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COLEGIO BERCHMANS PLAN PERIOD 1 DATE:August 29th November 25th - 2011 AREA:Science TEACHER:Alexander Barrera Rodrguez GRADE: Sixth

GRADE MOTTO I assume enthusiastically this moment of my life, discovering new knowledge and interacting with others, dreaming and growing in community AREA PROCESS: Development of scientific thought to understand, preserve and transform nature. SUBPROCESSE S
1. Construction and communicationof scientific knowledge. 2. Development of research capacity in natural sciences. 3. Problem solving of nature and the natural sciences)

1. I Identify the processes involved in the function of nutrition at cellular level, explain its importance for the maintenance of life and investigate the environmental impact of waste management. Threads 1 and 4

GRADE PROJECT: Between rivers, town squares, memories and dream trips,I grow and share my life with others. UNIT 1 NUTRITION AT CELLULAR LEVEL Criteria for students:

evaluating the performance of

Workshop 1: Review Workshop Guide 1: Laboratory 1. The microscope.

ACHIEVMENT 1 30% 1. To differentiate the functions and structure of cytoplasmic organelles in problem situations and arguing their importance for the maintenance of life.

4. Formation
environmental awareness


2. Iinquire and explain problem situations related to the function of nutrition at cellular level by applying scholar scientific methodology.

1.1 The Cell Theory 1.2. Cell structure and function 1.3 Process of nutrition at cellular level, digestion, circulation and excretion. 1.3.1 Mechanisms of cellular transport.

Workshop 2: Identification and 2. To establish human actions that generate an Disinfection of environmental impact in the management of solid wastewater waste and water pollution, from readings andthe organisms
field trip 3. Students willingness to work with different activities. * Written short test 30% * Workshops, homework10% * Reading, problem and project 10% *Partial assessment 40% *Attitude and accountability10% ACHIEVMENT 2: 30% 1. To pose a significant question related to the processes of cellular nutrition, to determine a hypothesis and to use proper procedures for testing. 2. To implement an experimental design that will uncover the relationship between theory and practice.

Threads 1 and 2

3. That the final report shows conclusions that bear with their understanding of the processes of cellular nutrition. 4. Teamwork disposition to fulfill and compliance with work materials. 5. That the assessment term indicates the learning and the ability to identify, explain and inquire about assigned problem situations. Lab Report 30% Laboratory work 30% Individual Assessment: 30% Attitude and responsibility 10% ACHIEVMENT 3: 20%

1. I identify and explain the properties and characteristics of matter in the resolution of problems related to everyday phenomena. Threads 1 and 3

1. To differentiatethe properties and characteristics of

UNIT 1: PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERISTICS OF MATTER 1. Scientific thinking. 2. Chemistry as a science 3. Matter and its properties.
matter in problem situationsand relate them to their daily lives. Workshop 1: Review Guide 1: Laboratory 1. Properties of matter.

2. To implement an experimental design that workshop

canrevealthe relationship between theory and practice.

3. To solve problems using their knowledge for the

application in written evaluations. * Written short test 30% * Workshops, homeworks 20% *Partial assessment 40% *Attitude and accountability 10% FINAL TERMEXAM20%

Workshop 2: The
history of chemistry

ELABORADO POR: Alexander Barrera Rodrguez

REVISADO POR: Mariana Quintero Castillo And Sandra Giraldo Tello