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Title: BOM Creation Release Date: 06/01/2011

Bills of Material are generated using items you setup during Item Creation. Whether an item is to become a component or a parent BOM, it must first exist as an item. Make sure you have setup all your needed items first. From your Navigator menu select Bills. The screen below will appear less the data shown. It is best to build BOMs from the lowest level up to the finished parent level, creating subassemblies as needed.

In the item field, enter your ‘Parent” item. The rest of the information in the header area will default in. Move your curser down to the components area and enter each of the components and component quantities making up this BOM. Much of the component information will default in based on the Bill Item Attributes used when setting up the item. You can override them if necessary. In the Material Control tab you can set your Supply Type, Subinventory and Locator. “Pull” types backflush the material after the operation or

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Title: BOM Creation Release Date: 06/01/2011

completion. “Push” types must be manually transacted to the WIP job. Save your work.

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