and the birth of a new year heralding new hopes and opportunities for mankind.

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There is an important implication of the achievement of Hajj to the contemporary issues of Ethiopia. The Constitution of Ethiopia recognises that Ethiopia is a multi ethnic, multinational, and multi religious nation in which citizens enjoy and exercise not only the full rights and values inscribed in the constitutions but also make decisive decision of self determination to the extent of secession. Practical and positive progress have already been made along those lines although there are rooms for improvement and bridging the gaps between the values and rights inscribed in the constitutions and actual practices particularly in the areas pertaining to human rights in this case the rights of Muslims citizens in Ethiopia. Islam is a religion of peace. Its fundamental principles are to establish inner peace in oneself, peace with God and peace with other creatures of God. Islam is not against Christians or Jews but only lays perfect foundation for a perfect faith and practice. It is possible that Muslim and non-Muslims might have temporary misunderstanding and conflicts as in the past. But we should not allow ourselves to waste our resources dwelling on temporary issues and spoil our future but rather should be able to turn challenges to opportunities to dialogue and formulate and launch common strategies and plans to achieve a prosperous Ethiopia and resilient people. The success of Hajj is one of the perfect and practical examples of achieving unity in diversity based on the salient principles of Quran. The Constitution of Ethiopia must also be able to serve the same purpose of achieving unity in diversity by bestowing the values and rights prescribed in the Constitutions to its citizens. If those values and rights can not be enforced, dictatorship would be the law of the land. The Constitution that people fought for, cherished and uphold high for many years should be protected at all cost. We believe that Ethiopia should be able to celebrate Multicultural Day as means of promoting the practical application of the values and right of citizens provided in the Ethiopian Constitution. The Republic of Canada and Australia have gone a head in that regard as compared with the rest of the world. Many States in Canada proclaimed October as Islamic History month. Australia has already celebrated Islamic scarf Day in which all women wear Hijab in order to show solidarity with Muslim woman. Many Universities have incorporated Islamic facilities as a permanent component of University services. Ethiopia should be able to do that even better because it is the home of diverse ethnicity and nationalities and provision are inscribed in its Constitution. We believe that the Harari Regional State is a wonderful model state in Ethiopia in which various ethnic groups and nationalities live together with mutual understanding, harmony and respect. It has certainly brought untapped resources that will certainly be the cornerstone of its future prosperity that other states should emulate. It is certainly the manifestation and reflection of the Edul Adha celebration in the land of Prophet Muhammad (peace be up on him).

On behalf of Harar Interest Advocacy Group International (HIAGI), we extend our warmest wishes to you and you family in Edul Adha and forthcoming Islamic year with full hope, happiness and opportunities. Sincerely Yours, Salahadine Khairo Director Harar Interest Advocacy Group International (HIAGI) AUSTRALIA

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