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Corporate Headquarters

4330 East-West Highway, Suite 304 Bethesda, MD 20814 ph: 301-637-6180 fax: 301-637-6199
We specialize in 3-D and 2-D images that are easily understood and compelling to a jury.
Our approach is efective yet quiet simple:

- Convert complex lnformatlon lnto slmple graphlcs
- Lducate ìurors
- Malntaln a ìuror's lnterest ln your presentatlon
- Provlde a dellverable ln the shortest perlod of tlme wlth the hlghest quallty posslble.
|n complex lltlgatlon, a plcture can be worth far more
than a thousand words. we understand your need
for a professlonally executed graphlc presentatlon
that clearly artlculates your polnts whlle utlllzlng the
proper medlum to convey your message. ¥ou want
a trusted partner that can dellver your lssues, polnts
and your case wlth lmpact-- demonstratlve exhlb-
lts that are slmple, clear and compelllng and ones
that lntegrate your case themes, strategles and key
At Legal Advantage, we are experts ln the creatlon,
productlon and management of courtroom presen-
tatlons that can glve you a clear strateglc advantage.
¥our proìect team wlll ìolntly work wlth you and your
experts to create the most persuaslve presentatlon
posslble and one whlch can be developed ln conìunc-
tlon wlth, or lndependent of ìury research.
Persuade. Convince. Communicate.
Corporate Headquarters
4330 East-West Highway, Suite 304 Bethesda, MD 20814 ph: 301-637-6180 fax: 301-637-6199
Types of Trlal Graphlcs - Utlllzlng proven technology and the most experlenced trlal graphlc experts to help
you wln your case, our onerlngs lnclude the followlng graphlc servlces:
- Tlmellne Portrayal - Tlmellnes are extremely helpful ln
aldlng ìurors to qulckly understand a sequentlal serles of
events and thelr relatlonshlp to one another. wlth thls
understandlng of when events occurred, as well as the re-
latlonshlp to the lssues at hand, ìurors can develop a better
concept of the lmpact those events have on the case.
- Document Treatments - The maìorlty of trall graphlcs we
produce are Document Treatments. Lvery trlal has docu-
ments whlch are that are crltlcal to the case. we can create
document treatments for your most relevant charts.
- Organlzatlonal Charts - Organlzatlonal charts can be very
helpful to demonstrate the relatlonshlp between people
or departments wlthln an organlzatlon. Much llke a now
chart, these charts can also be used to demonstrate the
sequentlal serles of steps of a partlcular buslness process.
- Tutorlal - Tutorlals can be beneñclal ln asslstlng ìurors wlth
understandlng compllcated or hlghly technlcal subìect
matter of whlch they often have llttle lf any subìect matter
knowledge or experlence. Tutorlals we can create a tutorlal
graphlc or a serles of graphlcs to slmpllfy the understand-
lng of very complex and hlghly unfamlllar background
lnformatlon pertlnent to the case.
- 8ar Charts and Ple Charts - 8ar charts and Ple charts can be
used to more enectlvely lllustrate statlstlcal lnformatlon
lncludlng buslness comparlsons, of performance, market
share, proñt, etc.
- Plow Charts - Plow charts are an enectlve way of showlng
how a process or system works and can further ald ln the
explanatlon and demonstratlon of complex procedures or